[Screencaps Surprise] Yang Yang, Bai Jing Ting, Chen Xiang Appreciation Post

ep-30-6The Whirlwind Girl is my newest crack drama. I started watching two days ago and now I’m already halfway through Season 2. The Whirlwind Girl is so pleasing on the eyes! The content is pretty decent too, at least for an idol drama like that.


I’m not the kind that would take screencaps while watching a drama (unless I need to… say, for a post) but I decided to take a few screencaps for this drama to share on MyDramaList feeds. And the supposed one screenshot per drama escalated to this because I had to capture the gorgeous moments! So, here are 75 screenshots from episode 20 to 30.


And because I’m a lame fangirl, most of my pictures are of the three male leads (but you can’t blame me! They look like perfection here, I can’t help myself!!) I’ll be throwing some thoughts on the drama as I go along as well.

First up, we have Yang Yang who starred as Ruo Bai-shixiong. Shixiong refers to senior and is used to show respect.


Brooding Yang Yang looks so cute. His character is a very hardworking one. Icy and cold on the outside but very giving and sacrificial secretly. Quoting Fang Ting Hao, ‘Ruo Bai is someone who says nothing but does a lot.’ Very admirable character.


Angry Yang Yang looks good.


Stubborn Yang Yang looks good too.


Even sick Yang Yang looks good! He’s too gorgeous.


One of my favourite detail is that Ruo Bai enjoys calligraphy as a hobby. At the beginning, he uses proper xuan paper and good ink but as the drama progresses, he starts using inferior quality ink (that Hu Yi Feng complains about) and newspaper due to a tight budget. Why? Because he’s busy paying for Bai Cao’s school fees, yuanwudao qualification tests etc. It is to the extent that he is working part time jobs with Bai Cao to help her pay for those. Awww.


This series of photos basically describe Ruo Bai in the entire drama. Doing loads of stuff for Bai Cao and refusing to let her know.


The rare smile because he managed to help Bai Cao.


Even rival Fang Ting Hao can’t stand how Ruo Bai is being neglected.


Ruo Bai paid for that expensive black belt of Bai Cao too…


Poor Yang Yang’s ending. But at least, to the very last moment, he was happy doing what he did.

Next up, Bai Jing Ting as Chuyuan-shixiong. Charming, gentle, sunshine little boy got all the girls squealing over him.


Chen Xiang as Fang Ting Hao-shixiong. Rich playboy who eventually falls hard for our female lead. In an alternate universe (or drama), he would be the jerk chaebol main lead.




Figured I should give some love to the rest of the cast as well.


Jin Min Zhu. One of the recurring competitors that’s really arrogant.


Jin Min Zhu’s senior. The only one that can keep her in control.. by smacking her with his fan.


Verdict: Can’t believe this drama is so good. Let’s face it, the idea of a reverse harem where 3 hot, droolicious, amazing guys all fall for a lame girl-next-door is so overused and cliche and… meh. But they managed to make me love this. The ‘mystery’ regarding why Chu Yuan quit yuanwudao is probably really lame but it’s totally working in making me click ‘next episode’ without fail. They managed to execute trash so well, it’s so good!!! I guess it does help that I like ALL the male characters (Bai Jing Ting is major love ever since I first saw him in Back In Time. Yang Yang is so adorable too. It’s my first time seeing Chen Xiang on my screen but he’s definitely going to start showing up more. He might be bad but whatever, he’s too cute for me to condemn! Hahaha, guess this is why charming bad boys will never fall for me… because I can’t reject them just like how Bai Cao does :p)

Seems like mainland chinese ‘idol dramas’ are not THAT bad. Now that all my favourite taiwanese actors & actresses are getting old, maybe I can really start indulging in the mainland china scene instead. After Love O2O and this, I can’t deny mainland chinese dramas are pretty decent!! (Yes, their plot and storyline is simplistic and lame but execution is yums!)

And Yang Yang… Oh boy. I first saw him in Tiny Times (drama) and I remember not seeing his appeal. My exact comment was “how can Yang Yang portray the character ‘Neil’? It’s such a misfit. He’s not charming and handsome enough for Neil. Guess I’m eating my words now. HE’S SO PERFECT it is ridiculous. Hahahahaha.

Jokes aside, it’s been a long while since I fangirled so hard over a drama. Would recommend anyone vaguely interested to just watch this. Besides the cute guys, watching them practice yuanwudao is pretty interesting too.



7 thoughts on “[Screencaps Surprise] Yang Yang, Bai Jing Ting, Chen Xiang Appreciation Post

  1. Jo

    Aw man, this was a good trip down memory lane. I was obsessed with this drama when it was airing, thanks (of course) to Yang Yang and Chen Xiang! Still haven’t gotten around to watching the sequel (because of the lack of Yang Yang ;__;), but it’s on the to-watch list. Thanks for sharing all these pretty caps!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hehe glad you liked it! They are too gorgeous not too share :p I’m halfway through the sequel and I think it’s pretty safe to say you are not missing out too much by skipping it. I read spoilerish comments which suggests that the end of season 2 will be open again (and not a very good one either…) so I’m guessing there will be a season 3. I guess it’s good to wait till then before catching up all at once haha.


      1. Jo

        Another open ending? Jeez, maybe I will hold off on watching it. Does Chen Xiang get a lot of screen time in season 2? Without Yang Yang, he’s the only one left that I care about haha.


        1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

          I haven’t finished watching it but yeah, it seems so. Reading all the comments by raging fans make me lose the motivation to continue haha. Chen Xiang does get a lot more screentime now since he’s the only 2nd male lead. But the drama also tried to introduce another loveline for him (which totally fell flat imo) and spoilers say he’s gonna end up with a bad ending that is worse than not getting the girl… I won’t spill exactly what (supposedly) happened but it is enough to stop me from watching for a while haha. Anyway, Season 2 feels more like a filler season. After a whole season of suspense, Ruo Bai’s character will finally turn up again in Season 3 (and according to baidu, Yang Yang is confirmed to be reprising the role!) So I say, be patient, wait till Season 3 and just continue from there 😀


      2. Roz

        Hi. This drama was perfect. I’m from iran and really like your country. But after watching the drama… I have a quastion about it… Is there any filed named yuanwudao in real? I did read somewhere that yuanwudao is fictional sport that was basic to kick the other in the chest. Is that true? This sport is fictional not real?


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  3. Emma

    In this drama the actors I cared for were Chen Xiang and Yang Yang and Wu Lei, and then I was hooked. This turned out to be perfect not only because of these actors, but the plot and the whole drama, from times when Baicao was fighting to the times Yifeng was being comedy relief (quite literally). This was just perfect overall and I will probably not watch season two but look forward to season three due to the lack of Ruo Bai. I hope season 3 happens soon!

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