[First Impression] Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 1 & 2 挑战者联盟 第2季


4 words: Next crack variety show. (Just look at all the gifs in this post, I promise you will be sold too!) Season 2 of Challenger Alliance is a refreshing change. With half the cast changed, we have Chen Xuedong, Xie Yilin (Hold-zhu Sister) as well as Xue Zhiqian joining Fan Bingbing and Li Chen while Chen Handian takes a smaller role and retreats to the sideline; Season 2 seems to be promising.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 14
Super action packed and funny.

I wasn’t a fan of Season 1. First, the cast didn’t appeal to me. Even though there was hottie Kris Wu Yifan, he wasn’t particularly outstanding. The humour and interaction among the cast felt contrived and most importantly, I couldn’t stand himbo Lin Gengxin. The lack of intelligence was seriously bothering me. In variety shows, there are different kind of ‘dumb’. Innocent lamb Lay Zhang Yixing and brute force master Sun Honglei from Go Fighting! both portray personalities that lack intelligence but they are lovable. Lin Gengxin? He just annoys me with his lack of brains, it’s as if he doesn’t turn up for filming prepared to participate.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 9——xue zhiqianChallenges that resemble Real Heroes: keep you on the edge of the seat while trying not to end up ROFL

Even though the format of the show was similar to Go Fighting and Real Heroes which both aired around the same time last year, I was unable to enjoy it. In fact, I didn’t even plan to check Season 2 out even though I know it was airing. It was only today that I found out Chen Xuedong is casted in this show that I decided to give it a try. And boy, that was such a good decision. I was still hesitant after watching the first episode because the rigid atmosphere from season 1 remains. (Huge contrast with my favourite variety, Go Fighting! which is bent on breaking all rules) However, I was sold by episode 2. The new cast is doing magic.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 13——chen xuedongIf this isn’t manly, I have no idea what is.

I came in for Chen Xuedong and yes, he is amazing me with his physical strengths, especially in episode 2. So. Charming. And of course, he continues to take on the role of the ‘Little Advisor’ like he did in Real Heroes. Most importantly, he’s gorgeous and a feast for the eyes. June is a good month, there are 3 of his current projects airing — rom-com Yes! Mr Fashion (which I’m currently recapping), action-packed Decoded and this, fun-filled Challenger Alliance!

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 11—— xie yilin

However, the best thing that appeared was not actually my beloved dongdong. It was the two other new members, Xue Zhi Qian and Xie Yilin (more well known as Hold-zhu Jie). They shone so brightly in the 2 episodes I watched. The atmosphere was brought up very well by them.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif laughterChallenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif laughter 2
Infectious laughter

I can see why Xie Yilin (who starred as Tang Wanru in the Tiny Times movie) is famous for being a comedic star. Her energy level is contagious and she is so comical and funny. She’s not afraid to be embarrassing and you can’t help but laugh at her gimmicks.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 3——sun hongleiThat’s Xue Zhiqian by thre corner, trying to  pull off a ‘sun honglei’ and breaking the cube so it will fit the puzzle.

I didn’t know Xue Zhiqian before this except that he was the guest on episode 2 of Go Fighting! and had the misfortune to be on Show Luo’s losing team. (Go watch it, it’s hilarious.) He wasn’t particularly outstanding but he did made a comment like, “I’m not coming back to Go Fighting! anymore. This is a trap TT” Hahaha. Guess the experience from that episode taught him a bit about games in reality shows 😛

Side by side comparison, don’t they look the same? (The stuff collapsed & Xue Zhiqian fell after this leap)

Xue Zhiqian portrays the image of ‘the loser you can’t help but love’ perfectly. He always trys to be cool/handsome/positive adjectives and he always end up failing comically. The funniest thing is that he seems to accept it and continue trying anyway. You need to watch it to understand. Downright hilarious.

More snippets:

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 4

Chen Xuedong taking on the role of the ‘brains’ and instructing everyone around

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 12.1——chen xuedongChallenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 12.2——chen xuedong

More demonstration by the great master + stealing screentime from guests (mentioned by himself) 😛
Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 10——chen xuedong
Even with brain and brawns, our poor Dongdong managed to injure himself on the game.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 5

That doesn’t mean he is too weak to kick Xue Zhiqian when the latter is being too dumb 😛 Such a natural and cute reaction hehe.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 8——xue zhiqianChallenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 8——chen xuedong

While we are at the topic, let’s compare the reactions of Xue Zhiqian (left) and Chen Xuedong (right) at the beginning where the production team tried to scare them. I guess it’s obvious who’s the composed男神 (nan-shen, male idol) and who’s the hysterical男神。。经病(nan-shen-jing-bing, male crazy). Hehe.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 2Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 2。2Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 2。3

I like how Xie Yilin is not afraid to make jokes and fool around with Li Chen even when Fan Bingbing is right beside. This relaxed and fun atmosphere is what was missing in season 1.

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 1 and 2 gif 9Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 7

More action to keep your blood rushing!

Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 2_Gif 6

As well as overly intimate greeting with guests 😀

What are you waiting for? Start watching Challengers Alliance Season 2 today!


6 thoughts on “[First Impression] Challenger Alliance Season 2 Ep 1 & 2 挑战者联盟 第2季

  1. archidisign

    The first season was so disappointing (at least for me) that I was surprised the goddess Fan Bingbing and her beau decided to come back for season 2! When I saw the cast, I was like: they must had casted them on the L.O.R.D. set! xD Happy to see that the variety show is becoming funnier now. Xie Yilin always make me laugh.

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