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My Grown-Up Christmas Wish List: Entertainment Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in four days! Have you been making any Christmas wishes yet? Because I have some wishes which mainly concern some stars, dramas, films, and many more. I’m spreading the joyful Christmas spirit by sharing my entertainment-related wishes here in this post.

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Movie Monday: A Whole Lot of Firsts

I was supposed to create a year-end post of all the Asian movies that I watched this year but I realized that it might actually be already 2016 and I still won’t be able to finish this post haha! (I have watched 46 this year alone and counting).

Most people are into Asian dramas more than their films but there are times that I prefer the latter because it does not take so much time compared to the former. It would also be a waste if I just keep watching them and not write reviews about it. Thus, the birth of this segment!

In this first #MovieMonday, I’ll be reviewing five movies (3 Taiwanese and 2 Chinese) which deals with the theme: “Firsts”.  Go read more to find out!

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[Review] Movie: Secret 不能说的秘密


Title: Secret
Native Title: 不能说的秘密
Country of origin: Taiwan
Year published: 2007
Duration: 100 minutes
Rating: 8/10

Main cast:
Jay Chou as Ye Xiang Lun
Kwai Lun Mei as Lu Xiao Yu
Anthony Wong as Ye Xiang Lun’s father
Alice Tseng as Qing Yi

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