Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 15 Review


Of course you are!

It’s the start of this lovely drama’s 3rd week run and everything is just so exciting! A trip to the zoo and a cold (can mean two things) holiday in Canada are what we have seen in this episode so far. Let’s start our trip, shall we?


Oh yes! We started out this episode with a sudden date at the zoo. This will be ZOOper exciting! Okay I shall leave now that I made such an annoying pun haha!


In the 2001 version, we got the same zoo date scene except that Ah Si took forever in making amends with Shancai and the kid. He was just so mad that he had to spend a day at the zoo when all he wanted was a date with Shancai. For this version, we got a way calmer version of Ah Si but appeared to be more childish and hostile towards the end of the episode as you will see.


*Squeals*. They’re holding hands like it’s no big deal!


That’s how you should answer, Ah Si! HAHAHA. Are there really girls who are this oblivious when it comes to guys?


Our main guy really got triggered! So they ended up shouting at each other (as expected) and Ah Si even putting the child down just like how it was in the 2001 drama. Oh these two!


Fighting is synonymous to liking/loving in this drama so no worries, Shancai!


Not going into the details of Meizuo’s story line. He was just basically flirting with Zhou Caina (check previous episode).


Our F4 had some love problems meeting while playing Bridge. They asked Ah Si how his date with Shancai went.


Ximen ended up appeasing his good ol’ friend that it was all Shancai’s fault.


Even if he always says a few lines, he either always makes sense or gives some direction to whatever problems they may encounter.


F3 to the rescue when Shancai and Xiaoyou needed to sell a lot of milk tea.


I loved this part so much. It is probably my favorite scene from this episode that I need a GIF of it! Ximen and Meizuo hit Lei with their shoulders when he was not saying anything when they were selling LOL. It is funnier to watch it rather than talking about it. So please tell me I’m not the only one who found it funny!

In the 2001 drama, F3 also helped out by selling their cakes with kisses in exchange… Why did we not get it here too?! HAHA. It happened when Ah Si was in the US unlike here when Ah Si’s in Shanghai but he’s in a war with Shancai.


Look at that face seeing Shancai’s delighted expression when she got her bonus cash!


So F3 helped Shancai out because they wanted to invite her to a holiday in Canada. WOW. You already helped me reach my sales target and I even get to have a free holiday with you all in Canada?! Can I please be Shancai?

If I am not mistaken, F3 in 2001 helped her out just because they wanted to protect her while Ah Si was not around. I am fine with any of these versions’ motives as long as they  help our OTP get together!


These two bickering nonstop is just the funniest! It is only funny since we are watching them from outside but if it were F3, they would have been very annoyed to death!


F3 told Ah Si that it was the only reason why they helped Shancai out in selling milk tea. Of course, he pretended not to care.


Court me, court me too!!! Ximen and Meizuo told Lei that he could freely court Shancai to scare Ah Si off. Again, Ah Si pretended not to care but you could see that he was trying really hard to hide his concerned face haha!


LOL. Do you really have to put that on social media? Oh kids these days… So Ah Si saw Shancai’s post on QQ and we could see right away how he was going to react.

Bad news: 2 evil girls (15 episodes in and I still don’t know what to call them but you get what I mean 😉 are joining the trip just because they’re extra like that and Shancai did not know how to deal with them. *Sighs*.


I also need this GIF of Ah Si eating ice cream by his fireplace like a boss as everyone stood in shock. Go, master!


Just because we need our dose of Lei lines to supplement our daily lives. Like who cares if the weather is cold? I am still going to eat some ice cream! He was also the only one who had the guts to tell Shancai and Ah Si who were at war that they should just stop flirting. Epic! This is why I love you, Lei!


This will never end, people!


Lei strikes again with his timely lines/questions. Dao Ming Si was still not turning soft despite his friend asking him about it.


This would have been funny if Ah Si had thought of a better prank to pull on her. But intentionally tripping her was just too low for him. Not even going to say that it was too childish because he could really have done better. Oh well, he ended up getting satisfied and so him and Shancai ended up wrestling each other on the floor. Why did we not see this outside with the snow instead? Ah Si and Shancai doing a snowball fight would be so fun to watch!

az31*sips tea*. Lei’s judging and concerned face when Ah Si made Shancai trip was just priceless. We need more of this guy and his facial expressions, I swear!

This episode ended with the 2 evil girls sabotaging Shancai by telling her that Xiaoyou went out to see the night view. Lei accompanied Shancai outside despite the strong blizzard. I think we will all like where the next episode is headed!

In a nutshell,

  • Loved that they remade the date in the zoo but I did not love it as much as I loved it in the 2001 drama. In the 2001 version, Dao Ming Si was as childish as the kid and their fighting never seemed to have ended. This is why it was more touching when Dao Ming Si suddenly carried the kid on top of his shoulders and even when he fell asleep. However, I loved that this new Dao Ming Si did not really complain much about this date compared to the old one (Saying things like “Why are we going there?” “It stinks”, etc.).
  • If you are expecting me to go into details regarding Ximen and/or Meizuo’s story arcs, then I have to tell you now that I will just disappoint you. As much as I appreciate this version for giving a chance to those two to have their stories told, I find their stories really boring… (Sorry!)
  • I’m so glad to have seen more of Lei in this episode! His facial expressions and lines (even though they’re just a few) always make sense. Is it just me or is it also him who is trying to show that he has feelings towards Shancai already?
  • Speaking of Shancai, I understand Dao Ming Si’s rage because of her “dumbness”. It’s not that I think she is dumb but it’s because her obliviousness could be so unrealistic. I would call her as someone who is just dense or too oblivious and any guy would probably get annoyed too. Like come on, sister! What else do you want to see/hear/feel from Dao Ming Si?!!
  • Loved that we got this holiday in Canada arc because we have never seen it in any other versions (unless BOF had it? Please enlighten me if they did). I cannot wait for the real (love!) adventure to unfold in this holiday.

What did you think about this episode?


11 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 15 Review

  1. le_magster

    “Why are you spending the day with me?” “Because you’re stupid”
    HAHA love this line

    I want to say the holiday happened in the manga because it vaguely rings a bell… but it’s been a while since I read the manga, so I’m not sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      HAHAHA that makes so much sense, Ah Si!

      Someone posted on Twitter how it looked like in the manga 🙂 I never got to continue reading it actually so it’s cool that you were able to read it!


  2. thebeautyjunkiesg

    “I’m so glad to have seen more of Lei in this episode! His facial expressions and lines (even though they’re just a few) always make sense.”

    Yasss. I totally agree.. I like the character development of Lei here… From ep1 I have felt like Darren was not portraying Lei effectively and I was convinced I won’t get the Second-lead syndrome .. but starting from Ep15.. (im now at ep18).. im starting to have it already hahaha


  3. Mei

    I’m totally team Daoming Si even though Lei is adorable 😍. I’m starting to get really irritated with Shancai though. She’s really mean/oblivious to Si even though it’s so obvious he likes her. He keeps having to prove himself over and over. He saved her life in the snowstorm and then next episode she says she’s not his girlfriend at the reunion. 😡 PLEASE tell me this doesn’t drag out for another 20 episodes???


    1. dramarian Post author

      I am forever torn! Why can’t I just have them both?? HAHA. Ugh well I was never fond of Shancai’s character even in the 2001 drama so I’m pretty sure that I’ll get irritated too. Let’s hope for the best then!


    1. Mei

      O.M.G. I can’t wait to read your recap of Epi 18 (I’m watching on Netflix not sure if they’re segged the same way everywhere). It’s dramatic AF and the bromance was on point this episode. I won’t spoil it for your readers but I was in shock and laughed out loud multiple times. I think it’s good I haven’t seen the 2001 version yet bc I’m srsly giddy watching it 😍.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dramarian Post author

        It shall be published this weekend 🙂 Yeah, I really think it’s an advantage when you haven’t watched the 2001 version! Thank you for always sharing your feelings toward this drama in my recaps! Really appreciate it 😀


  4. January

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s more interested with F4’s friendship than their love life. I ship the four of them! 😄

    And please enlighten me why Ah Si and Shan Cai act as if they’ve been a married couple for a long time with the bickering & the jealousy episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      You’re definitely not the only one! Aside from Ah Si – Shancai – Lei love triangle, I look forward to their friendship/bromance the most!

      Sadly, I cannot enlighten you with that because it has always been the nature of their relationship (circa 2001 in dramas) haha! I always enjoy it though lol



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