【Novel】 Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief

Liang 1
This is a drama adapted from the novel also known as Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful and is set to air in late 2017 according to MyDramaList. I’m planning to start reading and translating the novel now to make it in time.

Jiang Sheng and her older half-brother Liang Sheng live a hard life. They will help each other. Against morals, they will fall in love.

Synopsis by MyDramaList

Liang 3

The drama stars Ma Tian Yu, Sun Yi (whom I recently saw in Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds) and Wallace Chung as the main leads. Ma Tian Yu stars as Liang Sheng but it’s hard to say who’s the real male lead here because of how the story unfolds. For those who care, the novel supposedly has a bad-ending.

Liang 10

I wouldn’t know because I haven’t actually read the novel, so I’ll be reading as I translate. Of course, the drama might not turn out like the novel. From the spoilers I have been reading, it seems like the story is pretty warped (hurray, makjang!) so it is likely that the drama will turn out completely different to cater to the audience. But then, we wouldn’t know until we actually read it yea? So, join me in my journey!

Yes, I do have a very packed schedule and the novel seems to be awfully long. The online version has 3 volumes. The first volume has 83 chapters, the second has 49 and the third only has 5 chapters. But I took a look and it seems like the chapters are pretty short so it should be manageable. I’ll just try it out and see how it goes. No promises since I realised this kind of stress usually turns me away from blogging. For now, I’ll start translating the first chapter.




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