[English Translation] Vol 6 Chapter 36: Counter Attack – Falling in Love with a Rival 《逆袭》

Hi all, I have joined the English translation team for the Chinese novel Counter attack: Falling in Love with a Rival《逆袭》 by Chai Jidan 柴鸡蛋and I will be posting my translations here. Check out my review here and you can visit the facebook page for the complete translations 🙂

Warning: M18. Might contain explicit scenes of a homosexual couple.

[English Translation] Chinese Novel: Counter Attack: Falling in Love with a Rival 逆袭 之爱上情敌 Volume 6 Chapter 36 ‘Your butt is so big!’

It’s close to midnight; Jiang Xiaoshuai is suffering from insomnia. He drove out, planning to go back to the clinic to retrieve some medicine that could help him sleep. However, when he went back to the clinic, he saw that Wu Suowei’s bag and phone is in the room, but his person had disappeared. Where did he go at this hour? Jiang Xiaoshuai stood at the door of the clinic and looked around, and quickly found his target.

Wu Suowei is practicing how to dunk at the basketball court opposite the clinic.

Jiang Xiaoshuai surreptitiously crept over.

Wu Suowei put the basketball down onto the floor, stretched both of his legs, and moved backwards by 3 metres. He made a few wide strides and jumped while stretching one of his arms out to reach the basket. Because of the lack in height, only his fingers managed to touch the basket. It was impossible to grip onto the basket. Wu Suowei sighed as he landed on the ground.

Try again!

Wu Suowei’s gaze shone in the darkness. It’s as if the basket is Chi Cheng’s face. If he managed to hold onto the basket, he would have been able to ruthlessly tear apart that face of Chi Cheng’s. He tried once again, both of his legs pushing against the ground with power. Accompanied with a scream, Wu Suowei’s palm rose above the basket and he managed to grip onto it, hanging himself from the basket.

I succeeded! Wu Suowei shouted in his heart.

Suddenly, he felt a gust of cold wind, the cloth covering his butt has been pulled off.

Jiang Xiaoshuai had originally wanted to laugh evilly but when he saw the blurry red lines on Wu Suowei’s butt, his heart went cold and he couldn’t laugh out anymore.

Wu Suowei had guessed that it was Jiang Xiaoshuai, so he landed on the ground firmly and calmly pulled up his pants.

“Why are you back?” Wu Suowei asked.

Jiang Xiaoshuai shot back, “What did you do to your butt?”

Wu Suowei was at a loss, he had completely forgotten that Chi Cheng used his pair of tiger paws to pinch him.

Jiang Xiaoshuai brought Wu Suowei back to the clinic and forced him to take off his pants. When he saw that the shining white globe of meat was stained by countless lovebites, his face twitched convulsively.

“The two of you… progressed so quickly?”

Wu Suowei lightly said, “What are you thinking? He attacked me sneakily with his hands when I was playing basketball. It’s just to force me to tell him the reason why I was here for the past few days.”

“Oh…With his hands…. Even if it’s hands, it’s still wrong!” Jiang Xiaoshuai furrowed his brows, “There are so many areas he can surprise attack, why did he pick this area? There’s obviously something going on here! Haven’t you only known him for a few days? And he’s being touchy-feely already!!”

Wu Suowei used his hands to press down the agitated Jiang Xiaoshuai and smiled.

“Shifu [1], shouldn’t you feel happy for me?”

The smile that Jiang Xiaoshuai had personally taught Wu Suowei, after much practice on Wu Suowei’s part, had actually managed to capture the heart of Jiang Xiaoshuai, and made him feel even more unfair. Based on what? Based on what should this quality good that I, Jiang Xiaoshuai, painstakingly created be given to someone else to enjoy? This butt that I nurtured for half a year, why should I let someone else have it first?

I haven’t even touched it!

Hence, half an hour later….

Wu Suowei lies on his stomach and groggily asked Jiang Xiaoshuai, “Still not done with applying the medicine?”

Jiang Xiaoshuai had already been groping the two globes of meat for more than 10 minutes but still felt that it was not enough.

“No, massaging like that would aid in blood circulation, making it easier for the medicine to be absorbed.”


This day, Chi Cheng is on the night shift again. When he got out of his car, he heard the familiar sound of ball bouncing again.

Wu Suowei did a few simple warm-up moves, dribbled the ball and jumped. The short yet fit body left the ground and single handedly crashed the ball into the basket. The ball gets into the hoop. While he didn’t land steadily, it did not affect the effect of dunking. It was still a worthy watch.

Recently, Wu Suowei had been practicing his jumps by tying sandbags on his legs.

The basketball landed into Chi Cheng’s hand once again, he casually dribbled to the free throw line, jumped and made a sharp side turn in the air, the movement stopped for a moment and his hand holding the ball made a semi-circular arc in the air before crashing into the basket.

“Bang!” A strong force was pulling on the basketball hoop, the entire goal was shaking.

Wu Suowei stared, dumfounded. He felt that the entire frame was going to be pulled down by Chi Cheng. If people didn’t know, they would have thought filming for a movie was ongoing. Wu Suoowei had barely managed to push the ball into the basket, and on the other hand, Chi Cheng is dunking with ease. That kind of posture, power and stretch is not something that can be trained out easily in a day or two.

For this, Wu Suowei admitted defeat willingly.

However, in front of this type of people, Wu Suowei is stingy in showing his admiration. He casually threw a cold glance over, his pair of old shoes making a din while walking on the court. The sound produced made a certain man with the surname Chi uneasy.

“Didn’t you already thank me? Why are you still here?” Chi Cheng asked, purposely.

Wu Suowei didn’t bother turning his head, and indifferently answered, “Did I say I was here to look for you?

Chi Cheng’s vision is only left with two firm globes, proudly moving around. He picked the basketball up and aimed at the target before throwing it. However, Wu Suowei was well prepared this time round, his two hands moved to the back rapidly and stopped the ball. Slamming the ball on the floor, Wu Suowei sat on it.

Chi Cheng walked towards him, felt his own pocket, and took out two candies.

“These candies are placed here by you?”

Wu Suowei pretended not to know anything, “What candies?”

Chi Cheng squatted down, and sized up Wu Suowei’s face.

“Taking such special measures just to give me something small to eat, are you afraid your theft skills would rot otherwise?”

Wu Suowei lazily lowered his eyelids before proud lifting them again. This eye roll was full of flavour and made Chi Cheng’s heart tremble. Chi Cheng reached his hand towards Wu Suowei’s chin, thinking of using his fingernails to scrape Wu Suowei’s stubble. However, Wu Suowei managed to escape from him. Just as Wu Suowei seemed to have managed to escape from Chi Cheng’s harassment, Chi Cheng suddenly kicked the basketball under Wu Suowei’s butt. Wu Suowei lost his balance and fell onto Chi Cheng’s leg.

“Your butt is so big, it buried my feet,” Chi Cheng clear and tough Adam’s apple weltered.

Wu Suowei only wore a pair of track pants and Chi Cheng was wearing canvas shoes. Chi Cheng’s toes, separated only by two thin layers of cloth, teased the flesh on Wu Suowei’s buttocks. Wu Suowei had never flirted with a man. He stood up immediately, eyes darkening, and felt extremely insulted.

Whether it’s really not easy to violate or a scheming method which hides a warm welcome, Chi Cheng is very clear.

Wu Suowei hides the fire in his heart, picks up the bag on the floor and walked towards the car park without a word.

This time round, it’s a dozen of mice. It’s unclear where Wu Suowei had got them – they are all plump and well fed. Xiao Cu Bao[2] eats them with great happiness. After Xiao Cu Bao was fed, Wu Suowei did not look at Chi Cheng and took his basketball before leaving the court. His back view was full of arrogance.


[1] Shifu: Master
[2] Xiao Cu Bao: Literal translation of Little Vinegar Bag which means a jealous creature. Xiao Cu Bao is the name of the beloved snake belonging to Chi Cheng.


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