Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 17 Review


We were really watching a BL drama, guys! HAHAHA

So many funny, bromance, and also some hair-pulling moments in this episode! This was just an okay episode for me but I still have so much to say.



What a great way to start the episode! My favorites playing a game on the bed (oops, you did not read wrong…).


Ooohh look what we have here. A sudden blast from the past! I feel like it has been forever since the last time we saw Jing.


I loved how Ah Si rescued his best friend by lightening the mood despite his facial expression below:



Jing had her engagement cancelled because she did not want anything to disrupt her work. I am so confused with this woman but I just hope that she would stop sending mixed signals to Lei as well.


Gotta love this version for devoting some lovely screen time for the real OTP in the house! They had me laughing like an idiot in front of my laptop screen!


Ximen saw Xiaoyou’s QQ post about Shancai and her dumb look. Of course Ah Si wanted to see it excitedly. Being the impulsive boy that he is, he said that he would go there to see her “girlfriend”.


Only Dao Ming Si knows that Shancai is his girlfriend. Ximen then hoped that Shancai thought/felt the same way too *shakes head*.


Most good-looking reunion crasher is here!


I would have squealed if I were Shancai or if it were just me. Unfortunately, Dao Ming Si really became too intrusive and delusional this time. He got very agitated with Shancai’s high school friend and punched him in the face. I would have punched Ah Si too (although Shancai gave him a good slap!).


To make things less serious, my most favorite scene in this episode took place. F3 was basically helping Ah Si rehearse his apology to Shancai.


Best and funniest faces ever! I wonder how many takes it took them to film this scene. I would be so amazed if they only got this in one take haha!


Now we know how to formally apologize to someone. Well done, F4!


But you have to do what you gotta do, Ah Si! But it was really too phony…


Look at the depth of their friendship/brotherhood! They were very serious about Ah Si apologizing to Shancai.


Meizuo asked Lei if he were Shancai, would he forgive Ah Si? That was definitely a NO for him! Oh I love you, Lei!


So Ah Si was enlightened and motivated to continue rehearsing his apology. The power of brotherhood is beyond great in this one!


I spoke too soon. Ah Si remained to be immature about it… HAHA!


I found this part really funny! Ximen felt that Ah Si needed to be reminded of his introductory line LOL.


Ah Si’s attempt to talk to Shancai was just ignored. So he ended up standing for a very long time while his brothers were waiting with him. He started denying his feelings for Shancai and kept insulting her. Shancai and Shunping (sorry for not bothering to introduce him to you lol) were eavesdropping on Dao Ming Si. Shunping is the step-brother of a close high school friend of Shancai.


This was the part where I got really triggered because of Shancai. She barely knows Shunping yet she already shared so many things to him and even invited him to her house so she could cook for him?! UGH I AM PISSED. Dao Ming Si honey, you deserve better! (kidding… maybe just 1/2).


A similar character appeared in the 2001 version but I could not remember his name (Google could not help). Although I am quite sure that he was not called Shunping. Anyway, it is not important information but I just want to tell you that this also happened in the original version. This Shunping guy obviously has grudges towards Ah Si. He purposely acted sweet to Shancai when he saw Ah Si coming.


“I feel suffocated”. Here comes a famous Meteor Garden scene! Yes, it also happened in 2001 except that Shancai really acted like she has had enough of Dao Ming Si and that she was begging for some air already.


Aww it’s okay, Ah Si 😦


If I am not mistaken, 2001 Dao Ming Si said that even if he had to run to the ends of the world, he would still go after her. So take your pick, do you want your Dao Ming Si to go to Mars or go to the ends of the world just for you? Don’t take me too seriously haha!


F3 had a meaningful discussion regarding Ah Si’s case. They said that he was too upset because of his failed attempt to apologize to Shancai (I don’t think they know about his confession). Ximen and Meizuo talked about how they were very willing to donate their bone marrow, blood, etc. just to transfuse some dating knowledge to Ah Si. That was just so sweet of them! Lei then asked them to talk to Shancai for Ah Si. Ximen replied by saying that there are only two statements in the world that a person must say himself, “I love you” and “I’m sorry”. That needed a slow clap! I love how these boys always make sense.

The episode ended with Shancai being kidnapped (?) after getting lured into some park with Shunping. Ugh, this was just a complete contrast of the previous episode‘s ending. Looks like there are more facepalms and hair-pulling happening for us because of Shancai… Please tell me I’m not the only one!

In a nutshell,

  • Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei’s bromance will forever be my favorite. They are the real (br)OTP, I swear! I have always loved their friendship but the 2001 version deprived me of that so I am beyond thankful for this 2018 version for satisfying my Ah Si – Lei cravings (that sounded weird lol).
  • More than Dao Ming Si and Shancai’s relationship problems, I loved that this episode highlighted F4’s friendship. Even if it meant to add comic relief to the drama, they were just so cute how they were very stressed and concerned about Ah Si apologizing to Shancai.
  • Dao Ming Si looked pathetic in this episode for being extra protective and intrusive of Shancai’s life. He kept calling her as his girlfriend but sadly, he was just being delusional *sighs*.
  • If I got annoyed with Shancai in the last episode, this episode helped me become annoyed with her more. Dao Ming Si may have gone overboard with his temper but Shancai’s naivety and trusting others so easily made me want to pull my hair a lot of times. WHY OH WHY?
  • If there is any disadvantage to being so knowledgeable (and obsessed) about the 2001 drama, it would be the inevitable comparison of it with this version. 2001 Dao Ming Si’s sudden confession to Shancai had so much feelings that it melted my heart. I have watched it way too many times yet it would still hit me to the core. Shancai’s non-verbal response to it was remarkable as well. You could feel that she felt really bad for Dao Ming Si and it was something that she did not expect at all. As much as our new Shancai and Dao Ming Si are relatively good in acting, I still think that their remake of the scene lacked the right emotions. My dissatisfaction in watching how they remade this scene just made me want to rewatch the 2001 version.
  • Moving on, I am actually aware that people get triggered that the new version gets compared with the original. So take this opinion of mine with a grain of salt because I love this version as well (if you think it was not obvious).

    So what did you think of this episode?


12 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 17 Review

  1. Feliz

    I was distracted wih the beauty of the walkway and the autumn foliage to feel the feelings of Dao Ming Si with Shan Cai (peace everyone 😏✌).

    Dao Ming Si is like a bulldozer. He keeps on pushing his feelings to Shan Cai. Which is not cool btw 😐

    Shan Cai, on the other, drifts away from Ah Si. Kinda suffocating, doesn’t it? To have friends supporting a guy who likes you. Maybe its funny because of the background music and the lines. But for someone who’s pursued all the time, maybe Shan Cai just wants to decide on her own? Without outsiders opinions/ships?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      LOL maybe it was that! The setting was too pretty. While the 2001 version was only set outside some building on the street so we got to focus on his feeling.

      It could be really suffocating for a girl. I think that’s what she has been hinting (that people haven’t been getting). She needs to decide on her own as she has been feeling unsure about her feelings.


      1. Feliz

        A friend once shared a story that no matter how caring/pretty/rich her admirer was, there was just no spark. The more her admirer showed kindness, the more my friend felt guilty. Because she cannot return his love? Sad right? For us outsiders, we sympathize with the guy and we get annoyed with the girl. But what if you are the girl? What if you are Shan Cai?

        I hope they include scenes/voice overs with these realizations. So that a lot of people will understand Shan Cai (hoping here). Just like how they showed the feelings of Lei towards Jing and why Jing chose to chase her dreams.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. dramarian Post author

          That’s really sad and I know it happens a lot too. It’s easier to talk when we are the outsiders. Although I must say that I’m having a hard time sympathizing with Shancai because I’m just really annoyed with her character so far.

          They have really toned down the voice overs with realizations. The 2001 version had a lot of it that I ended up getting annoyed too haha! I guess it’s hard to find the perfect balance.


  2. chouhelen27

    I watched this episode before the 2001 confession and I enjoyed it far more. Maybe because it was more surprising for that dao mingsi character. This guy is a bit of a big softie in some ways. And I know they changed some of the dialogue to make it different but it was so strong they should have kept it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I’m not sure if I understood your comment the right way so let me just confirm it, you liked the 2001 confession more? If you do, then I agree. I guess it wasn’t surprising since we’re aware that this Dao Ming Si is a softie (he was able to show it early as episode 2-3 if I’m not mistaken).



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