[Episode 6 Recap] TW-drama: The Perfect Match


Xiaobin could carry this show on his own haha!

This episode wasn’t as fun as the previous one. Nothing much was screencap-worthy but I know we still had some good things in this episode 😉


So a reporter randomly went inside La Mure to interview Fenqing after apologizing to the rowdy customers.  Why did they have to interview her though lol



This is why Fenqing never thought that sending her to do table service was a punishment. She trusts that he won’t ever harm her (awww <3)


Feeling his heartbeat #1 for this episode!



Fenqing gave a lecture to Tingen (it’s about time!). She talked about how a certain dish was made famous even when it came from a mishap with the ingredients. So she likened herself to that dish in a way that not every dish could ever be perfectly made.


Feeling his heartbeat #2!



Our main man is processing things very slowly lol this is what love does!


This is good to know! We wouldn’t want him to randomly take a new apprentice every week lol




I love how Xiaobin’s making him think a lot even if he’s just a silly ball most of the time! Best friend award should go to him 😀


Ah Wei was given the responsibility to take care of Fenqing’s little bro but he let him go… it was none of his business to be honest *sighs*. And this led to a huge fight between the two which basically caused a lot of the episode’s airtime boohoo!


*start of flashback* Shaowei ran away from home because of love. He fell in love with a gold-digger though so it was really an unfortunate incident for him.


And that’s why he allowed Fenqing’s bro to run away!


It just made me so happy that she went to Tingen regarding her problem with Ah Wei (not that she has a lot of other friends that could help her though lol)


He asked her to help him do some major kitchen clean-up even though it wasn’t part of her working hours anymore. She then realized that Tingen made her do all those chores so that she could release all her negative feelings. Aww I just want to hug him!


Look at the way he looks at her <33




HA HA. He’s fishing but his bait doesn’t seem to get it!


And so they slept together again after a very exhausting night… wink wink 😉



There you go! Our second leads are siblings and there is no way that these two will get my dear Tingen and Fenqing away from each other. Don’t mind me, I just really find these two irrelevant lol.



He intends to protect your dream man’s love so…


These scenes were just hilarious! Xiaobin’s way too amazing!


HAHAHA I just want to keep Xiaobin in my pocket!


In short, Fenqing broke down all of his walls!



Women are fish! And they also said it in English, I could have died of laughter while watching these scenes!


Doesn’t it just suck when people easily misunderstand what they see? They just want to say what they think and not really say what it is, which is what really matters in the first place. Okay, I may have over-analyzed the situation but come on, ex-girlfriend?! *rolls eyes*


So now she’s worried as hell and her disposition affected other people, especially Tingen.



Ugh I hate how he thinks Fenqing is in love with Ah Wei. Oh well, I would probably think the same if I were him!


This is him sharing the most important lesson that he has learned from his sister’s tragic ending. A very wise and helpful advice from our male lead.



After resolving the matter with Ah Wei, she comes back running to Tingen’s arms mwahaha! I wasn’t able to take screenshots of it but I loved the immature exchange of gestures between Ah Wei and Tingen when Fenqing was talking about why she’s going back to La Mure.


Rain scenes never fail to disappear in dramas. Not that I’m complaining, I just love how it’s cliche but it still makes me daydream of a romantic rain scene happening to me haha!


Since he took Fenqing with him in the car, he had to retrieve her motorbike with Xiaobin. They were just so silly but I would be very touched if I were Fenqing though she wasn’t able to see the troubles that they went through just for it.


Fenqing sends a video of herself making silly faces then she opens another video in her phone…

18215928_10212531412669337_638474617_o (1)

!!!!!! I’m so done… *clicks the next episode*


  • There were a lot of boring moments in this episode for me. This is a very biased opinion though as I don’t like Shaowei (2nd lead) and this episode was mostly focused on him.
  • I don’t think Fenqing likes Shaowei romantically despite her getting worried that the ex-girlfriend might have returned or her being overprotective. He’s her best friend so it was a natural reaction from her. We have yet to see how our Fenqing turns into a crazy ball of love!
  • This is what I was talking about, the sibling backstory is here!
  • Viki commenters were saying that the flashback scenes of how Shaowei & Fenqing’s friendship came to be made them ship the two. But not me, I just can’t wait to see Fenqing and Tingen’s relationship to blossom some more.
  • It’s just making me crazy how these two are slowly realizing their feelings for each other *squeals*

See you in episode 7!!

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