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[English Translation: Chapter 1.1] Tiny Times 1.0 小时代 1.0 折纸时代

00 Main Tiny Times 1.0

Join me as I embark my journey to know the Tiny Times characters. This is my first translation project ever and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. This is the original novel that sparked off the Tiny Times movies. There are 4 Tiny Times movies based on the 3 books written. The director of the films, Guo Jingming, is also the same person who wrote these books. Without further ado, let’s get started!

English Translation: Tiny Times 1.0 Chapter 1.1 by Guo Jingming
Original Chinese Novel: 小时代 by 郭敬明

Flipping over the latest issue of Times Magazine, the title reads, ‘Shanghai and Hongkong – which will be the future economic centre?‘ — Beijing had long been forgotten, much less Taipei which has been going through a crazy economic decline.

Everyday, there are countless people who integrate in this fast paced city — bringing along their dreams and the grand blueprint for their lives; everyday, there are countless people who leave this cold and unfeeling forest made of skyscrapers — with their tears.

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