2nd Anniversary & Giveaway!

Time to share the love again! Happy 2nd anniversary to one of my favourite blogs who recaps a lot of ‘hidden gems’ dramas that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise 🙂 Other than the wonderful content they have been publishing, Drama for Real is being extra nice & giving away 3 FREE VIKI PASSES! Interested readers can hop over and find out how to join 😀

Drama for Real

Happy birthday, Drama for Real! You officially turn 2 today!

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The name is Kate and the love is Show Luo. Permanently located behind the laptop blogging for skimmedmilkdrama.com and tweeting at @SMilkdrama. Obsessed over Taiwan variety shows & Mainland China reality shows. Likes to read Chinese novels in an attempt to look wise. Always ready to launch into discussion about Taiwanese and Chinese entertainment and dramas. RIP Kimi.

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