Why you shouldn’t watch dramas late at night: Late Night Restaurant

Kdrama_Late Night Restaurant_Ep 1_2

Because you either a) torture yourself with loads of cravings and eventually die of starvation or b) indulge in food unnecessarily and grow fat.

Kdrama_Late Night Restaurant_Ep 3_1

I have been watching kdrama, Late Night Restaurant recently. And because of my schedule, I only have time to watch it at night. (Big no-no right there!) The food look so delicious and appetizing that it doesn’t matter whether I have had dinner or not. I. WANT. MORE. FOOD. The noodle episode, pictured above, has got me to succumb to cravings and had some instant ramen (far cry from those, but it’s the best I have) for supper.

Kdrama_Late Night Restaurant_Ep 2_3

It doesn’t help that the cast makes eating look so enjoyable either. Even if you are not tempted by the look of the food, you would be after you see how they eat.


As an Asian, I can’t resist a good bowl of rice. Just like I can’t resist a good drama. Adapted from j-drama Shinya Shokudo, Late Night Restaurant follows an episodic format and is one of the rarer non-makjang slice-of-life korean drama.

Kdrama_Late Night Restaurant_Ep 2_1

Every episode, there is a focus on one food item and we learn the story of the character related to that food item.

The way it is filmed is really alike a jdrama. The lighting, cinematography, everything. Even the cast, especially the chef, gave off japanese vibes. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was a jdrama.

Kdrama_Late Night Restaurant_Ep 1_5

If you would like to see some gorgeous looking food, go watch Late Night Restaurant now. (KissAsian’s version is pretty damn HD.) Or if you are a poor normal soul like me, just save yourself from the torture and skip it even though you’ll miss out on a good drama with heartwarming stories.


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