CaptionBot Special: Zhang Han Edition

Coffeenlucia from Arbitrarilynamed did an interesting post about CaptionBot a couple of days ago [Edit: a month ago. I started on this post before I went overseas & forgot to publish it] and I was so amused – I decided to spawn off a new column ‘CaptionBot Special’ featuring our favourite Chinese and Taiwanese stars. For our very first post, we have Zhang Han! Brace yourself for some funny ahead 😀

ZHANG HAN - hotdogs
Eating a hot dog….? CaptionBot is racist!!! Trying to imply that Chinese only rear dogs for food. But now that it is mentioned, Zhang Han does look like he is sucking the essence out of that cute little puppy…

ZHANG HAN - song joongki recognised
Captionbot recognised ‘a person’ (Song Joong Ki), ‘a small dog’ (one of the dog and a ‘a stuffed animal’ (probably the other dog). And that’s it. So what’s that human-like form wearing a brown jacket? Hmm…

ZHANG HAN - siwon lookalike
Could it be a Choi Si Won lookalike?

ZHANG HAN - young boy stuffed animal
Or could it be a young boy? Probably. Zhang Han is a lovable big kid hehe.

ZHANG HAN - flower cellphone
Hmm.. cell phone? Maybe this is how iPhone 8 will look like. Remember, CaptionBot predicted it first!

ZHANG HAN - cropped cellphone
Well, seems like captionbot just has a liking for likening random objects as phones. And yes, this is totally a girl’s look! This is why I find it so hard to ship ancient drama couples 😛

ZHANG HAN - becomes a cellphone

Ok, the cell phone obsession is slightly too serious… If the woman refers to Zhao Liying, does that means… Zhang Han is now a cell phone?

ZHANG HAN - which is the person

Or did he just become a body of water?! (Assuming the ‘person’ mentioned is the host)

ZHANG HAN - not confident but correct!

Well, let’s not be too harsh on captionbot. It’s right…. sometimes.

And that’s it for today’s captionbot special! I find it quite a pity that caption bot only recognise Korean stars. Time for us to make Taiwan & Mainland China entertainment a thing so that our beloved babies will get recognised too! Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂




6 thoughts on “CaptionBot Special: Zhang Han Edition

  1. archidisign

    Haha, good job to them for recognising Song Joong-ki and yes, seriously, they should learn to recognize Taiwanese and Chinese people too, we don’t all look the same! I find CaptionBot so fascinating, it really is an amazing tool. I remember a few months ago, facebook introduced their version to help blind people see. Pretty cool ^^
    ps; Zhang Han will be on Happy Camp next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dramarian

    what is this Captionbot thing :)) is this an app?? aaahh I missed this babe! Having watched “Youth Never Returns” solved my Zhang Han drought but it was a sucky film 😦 lol



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