I'm writing a web-novel!

Would really appreciate it if you could give it a read and leave a vote/review for me! I’m taking part in a Writing Prompt Contest (#105) organised by WebNovel.

The prompt is: Love Without Borders. Upon seeing that, I instantly thought about two Taiwanese dramas I watched recently…
Meet Me at 1006 and Someday or One Day

Hence, I decided to incorporate the time travel aspect of both dramas and use the same theory of ‘dimensions at different point of time overlapping at a certain space’ as Meet Me @ 1006.

For those who are not familiar, webnovel is a platform to read many translated chinese novels, including popular titles such as The King’s Avatar. I have used it for 3 years, ever since I started my novel reading journey. I love it because it has a great collection of novels and very prompt translations and updates!

In recent years, Webnovel has started launching a ‘Webnovel Creation’ section where writers can start writing original novels, just like Wattpad. This is what I’m taking part in. The novel is in English, so no worries!

If you don’t have an account,
you can sign up here (use my invitation code for 50 free coins + 3 fast pass: AvMNLDaX)

If you already have an account,
1. You can vote with your power stones here to help me rise in the rankings!
2. You can leave a 5 star review at the bottom of this page to encourage potential readers to read my novel.
3. You can leave me comments within the chapters and provide suggestions for me!

“But if you change my fate now, the you from this timeline will disappear. Then, will the love between us still exist?”

“Don’t be silly, I’m sure the me from your timeline will eventually realise that you are my destined one.”

“En, if you don’t fall in love with me first this time, I will hunt you down and be the one to chase after you. You will never escape from me.”

Six months. That’s the time between them. The distance between them.

Jiang Lei, an aspiring boardgame designer and Fang Xin, the lady boss of a boardgame cafe. Their meeting was an accident fuelled by unexplainable forces.

Every night, for 52 minutes, their worlds merged. Fang Xin, who was in her shophouse in March 2020, would see Jiang Lei, a designer sleeping in his office in September 2019.

There were many awkward and maddening encounters but that did not stop them from falling in love. The only mystery is: what happened to Jiang Lei and where exactly is he now?


A bit more you can expect from my novel:
– Strong & capable female lead
– Funny, “lazy bum”, idealistic male lead
– Time travel mystery
– Light hearted comedic moments
– Realistic bantering amongst characters
– Fun and games! (It’s a world revolving around boardgames afterall…)

Thank you so much in advance for helping me out! I also hope that you will be able to have a fun journey with Webnovel 🙂

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