[Screencap Surprise] Deng Lun


Special feature on the gorgeous Deng Lun from Because of You, Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds and the upcoming Ode to Joy 2.


I first saw Deng Lun as Liu Qian Ren, the second male lead in Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds.


I thought he was pretty cute and liked him as much as, if not more than, the male lead even though I usually try to avoid second male leads (because second lead syndrome is too painful — Qiao Ran from Back In Time was more than enough for me).

I also held my reservations about liking his character because he had dubious morals (which turned out to be untrue). So when the truth was revealed, I graciously liked his character… and the actor himself.


Currently, I’m watching Because of You, the chinese remake of Come! Jang Bo Ri. Deng Lun stars as the male lead, Li Yun Kai.


He is super adorable and lovable.


Another reason why I’m fond of him… is because I think he looks like the late Kimi Qiao. His eyes. Especially with this hairstyle.


I know it’s not healthy to like him because of that. But we have to agree, he is pretty charming! His interactions with the little girl on Because of Meeting You is swoonworthy.


His character is also super dreamy. Li Yun Kai might not be the usual cold, arrogant chaebol but he is humane, warm and funny.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the role of the male lead in Come! Jang Bo Ri but Li Yun Kai (and Deng Lun) is a huge reason why I’m watching Because of You.


Honestly, I think the chinese remake is not as well done as the original korean version. But it is okay to watch it for the cast — mainly Deng Lun and the female lead, Sun Yi. Sun Yi is the female lead for both Promise of Migratory Birds and Because of You. I’m glad to see Deng Lun and Sun Yi ending up together on Because of You even though they missed each other in Promise of Migratory Birds (what a tragedy!)

Sun Yi will also be the female lead in the upcoming drama, Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief. It is a novel adaption and I’m currently translating it slowly and steadily. I will be much busier in the next couple of months because of work commitments but my daily travelling time is also increased by half an hour so I’ll try to use that time to translate. At least one chapter a week should not be a major problem. If I have more time after doing up my Diva Hit the Road 3 Episode Highlights, I’ll do more.


Last but not least, thank you lovely readers for all the support thus far. Deng Lun has stolen the words I want to tell you guys.


2 thoughts on “[Screencap Surprise] Deng Lun

  1. swevenode

    He’s so adorable. Haha. While you first saw him in 15 Years Waiting for Migratory Birds, I knew Denglun because of Because of Meeting You hehe. The leads are both too cute and the dynamic simply shown in the drama. I like hearing their original voice in the drama too. Though 15 Years is a cute fluffy slash tragedy, I enjoyed watching em. I still remember this one scene where Denglun’s eyes is practically dripping with honey watching Sunyi in 15 Years. I’m glad he got the girl in Because of Meeting You xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Deng Lun and Sun Yi are so cute in the Because of You! I love that there wasn’t much angst for them (the 5 years flew by so it didn’t matter much haha). And yes, I was so upset for Deng Lun in 15 years — he’s just a poor little boy that needs some love! Hahaha.



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