[Eng Translation] Chapter 10: Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

Liang Sheng going over to the dark side?

Translation based on raw version. I am also reading as I translate. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

Chapter 10: Teacher, Please Let Jiang Sheng Go

On the first day of the New Year, the school organised an excursion. Everyone had to pay ten dollars.

Liang Sheng told our class mentor, “Jiang Sheng and I will not be going.”

As the number of people going in each class is directly related to the key performance indicator and bonus of the teacher, our class mentor was unwilling to let us not go. He persuaded Liang Sheng, “Liang Sheng, you and Jiang Sheng have to go!”

On the way home, I kicked pebbles as I walked. I said, “Brother, I really want to go to the excursion.”

Liang Sheng looked at me, his brows started knitting together and sloy relaxed, he said, “Alright Jiang Sheng, Brother will make sure you get to go!”

On the second day, Liang Sheng dragged me to the teacher’s office, Bei Xiaowu happened to be paying money. Liang Sheng told the class mentor that he indeed can’t go for the excursion!

The class mentor pointed at the money Bei Xiaowu had just handed in and told Liang Sheng, “Don’t drag down the entire class. Or else, do you want me pay your house a visit and do my job?”

Liang Sheng immediately shook his head, “Teacher, please don’t! Our family is poor; don’t make things difficult for my mother.”

The class mentor sighed, “Liang Sheng, no matter how poor you are, ten dollars is still affordable. You are a good student. Teacher believe you will definitely hand in the money, alright?”

Liang Sheng sighed, and pulled me to leave.

One day during class, the class mentor announced that she knew who took the ten dollars from her office the previous day. She would not pursue the matter if that student returned her the money privately.

When she said this, she was staring at Liang Sheng. At that time, Liang Sheng was in dreamland.

I saw that the class mentor’s face is getting worse, hence I nudged Liang Sheng. Liang Sheng ignored me and continued sleeping. Ever since Liang Sheng had promised to let me join the excursion, I hardly heard his even breathing at night. I thought, he must be too stressed and can’t sleep at night; hence he can sleep so well in class.

The class mentor punished him to stand for half a lesson and repeated her words in front of him. The meaning was clear; she is saying the person who stole the money was Liang Sheng.

The day before the excursion, Liang Sheng helped me cut an extremely neat fringe. He said it looked better like that. After that, he brought me to town to buy new shoes. We eventually settled for a pair of red and white canvas shoes. He put in on my feet and asked, “Does it fit?”

I nodded. He said, “Wait till Brother has money. I will buy you many new clothes and shoes!”

I asked him, “Brother, where does your money come from?” Liang Sheng looked at his own palm and smiled, “Jiang Sheng, why are you asking so much?”

During the excursion, Liang Sheng solemnly passed the ten dollar to the class mentor. He said, “Teacher, I really can’t go. Let my sister go.”

The class mentor looked at the ten dollars, “Liang Sheng, where did you get this money?”

Liang Sheng only said, “Please, teacher, just brig my sister along! For this excursion, she even cut her hair and bought new shoes.”

The class mentor suppressed her anger and started counselling this lost youth, “Liang Sheng, tell teacher, if you stole this money from me, I won’t make a fuss. Teacher will just sponsor you two. Don’t be a thief. That will ruin your life.”

Liang Sheng lowered his head and mumbled, “This money is mine. Teacher, please bring my sister along.”

The class mentor raged, “I have no time to mess with you, wait for me to come back and look for your parents! You and Jiang Sheng, want to go to the excursion? Dream on!”

Liang Sheng pulled her arm and pleaded, “Please, teacher, let Jiang Sheng go!”

Teacher flung his arm away. Liang Sheng stood rooted to the ground, I pulled at the corner of his shirt with my head lowered, staring at the pair of new shoes Liang Sheng bought me.

The sun is hanging high up in the sky, it stole a kiss from the cloud and the clouds are red from blushing.

Under the clouds, Liang Sheng opened his mouth and cried aloud, “Sorry Jiang Sheng, Brother didn’t manage to let you go to the excursion….”

I continued lowering my head and looking at the new shoes Liang Sheng bought me. I reached my arm out, preparing to wipe off Liang Sheng’s tears. I wanted to say, “Look at how pretty these shoes are,” but I only managed to call out “Brother,” before the tears started falling.

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Jiang Sheng feels like a spoilt brat. She knows exactly how the situation at home is yet she is still insisting on going to the excursion. Shouldn’t she have learnt that Liang Sheng would go to any extent for her with the jujube trees incident? And now she’s demanding for this excursion repeatedly…

Anyone shocked at Liang Sheng stealing? This was something I didn’t expect from him. He was a well-brought up, nice little city boy. Especially after He Manhou, it’s hard to imagine how he could stoop to stealing since he firsthand experienced how traumatising it was to his family. It doesn’t match the image of what I thought about Liang Sheng but honestly, I could be convinced if it was Jiang Sheng being a demanding brat (which she was).

PS: I didn’t get to do much translation on my holiday and the next chapter is really lengthy so I’m slightly lazy… But I do hope to do up more translation in these two months because I’ll be real busy from September onwards…



2 thoughts on “[Eng Translation] Chapter 10: Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

  1. Rachel

    Finally!!! I still can’t believe he stole Money😢 May be he went and donate his blood like Jiangxi sheng’s mom? Lol my mind is making up things since I can’t accept the truth 😅😅😅


  2. Nee Ean

    Sometimes circumstances force us to do the things we would normally never consider. I am touched by his love for Liang Sheng though.



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