Lee Min Ho. Lee Jong Suk. Lee Joon Gi. Ji Chang Wook. Park Hae Jin. Taecyon. Kai. All in the same drama.

Yeap. This is crazy. My friend told me about this drama a couple of days ago and I had the same reaction. I might only know the first 4 actors listed but that’s already madness. I’m currently catching Lee Min Ho’s Legend of The Blue Sea religiously every week so imagine my horror/suprise when a friend told me that there is going to be this mini drama where all the HANDSOME OPPAs will take part in. MORE LEE MIN HO? YES PLEASE. Bless that lucky girls, let me quote the chinese netizens… She must have saved the milky way in her last life.

My face looks just like hers right now.

via First Seven Kisses — THOUGHTSRAMBLE

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