[English Translation] Vol 7 Chapter 37: Counter Attack – Falling in Love with a Rival 《逆袭》

Hi all, I have joined the English translation team for the Chinese novel Counter attack: Falling in Love with a Rival《逆袭》 by Chai Jidan 柴鸡蛋and I will be posting my translations here. Check out my review here and you can visit the facebook page for the complete translations 🙂

Warning: M18. Might contain explicit scenes of a homosexual couple.


[English Translation] Chinese Novel: Counter Attack: Falling in Love with a Rival 逆袭 之爱上情敌 Volume 7 Chapter 37 ‘Do you want eyes or candies?’

The next afternoon, Chi Cheng chanced upon the candies again when he was looking for something else. He had conveniently thrown the candies that Wu Suowei gave into a drawer. He did not like eating sweet stuff and have not eaten candies in a long time. Now that he saw it, he stared at the big rabbit on the wrapper [1] for a long while before deciding to peel the wrapper – an unprecedented move.

Fang Xin saw Chi Cheng putting the candy into his mouth just as he walked into the room.

“Eh? I thought you don’t eat candies?” Fang Xin was puzzled.

Chi Cheng’s look was filled with disdain, “Who said I don’t?”

“A few days back, Er Gua Zi was giving out loads of wedding candy in the department and you didn’t take any. I asked you about it and you said you don’t eat candies.”

“That was a few days ago,” Chi Cheng said.

Fang Xin had nothing to say in return, he eagerly stared at the few pieces of candy that was still on the table, “I haven’t ate White Rabbit candies in so many years, I wonder if the taste is still the same as the one in my memory….”


One crisp word from Chi Cheng gave Fang Xin, who wanted the candy, a heavy blow.

Fang Xin did not give up and continued to fool around saying, “Reward your brother here with a piece, won’t you?”

“No more.”

Chi Cheng was very clear with in his attitude. Normal people would have understood and let the matter rest but Fang Xin is naively real. He pointed to the candies and boldly choked, “Aren’t you lying with your eyes open? It’s right in front of me, how can there be none?”

Chi Cheng raised his eyelids and looked at Fang Xin, “Do you want the candy or your eyes?”

Fang Xin was stunned for three seconds before he sped away.


In the following weeks, Wu Suowei still came here to play ball. Regardless of Chi Cheng being on morning shift or night shift, regardless of it being a rainy day, Wu Suowei always turned up punctually. Sometimes he trained alone, and sometimes he gathered a few people to play a match. No matter how conspicuous Chi Cheng was, as long as he did not make the first move, Wu Suowei will definitely not take the initiative to pay attention to him.

If it happens that Chi Cheng is on night shift and the basketball court only has the two of them, Wu Suowei will continue to secretly stuff snacks into Chi Cheng’s pocket. Most of the time, it was dried bean curd and occasionally he will stuff packets of broad beans or spicy chicken feet… After a while, Chi Cheng became more conscious, he did not wait for Wu Suowei to ‘gift’ any more and instead, went straight to Wu Suowei’s bag and look through it. Whatever he found belonged to him.

Wu Suowei also brought along all sorts of wild game for Xiao Cu Bao.

There was a subtle and amazing understanding between the two.

He will not ask why he is giving him stuff, and he will not ask why he is taking his stuff. It was like secretly giving you were right and proper and taking from your bag was something expected. The two did not speak unnecessarily and it seemed like the main purpose in coming here was just to play ball and eat.

Recently, the weather was dry and sandy. Chi Cheng was always doing his duties outdoor and a layer of dried skin formed on his face. That day, he was going through Wu Suowei’s bag and found a bottle of Da Bao [2]. The packaging was still intact and stuck on it was a price tag that read, “¥ 9.9”.

“For me?” Chi Cheng had asked, purposely.

Wu Suowei pretended that he did not hear it and lightly played with the basketball in his hand.

Chi Cheng took up a stone from the floor and accurately hit one of Wu Suowei’s ears. The rough and low voice said, “From now on, I am going to call you Da Bao.”

“Why?” Wu Suowei stopped playing with the ball in his hand for a moment.

The hostility that Chi Cheng had was washed away by his smile, “Because we meet everyday!”

The advertisement for Da Bao flashed in Wu Suowei’s head, “See you tomorrow, Da Bao! See you everyday, Da Bao!” Fuck! Is he trying to diss me? Wu Suowei snappily refuted, “Don’t think that those imported high range skincare products are very good, actually those cannot compare up to Da Bao. It’s cheap and effective.”

Chi Cheng did not say anything and continued to laugh.

Shadows flickered over Wu Suowei’s face as he walked over and stuck his hand out to snatch the package from Chi Cheng’s hand, “Return it to me if you don’t want it, I’m also not willing to give it to you!”

In the end, he did not manage to snatch the package and threw himself in instead.

Chi Cheng’s big hands grabbed Wu Suowei’s collars and brutally threw Wu Suowei in front of himself. Using his eyes to scan Wu Suowei’s face, he lightly spat out, “I want.”

Want it if you want, why throw me like that?………. Wu Suowei used all his strength and attempted to pull his own collar back. Being reviewed by such deliberate eyes, there was a feeling of Tarzan suppressing the top of the mountain. For a moment, he almost could not withstand it and wanted to kick Chi Cheng away and leave but thinking of all the old and recent grudges, he forcefully resisted that urge.

Chi Cheng was searching on Wu Suowei’s body — even though he wore old clothes, extremely dirty shoes, his hands were full of mud and his face was full of sweat…. Chi Cheng still felt that Wu Suowei was too clean, so clean that he could not find a place to strike.

At last, Chi Cheng positioned his hands on the waistband of Wu Suowei’s pants and brutally pulled up.

Strangled his eggs!

The green veins on Wu Suowei’s forehead busted and a punch landed on Chi Cheng.

Chi Cheng’s smile darkened the endless night.


[1] The big rabbit on the wrapper is referring to Big White Rabbit Milk Candy. This is a childhood candy for many.

Counter Attack V7 C37 attachment 1

[2]  Da Bao is a skincare product based in China. The literal translation of ‘Da’ is big and ‘Bao’ can mean both treasure and baby. Take note, this will be crucial in the story following!


Counter Attack V7 C37 attachment 2


Fun fact: The weibo account of Feng Jianyu (more commonly known as Da Yu by fans), who acted as Wu Suowei in the internet series, is 冯建宇sod蜜. ‘冯建宇’ is his name – Feng Jianyu and ‘sod蜜’ is the product name of the particular skincare product under the Da Bao brand that is mentioned in the story.


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