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[Recap of Episodes 1 & 2 + First Impression] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

And so my long-awaited Chinese drama of 2015 has finally finished airing its first 2 episodes! Consider this as my bravest moment as a writer here because it’s my first time to write a first impression post and episode recaps as well. Of fashion, friends or foes, flings, there are surely a lot of things to be excited for in this new C-drama. Read more to know what happens!

Jerry Yan and Maggie Jiang, from lovers to enemies in the drama

Jerry Yan and Maggie Jiang, from lovers to enemies in the drama

Title: My Best Ex-Boyfriend
Native Title: 最佳前男友
Country of Origin: China
Airing date: August 15, 2015- ?
Episodes: 40-42
Channels: Shenzhen TV, Heilongjiang TV, Youku Tudou

Main Cast:
Jerry Yan as Li Tang
Maggie Jiang as Fu Fangsi
Ron Ng as Yin Hao Ran
Viola Mi as Cheng Xiang Nan

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[First Impression] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 中国好声音 第四季

main 1Main

Title: The Voice of China – Season 4
Native Title:中国好声音 – 第四季
Country of Origin: China
Airing Date: 17 July 2015
Episode Length:90 minutes

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[First Impression] C-Variety Show: Go Fighting! 极限挑战


Title: Go fighting! 
Native Title:极限挑战 (Direct translation: Challenge the limit)
Country of Origin: China
Airing Date: 14 Jun 2015
Episode Length: 110 minutes

Go Fighting! is a variety show by Dongfang Channel 东方卫视 and airs every Sunday at 9pm. It stars Show Luo, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Sun HongLei, Wang Xun and Zhang Yixing as the permanent members and will have guests coming each week. I never heard of this show and chanced upon it when a phone notification from one of my drama watching apps popped up with the name “罗志祥” (Show Luo) and caught my interest. 

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[First Impression] K-Drama: Ex-Girlfriend Club


Title: Ex-Girlfriend Club
Native Title:구여친클럽
Country of Origin: South Korea
Airing Date: 8 May 2015 – 27 June 2015
Episodes: 16

Main Cast:
Byun Yo Han as Bang Myeong Soo
Song Ji Hyo as Kim Soo Jin
Jang Ji Eun as Na Ji Ah (Cat)
Lee Yoon Ji as Jang Hwa Yeong (Lion)
Ryu Hwa Yeong as La La (Fox)

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[First Impression] Variety Show: We are in Love 我们相爱吧

We are in Love - cover
We are in Love (我们相爱吧) is the chinese remake of famous korean variety show – We Got Married. The cast is made up of c-actor and actress Kimi Qiao Ren Liang and Xu Lu, c-actor Ren Zhong and taiwanese actress Ruby Lin as well as korean boybander, Siwon and supermodel Liu Wen. I didn’t watch the korean version but I was looking forward to the c-version because of some familiar faces. (Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m in for Kimi. *squeals*) It’s dumb but I didn’t realise that this already started airing. So here are my thoughts!

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[First Impression] Novel: Seventeen Years Old 十七岁

Made a trip to the library in an attempt to get some work done yesterday, and ended up borrowing a Chinese novel instead.

十七岁 - 梦若妍

Here it is, 十七岁 by 梦若妍. The literal meaning of the title means “Seventeen Years Old”. The blurb of this book states:

The seventeen-year-old us were trapped in a love square.  That was the start of all the mess. The whole graduation ceremony meant nothing to me. Pan Lei wasn’t in the picture, neither was Xiao Shuang, my best friend. There was only me in my graduation hat and Hongsheng holding me by my waist. Me and my fake smiles, this is pathetic. The world is envious of our relationship but nobody knows what this relationship has ruined. Like the ripple effect, everything is falling apart.

I thought this book would be one of those youth reminiscing stories where we will be brought back to the past and reminisce about being 17 years old but I’m wrong so far. Continue reading