[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 6 中国好声音 第四季 150821

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Blind auditions are over! This week, we have Wang Feng’s team competing against each other! The vocal coach that Wang Feng sought help from is the youngest in Voice of China history – Deng Ziqi, G.E.M. Tonight, Wang Feng’s team will be split into 6 pairs and each pair will sing one song and P.K. against each other. The winner will make it into the top 6 of Wang Feng’s team. Each of the three other judges, Jay, Na Ying and Harlem, as well as guest judge, G.E.M., will vote and give Wang Feng their suggestion on who they think is better. However, Wang Feng will be the ultimate judge and be able to make his own decision. After that, there will be another PK round where the top 4 emerges.

Ep 6 pair 1 - Huang Bo Lin and Yang Bao Xin 1

Contestant: Yang Bao Xin, 21 vs Zhang Bo Lin, 17
Song:  Jailhouse Rock
Performance: Oh dear, it’s only the first pair and I can’t bear to see either of them go. I like them both! Surprised at how good Bo Lin sound even while singing a rock song! He had a deep voice that I thought would only shine when singing slow love songs. On the other hand, Bao Xin was great too! This is the kind of song that Bao Xin sang in the blind audition and he breezed through this song. I would even think he sang a bit better than Bo Lin did, he was more confident and assured and ROCKER! Loved this performance! What a great first performance.

Ep 6 pair 1 - Huang Bo Lin and Yang Bao Xin 2

Comments: Jay had the same sentiments as me, comparing to the the previous performance, Bo Lin had greater improvement. When asked to give her comments, G.E.M. laughed and claimed that Bao Xin is the male version of her. Bao Xin and Bo Lin each has 2 votes from the 4 judges. This is the first time Bao Xin is singing an English song – he was always teased as ‘old fashioned’ because he never had the courage to sing in English outside. He had a meltdown when Wang Feng handed him an English song and was so grateful when Wang Feng changed the song, only to realise it’s still English. And after yet another change of song, it’s still English! Panic panic. But tonight, he did it! And I would never have guessed, because he looked completely at ease and sounded fabulous!

Ep 6 pair 1 - Huang Bo Lin and Yang Bao Xin 3

Winner: Wang Feng chose…. Zhang Bo Lin! Yay but boo. I would look forward to Zhang Bo Lin and his old, smooth voice but I would miss Yang Bao Xin too. Life is tough.

Ep 6 pair 2 - Wang Fei Xue and Huang Xiao Yun 1

Contestant: Huang Xiao Yun, 16 vs Wang Fei Xue, 31
Song: I believe
Performance: Both of them sound similar. Wang Fei Xue sounds less screechy and annoying than the last time round. I really don’t know who I like more because they sound so alike! If I close my eyes, I would have thought there was only one singer! I guess this shows that age is nothing in music. This performance was enjoyable, the song was good and Wang Feng definitely agrees, he was all smiles. If I really had to choose, I guess I would pick Fei Xue. It’s really close though.

Ep 6 pair 2 - Wang Fei Xue and Huang Xiao Yun 2

Comments: Na Ying claims that ‘I Believe’ should be a song that belongs to her team. She really liked Xiao Yun’s portrayal because she can feel the determination in her voice. But, in consideration of the competition, she thinks that Fei Xue would be a better competitor against her team. Fei Xue has 1 votes while Xiao Yun has 3 votes.  Jay points out that one is 31, and the other is 16 but what he saw was Xiao Yun assuring Fei Xue on the stage, instead of the other way round.

Ep 6 pair 2 - Wang Fei Xue and Huang Xiao Yun 3

Winner: Huang Xiao Yun! Oh dear, seems like I’m a jinx. 2 guesses and 2 wrongs…. I like Huang Xiao Yun though, carefree and young and happy and cute.

Ep 6 pair 3 - Bie Ri Ke and Xu Zhe 1

Contestant: Bie Ri Ke (Bek), 35 vs Xu Zhe (Heo Chul), 33
Song: 曾经的你
Performance: Am I really bad or do they all really sound alike? Anyway, don’t Bie Ri Ke look like Liang Kun, Season 3’s judge? Haha.
Comments: Jay likes the interaction between the contestant a lot. And Na Ying claims that it’s rare to see Wang Feng so warm and happy. Indeed this season, Wang Feng’s “happiness came too quickly”. Prior to this, she never realised he was a warm kind of musician. Hahaha. And yes, Wang Feng looks so smiley and happy! Bie Ri Ke told his parents that, ‘If I continue singing, I will work hard and provide for this family. If I don’t, I will still provide for this family.’ And Xu Zhe’s mother from Korea came all the way over to support him, complete in a hanbok! That’s sweet.

Ep 6 pair 3 - Bie Ri Ke and Xu Zhe 2

Winner: Xu Zhe! Wang Feng is being exceptionally inspirational today. He told Xu Zhe as compared to singing and music, it’s more important to spend time with his mother. This is the second time he mentioned something music and singing isn’t as important as all these little things in life today! What a different Wang Feng, I like!

Ep 6 pair 4 - Huang Yong and Lin Yan 1

Contestant: Huang Yong, 32 vs Lin Yan, 39
Song: 从头再来
Performance: Lin Yan never fails to amaze. But to be honest, I don’t really like both of their voice. Lin Yan was super hyper and totally enjoyed herself on stage though. I guess we never got to see that side of her since her first audition was a double blind audition. Wang Feng is ridiculously happy; looking at him makes me happy!

Ep 6 pair 4 - Huang Yong and Lin Yan 2

Comments: All the judges are awestruck by how hip the two are. G.E.M. claims that she wants to copy Lin Yan’s dance moves in the future haha. But she would recommend Huang Yong because she hears more freedom in his voice. Lin Yan got 3 votes while Huang Yong got 1. This pair apparently went through a lot because they changed 3 songs in 3 days.
Winner: Huang Yong! Woah, I thought everyone would want Lin Yan because she brings more surprise and amazement in her performances but I guess true rock wise, Huang Yong wins.

Ep 6 pair 5 - Huang Kai and Zhang Xin Xin 1

Contestant: Huang Kai, 26 vs Zhang Xin Xin, 25
Song: 少年锦时
Performance: I like Xin Xin’s voice because it’s more light hearted. Huang Kai’s voice sounds more smooth and pleasant though.
Comments: Jay and Na Ying both like Xin Xin because he brings more emotion and sadness in his voice. Well, too think I described it as light hearted haha. All 4 judges voted for Xin Xin! Poor Huang Kai, but it doesn’t matter, since he got to propose to his girlfriend (now fiancee) on TV!
Winner: Zhang Xin Xin!

Ep 6 pair 6 - beibei and Xiu er 1

Contestant: Beibei, 16 vs Xiu’er, 31
Song: 我的天空
Performance: Xiu’er looks like she is wearing the same clothes as her first audition. Maybe it’s just the style. Xiu’er sounds very quirky, and even though I can’t say I like it, it’s indeed a refreshing change. Beibei sounds a bit more musical but I’m not a fan either.

Ep 6 pair 6 - beibei and Xiu er 2

Comments: Jay felt that this is not the best performance by the two even though he never saw their rehearsals. As a manager, he would choose to sign a contract with Xiu’er who has more individual personality but as a mentor, he would pick Beibei who is more consistent and better. Bei Bei got 3 votes while Xiu’er got 1. Wang Feng shared that the two girls performing at the end is his dream come true. Xiu’er cried on stage and confessed her love for her parents. It’s the first time her parents saw her performing. It’s so touching, even Wang Feng and G.E.M. teared. Xiu’er is really a simple and sincere girl, who is weird and quirky but completely lovable. Wang Feng needed a moment and said that, he would rather be the one that leave. LOL! Poor Wang Feng. First time today he is looking so sad.
Winner: Bei Bei!

Ep 6- filler 1

Next up, the remaining 6 contestants will be draw lots and PK against each other for the much coveted top 4 spot in Wang Feng team. One of the pairs will have both contestants go through!

The first pair: Huang Bo Lin vs Huang Xiao Yun. The two young ones!

Ep 6 knockout 1 - huang bo lin

Contestant: Huang Bo Lin, 16
Song: Boys Round Here
Performance: His deep voice. Yum. I like his song choice, makes me feel like it’s a summer night and I’m one of the guys, just lazing around on the beach while thinking of the past. And I’m not even a guy.

Ep 6 knockout 1 - huang xiao yun

Contestant: Huang Xiao Yun, 16
Song: 鱼
Performance: Not as nice as her previous performance earlier. I think this song is a bit too old for her.

Ep 6 knockout 1 - winner

: Harlem thinks that Xiao Yun is very good at details while Bo Lin has an old soul and both should be kept. The rest of the judges choose Xiao Yun over Bo Lin. Oh no! Is my poor Bao Xin gonna be sacrificed for nothing?!
Winner: Xiao Yun. *sad face*

Ep 6 knockout 2 - 0 wang feng

Next pair, Zhang Xin Xin and Beibei. Wang Feng shakes his head at this pairing.

Ep 6 knockout 2 - 1 zhang xin xin

Contestant: Zhang Xin Xin, 25
Song: 恒星
Performance: Gone is the light heartedness. His voice is slightly thicker here. Pretty good performance.

Ep 6 knockout 2 - 2 beibei

Contestant: Beibei, 27
Song: 存在
Performance: I don’t really appreciate her as much this episode with all these screaming-singing.

Ep 6 knockout 2 - 3 winner

Comments: Na Ying claims that Xin Xin could simply go to Wang Feng’s concert and take over Wang Feng. Haha. Whereas, Beibei completely ignored Wang Feng and sang one of Wang Feng’s hardest song in her own style.
Winner: Both of them! Wang Feng made use of his only opportunity to select both participants this round.

Last two, Xu Zhe and Huang Yong, remaining forms a pair. Only one of them will make it.

Ep 6 knockout 3 - 1 xu zhe

ContestantXu Zhe (Heo Chul), 33
Song: 再见青春
Performance: Liked his previous performance better too. I guess singing with someone else makes you more on the ball. Xu Zhe’s singing is very monotonous and calm, despite all the rock.

Ep 6 knockout 3 - 2 huang yong

Contestant: Huang Yong, 32
Song: 执着
Performance: There’s this gruffness in his voice and I thought he actually sounded better than the previous performance! It’s like contrived. It felt like this is more natural and he tried too hard previously.

Ep 6 knockout 3 - 3 wang feng

Comments: Xu Zhe was probably tired because his standards dropped quite a bit.
Winner: Huang Yong! And this wraps up the top 4 of this episode.

Here’s an overview: (yellow –> advanced, pink –> eliminated)
Ep 6 overview battle Ep 6 overview knockout

The top 4 in Wang Feng’s 峰爆 team are: Huang Xiao Yun, Zhang Xin Xin, Beibei and Huang Yong.


My 3 favourites, Yang Bao Xin, Huang Bo Lin and Xiu’er all didn’t make it. Sigh. This is a sad episode. How about you? Are you happy with today’s results? Watch Ep 6 of The Voice of China Season 4 here and tell me what you think.


4 thoughts on “[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 6 中国好声音 第四季 150821

  1. Sara

    Agreed, sad episode. Wang Feixue’s voice was richer and clearer compared to that 16-year old’s, imo. Disagreed with Wang Feng’s choice there. Also, i rooted for Bie Rike and Xiu Er but alas, they were trimmed too. My personal opinion is, Zhang Xinxin is his last bastion of hope. I don’t think anyone else in his top 4 can hold a candle against many of the singers in the other teams.

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