[Recap] Variety Show: We Are In Love 我们相爱吧 Ep 3: Siwon & Liu Wen cut

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It’s been months since We Are In Love finished airing. In fact, just a couple of days ago, Marian posted about how Season 2 is going to premiere on Valentine’s Day! And this means… this uncompleted post has been sitting in my drafts for 8 months — No exaggeration! Since it seems like I will never finish recapping the entire episode (yes, I’m still ‘busy’ trying to do up that Legend of Miyue recap but I’m currently hooked to Go Princess Go, a wacky and fun web drama), I decided to release the Liu Wen and Siwon portion that I had already done up instead of letting it continue to rot in my drafts. Enjoy some sweet lovey-dovey oppa time!

(Since it’s been 8 months and you probably don’t know what happened before this, here’s a link to the previous episode recap)

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 2We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 4

This episode, we start off with Siwon and Liu Wen for more dreamy kdrama! We have Siwon visiting Liu Wen at her hotel and surprising her with flowers. Then he took out the pouch she gave him and claims that he loves it and is using it. I cringed. That pouch is way too oriental and… pink for Siwon. He’s not one of those ladies from the ancient times so why is he using that? Well, kudos for effort at least.

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 5We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 8We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 6

This week, Siwon and Liu Wen will be doing a photoshoot. While they were travelling to the set, Siwon dropped a bomb. “I want to meet your parents.” Woah. That was fast. I have always felt that Liu Wen was the one enjoying this romance more but it seems like Siwon is actually more serious than I thought. Maybe I underestimated Liu Wen last episode, because thankfully, as giddy with happiness as she might be, she was logical enough to say ‘No’ because it was ‘happening too quickly’. After all, they had only knew each other for 3 days at that point of time. As dreamy as it could have been, I’m so glad to see Liu Wen thinking clearly and not swept off her feet as I thought she might be because it would be terrible if she actually take all these on-screen emotions off screen and end up being heartbroken. I have nothing against Siwon but it’s just not a smart move to really fall for such a wonderful oppa no matter how desirable he is because this is what he’s trained to show – traits that make people fall in love with him whenever he’s onscreen. It’s too hard to differentiate reel from real and being invested could lead to a painful ending.

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 7We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 9

Siwon was heartbroken by her response of ‘no’ and tried to argue for his case while Liu Wen awkwardly changed the conversation topic. They then had some sweet couple-y talk that the producers was trying out before using it for the next kdrama (ok kidding!)

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 13We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 14

At the photoshoot set, we realise that Siwon has a penchant for red and brightly coloured outfits. Well, this means he might actually be sincere when he said that he loves the bright pink oriental pouch that Liu Wen gave him!

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 17We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 16

The sweet couple then took turns designing their couple tee for each other. Pretty sweet I guess. Another point to note is that Liu Wen was the one picking out the outfits this time round and Siwon, during his personal camera time, said that he actually doesn’t wear clothes that are not tailor made for him. Not a big surprise there, he’s a rich and famous star. But the sweet thing is, he took whatever she offered with a smile and didn’t show a single glimpse of disgust or unhappiness. That’s the way to go! (Now if Ruby Lin could learn from him….)

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 15We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 18 We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 19We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 20We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 23We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 24

Throughout the photoshoot, it can be felt that Liu Wen was shy with Siwon but she aced it anyway because she is after all, one of Asia’s top models. In his personal interview, Siwon also said that he thought that Liu Wen was really beautiful and he feels extremely blessed to be paired with her. I thought it felt pretty genuine and he seems to be rather captured by her.

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 25We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 26We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 28We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 27

Other interesting events:
We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 11
>Siwon asked if Liu Wen missed him and while Liu Wen initially said no, she went through great pains to change her answer to ‘yes’ in order not to make him feel bad. Siwon then tricked her into admitting that she misses him more than he misses her. Oh you, this is definitely a kdrama.

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 10
>When Liu Wen’s photographer friend said that Siwon looked familiar and asked if he is a new and uprising model, Liu Wen claimed “I picked him up from the streets” Haha!

We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 22We are in Love Ep 3 Siwon Liuwen 21
>Liu Wen has been complaining about not getting to learn how to ride the bike from Siwon due to the rain on episode 1 and hence, included the bicycle in this shoot to make her dream come semi-true. They look so adorable here.

And that’s all! Maybe this will hype you up for Season 2 of We Are In Love 🙂

PS: I refuse to use the acronym because WAIL make it sounds like it’s a bad show and everyone is wailing after watching it. Hahahaha.

PPS: This was the exact point where I started to learn how to take screenshots. All for this blogpost (and eventually, this blog). My first screenshot is here and I still have a hundred over cute Kimi-XuLu photos from this episode in my folder. I’ve came a long way 🙂


2 thoughts on “[Recap] Variety Show: We Are In Love 我们相爱吧 Ep 3: Siwon & Liu Wen cut

  1. dramarian

    Can’t believe it’s been that long! I even forgot for awhile that I was able to watch this episode then I probably stopped already right after! Thank you for this, partner ❤ looking forward for your other drafts to be published as well haha!


  2. archidisign

    OMG, that pink pouch (think about the pouch Pengpeng gave to Qi Sheng in GPG). Cutee! OMG, this is legit the best “kdrama” I saw for a long time now! They are so perfect for each other and are actually taking the time to learn about each other in the nicest way. I wouldn’t mind them dating, but Siwon is in the army now xD Oh well..



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