520 Confessions: Happy Camp 20th May 2017 ‘Punishment’

520 is a day of confession! So why did Yang Di confess to Luhan? Madness! And Zhang Ruoyun confessed to Xie Na while He Jiong confessed to Gulinazha? Didn’t they know the ladies were married/attached!?

Well, if you read my recap on the 20th May Happy Camp episode, you should know that the losing team had to post a confession on weibo for the winning team. I’ve translated the confessions from Yang Di –> Luhan, He Jiong –> Gulinazha, Sandra Ma Sichun –> Wei Jia, and Du Haitao –> Chen Shu, Wuxin –> Joseph Zeng Shunxi and Zhang Ruoyun –> Xie Na here. Enjoy 🙂

First, Yang Di and Luhan. In the episode, Yang Di went all out and listed 3 things he disliked about Luhan: his torn jeans, fear of aeroplanes and yellow hair. During his 520 confession, he posted a video with this caption.

yang di luhan.jpg

On 520 this day, I’m not only a loser, my private inbox have also been bombed ~ @Luhan classmate, I’m here to praise you, take a look at the video. #Pleasegiveway #I20ILOVEYOU @HappyCamp

The first sentence was in reference to the episode, where they claimed that Yang Di was a loser for losing when he had 4 in 5 chances not to. After Yang Di dissed Luhan, He Jiong then told fans that Yang Di didn’t like people commenting on his weibo, he prefer receiving private messages. Hence, the following.

The real deal is the video though. In the episode, Yang Di stated that he disliked Luhan because Luhan was 1) always wearing torn jeans, 2) afraid of taking the aeroplane and 3) had yellow hair.

Yang Di

In the video, Yang Di said he is learning from Luhan and wearing ripped jeans as well. He finds it to be super comfortable and fashionable. He also claims to like taking the train and not aeroplanes because the train is so much more comfortable and he can rest better. To prove it, he flashes a recent high speed railway ticket of his. Last but not least, he claims that he is sick of his black hair so he’s gonna ‘put some yellow in his hair, just like luhan’. The result is the above image. Hilarious!

In that same post. Xie Na commented, “I don’t really know you well…” in a bid to distance herself from him. Second hand embarrassment.

Next, we have He Jiong praising Gulinazha.

He Jiong Nazha.jpg

Today I need to seriously praise @IamNazha! Firstly, she is really pretty from all angles. Secondly, she is not only pretty, she also has talent, she can learn a dance super quickly! Thirdly, she doesn’t not work hard because she is pretty and talented! Actually I can still praise our Nazha a lot more, but I’ll leave the others for you to discover on your own on tonight’s Happy Camp! Tonight, our 20th anniversary special event #PleaseGiveWay# is starting, come and take a look at everyone’s entertaining performance! #I20ILOVEYOU# @HappyCamp

Next, Sandra Ma and her ‘dad’, Wei Jia.

Ma Si Chun Wei Jia.jpg

Discussing @LiWeiJia strengths: 1, he looks good even in suits, even though it is a bit (read: a lot) lacking when compared to Luhan;
2, He is my ‘dad’, he loves me a lot, even though this is the first time I saw Grandma, Grandma also didn’t know where did such an old grandchild pop out from.
3, On a serious note, he is easily touched, and very kind. He has many strengths, I cannot list them all out. Because I love him too, so everything about him is good #I20ILOVEYOU#

Next, Du Haitao towards Chen Shu. A short one.

Haitao Chenshu

Shu-jie is Snow White! @ChenShu

Following that, we have Wuxin confessing to Joseph Zeng Shunxi.

Wu Xin Zeng Shunxi.jpg

Lost today’s games at Happy Camp again. A loser gotta admit defeat. But the things I want to compliment @ZengShunXiJoseph are real. 1. This handsome kid has eyes so huge that you feel like dancing 2. This handsome kid’s dance is so good it makes you think about your youth hahaha 3. This handsome kid is so young that you will think of his pair of huge innocent eyes hahahahahaha…… Of course, please also remember, Happy Camp’s 20th anniversary special event, Please Give Way, will meet everyone today officially ❤ ❤ ❤ #I20ILOVEYOU#

Last but not least, we have our dearest Zhang Ruoyun confessing to Xie Na. There’s a reason why I left this to the last… They always say, “save the best for the last….”

Zhang Ruoyun Xie Na

Fair skin, pretty face, slim long legs. @XieNa #I20ILOVEYOU#

Sounds normal…. until you zoom in the photo attached.

xie na

Hahahaha, that was very sincere of you, Ruoyun… 520 too, for your humour and cuteness.



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