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[English Translation: Chapter 1.2] Tiny Times 1.0 小时代 1.0 折纸时代

Tiny Times 1.0 C1.2.jpg

This chapter, we meet Lin Xiao, the main protagonist of the story. I am enjoying the dynamics of the girls here 🙂

English Translation: Tiny Times 1.0 Chapter 1.2 by Guo Jingming
Original Chinese Novel: 小时代 1.0 折纸时代 by 郭敬明

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[English Translation: Chapter 1.1] Tiny Times 1.0 小时代 1.0 折纸时代

00 Main Tiny Times 1.0

Join me as I embark my journey to know the Tiny Times characters. This is my first translation project ever and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. This is the original novel that sparked off the Tiny Times movies. There are 4 Tiny Times movies based on the 3 books written. The director of the films, Guo Jingming, is also the same person who wrote these books. Without further ado, let’s get started!

English Translation: Tiny Times 1.0 Chapter 1.1 by Guo Jingming
Original Chinese Novel: 小时代 by 郭敬明

Flipping over the latest issue of Times Magazine, the title reads, ‘Shanghai and Hongkong – which will be the future economic centre?‘ — Beijing had long been forgotten, much less Taipei which has been going through a crazy economic decline.

Everyday, there are countless people who integrate in this fast paced city — bringing along their dreams and the grand blueprint for their lives; everyday, there are countless people who leave this cold and unfeeling forest made of skyscrapers — with their tears.

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Reblog: Tiny Times finale set for Summer 2015, Kai Ko out


Whee, Tiny Times IV is finally going to be out. It’s pretty upsetting to see that both Kai Ko and Rhydian Vaughan won’t be in this movie cause they were the reason I even started watching the movie but I have grew to love the ever adorable Chen Xuedong so I look forward to his happily-ever-after with Yang Mi’s character.

I have finished watching the Tiny Times tv drama too, which I loved as well but sadly, while the drama was more in depth, it did not cover as much plot in terms of breadth. I would love to watch more! Bonus point cause Chen Xuedong appeared in the drama too, albeit as a more minor character.

Looking forward to the part IV of this movie before I start embarking on my journey to read the actual novel it was based on. I’ve wanted to read the novel for ages but it is so lengthy, I never had the motivation to start.

PS: Cfensi is the main blog I follow for updates in the chinese entertainment world, so it is highly likely that I will be reblogging a lot of their stuff since I only plan to post my own thoughts and not news. Good things are meant to be shared anyway!



46d7df02gw1ergyfh47udj20rs17mq9i All I want is you,  Jianxi and Gu Yuan. Tiny Times 4.0 must be the only film in the world to screen with both initial male leads cut out.

Originally set for last winter, Tiny Times 4, Soul’s End 灵魂尽头 has finally decided to move on without Kai Ko, instead releasing the film this July with him cut out.  The first set of character  posters was released today, featuring the five remaining male leads  – Chen Xuedong, Vivian Dawon, Ren Youming, Lee Hyunjae, and Jiang Chao –  shirtless.

Director/producer/writer Guo Jingming is currently co-producing Oh My God 从天儿降 with Zhang Ziyi starring Chen Xuedong, Zhang Yixing (Lay), Li Xiaolu.  He has also announced plans for to direct a motion capture computer-animated  feature of his fantasy epic, Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 爵迹.

In other Tiny Times news,  Tan Jianci (Jianxi) of the musical was hospitalized last night, and had to undergo surgery this…

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