Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 16 Review


That must be one sweet and warm dog then!

This episode was just all kinds of warm and fuzzy despite the intensity of the blizzard. The third favorite episode of mine so far, perhaps? Come join me in feeling the warmth of this heart-melting episode!


We left the last episode with Lei running after Shancai. I was actually low-key hoping that it was going to be some Lei-Shancai moment (despite having seen the episode previews lol). If you were like me hoping that it was their moment, bad news! The story is really where it is supposed to go by focusing on Dao Ming Si and Shancai. I’m not disappointed at all because I love them too!


Two evil girls kept quiet because they knew there were to blame. The episode just started and we already had one epic moment: Lei throwing wine on a mean girl’s face! Yes, you did not hear or see it wrong, it was Hua Ze Lei!


He cares so much about her *sighs*. This is probably the most that he has done for anyone (aside from Jing) to express his concern.


While lost in the blizzard, Shancai was already having her life flashed before her eyes (typical movie scenario when someone is dying).


Oh please! Like we needed more hints…


Tsundere in the house! Funny how it was my first time to mention in any of my recaps about Ah Si being a tsundere. Just when it was literally cold outside and he provided warmth to Shancai *heart eyes*.


How should you thank him then?


As I have said in the previous episode, Lei has so much sense despite having a few lines. He was the only rational one in the group when he insisted that they should just all stay inside.


When Dao Ming Si was devising his plan to keep Shancai warm, I honestly did not know what he was going to do. I thought he took his sweater off so Shancai could wear it. I was beyond delighted to find out that I was wrong when…


YESSSS!!! Only in this Hana Yori Dango adaptation (as far as I know), everyone!


So they slept through the night and look what we have here


Ah Si asked Shancai to promise him this one thing.


She then promised and his facial expression was just priceless! He is so precious and lovable!


We may be sick of seeing piggyback rides in dramas (though it always gets me!) but I loved this scene because of the background music. It was none other than the classic Harlem Yu hit, “Qing Fei De Yi” oh them feels!


Of course! Although it looks like the one you saved from a blizzard definitely has hit you harder 😉


His best buddies were wondering how they managed to survive the night. Look at that facial expression again omg (him and Jerry Yan win at doing that kind of face haha!).


They guessed it right as they must have watched way too many movies!


Not going to lie but this was my most favorite part of this episode LOL. Lei as the blazing fire was just way too hilarious for my life. I want to keep him in my pocket!


Xiaoyou told Shancai how her Prince Charmings saved the day. Ugh this lucky girl!


This had me smile from ear to ear because we got a Shancai-Lei interaction after so many episodes!


Shancai asked Lei if he was worried about her and his response together with his slight smile at the end of the scene was just beyond lovely. Looks like we are going to see more of their interactions soon! Loved Shancai’s realization that this holiday suddenly did not feel cold at all because of the warmth that she received from the people around her.


And here’s the start of my love-hate scene where Dao Ming Si just had me have heart eyes all over and Shancai just annoyed me.


So our poor Dao Ming Si had more than three attempts to prompt Shancai on what she was supposed to tell him. I guess you cannot force feelings and have someone get out of her obliviousness bubble.





I guess “love” in this case was over-translated (if that even makes any sense). “I like you” could suffice as the direct translation for Ah Si’s confession.


His face and feelings of excitement after confessing were worth replaying over and over again. He did not even care that he did not get any response from Shancai. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.


*happily eats his chips while his best friends are wondering why*


I completely support Ah Si’s way despite his cluelessness haha! I don’t think it’s necessary that one must come first before the other (in this case, acting before confessing one’s feelings). The low-key concerned look on Ah Si’s face though when his love experts told him otherwise. It’s okay, Ah Si! You will still definitely get the girl despite following your own way.


Best ending of any episode so far: Dao Ming Si smiling while reminiscing his memorable New Year’s Eve confession towards Shancai. We need more of these endings!

In a nutshell,

  • DONG SHANCAI. Oh gosh, I am not sure if it was my PMS or she was just really that annoying for being so dense in this episode? Really? Almost forgetting to say thank you to your savior? Thinking of your repayment plans? I wanted to spit out some fire at her already!
  • This is nothing big but I don’t think I will ever like the character of Xiaoyou (unpopular opinion, I guess?). I was never a fan of her even when she was played by Rainie Yang back in 2001 but I find the new Xiaoyou even more annoying. Why is she doing the cutesy acting face every single time… *shakes head*
  • Thank God for my amazing male leads! They made this episode extra amazing and heart-melting for me.
  • HUA. ZE. LEI. Throwing wine at someone’s face and maintaining the same facial expression was worth a standing ovation. Our adorable boy rarely gets triggered or even cares about anything/anyone but when someone he truly cares about gets hurt, that’s when he is ready to erupt like a volcano. Speaking of volcano, he took on another form of fire which was a bonfire. That really made my day and we badly need a GIF of it… Like, right now!
  • DAO MING SI, DAO MING SI, DAO MING SI!!! I know I have said this again and again but Dylan Wang as Ah Si really gets better every episode. I just fall in love harder (*cues I love you more today than yesterday ~~~) and how Shancai is so oblivious about everything just makes me face-palm. His expression when Shancai promised him that she won’t ever make him worry again was sooo cute! Let us also not forget hiss adorableness when he was able to confess to Shancai. She did not even respond to him but he looked so happy like a boy getting his favorite candy from a candy shop.
  • If you noticed, I did not write about my usual parallel/comparison with the 2001 version simply because they never had these scenes. Someone pointed out on Twitter that this version makes it a point to prolong the scenes/stories that did not happen in 2001 while making the similar happenings shorter. It is actually one of the things that I really love in this version because it makes us see some refreshing changes and exciting additions that we never seen before. Kudos to this whole drama’s team!

So many things happened in this episode and I loved a lot of things about it. I don’t think I was able to cover most of them or this review will just turn into a novel. However, I would also like to know your thoughts regarding this episode!


16 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 16 Review

  1. Lily

    Thanks for another informative recap. Dylan’s acting is definitely getting better by the episode. I really enjoyed watching his facial expressions. Shancai’s character is very annoying because she acts too dense and naive for a university student.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      He’s just becoming more and more lovable! That’s the term that I was looking for! Too naive… and it’s even worse because she’s already a university student *facepalms*


  2. Liz

    @dramarian, have you watched A Love So Beautiful? Shen Yue’s character there was beyond adorable! I was hoping the same with her Shan Cai’s charcter. But I guess the charm’s not working for me. Is it because she has a poker face whenever As Si shows his heart? Hmmm 😩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. le_magster

      Same! I loved Xiaoxi – I thought she was hilarious and reminded me of one of my younger cousins. So sad Shan Cai’s not as loveable 😦 though I didn’t like her in the 2001 version either.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. dramarian Post author

      Definitely! I wrote a review on that drama in our blog last year 😀 Yes, I’ve been telling people who would ask me about my opinions regarding her portrayal of Shancai that she was so much better in ALSB. That’s true! Maybe because it’s different here that the guy is the one (emphasize on obviously) chasing her so she ended up becoming annoying lol


  3. Ary

    “Feel my warmth!” Hua Ze Lei said.
    “I volunteer as tribute!” I said. Lol!

    Yes to gifs of Hua Ze Lei! 😊 He’s too pretty to be a man yet too gentle to be a woman. Lol. I need a Darren Chen bf or bff!!! 😄😍😚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mei

    Same frustration with Shancai here. How can she be so dense?? It’s weird, like she’s so naive and oblivious that she resets with him in every scene and forgets all the nice things he’s done for her. This is one thing I don’t understand about her character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Her character has been consistent in that way even back in 2001. It’s too frustrating for Dao Ming Si and even for us, just merely watching them!


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  6. DeeGee

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Your comments are hilarious!!! I’ve just caught up to this episode. Maybe its just me but I wasn’t really moved by the scene of Shancai and Ah Si in the old cabin. I felt like I wanted more emotion from the both of them. I’m sure they were giving their best but I’m sorry, I didn’t feel it! >.< Well, that's just my opinion hehe..

    And by the way, why were the 2 bitchy girls still allowed to go skiing with them the day after Shancai and Ah Si were rescued?! They should have been sent home already, cold weather or not! Why were they still laughing happily and having fun with the rest! Its a small detail but it really bothered me. The two actresses only seem to be able to act in one way – bitchy – I couldn't tell if they were really sorry or not. oops. haha..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      HAHAHA you’re welcome and thank you so much too for appreciating them LOL I don’t think it’s just you, I feel like they had a lot of scenes that needed more emotion too. Although I still truly appreciate them for their work!

      I know, right? Shancai was too unrealistically nice *facepalms*. They ruined F4’s moments with the main girls because they were there lol I didn’t think they were sorry because they were still able to gain attention from the boys, despite the negativity.



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