[Eng Translation] Chapter 6: Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

Bei Xiaowu proves to be less pesky than we thought.

Translation based on raw version. I am also reading as I translate. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

Chapter 6: Liang Sheng, Let Me Be the Illegitimate Child

Liang Sheng and I were very hardworking because the teacher said studying is the only way out of the Wei Village. Liang Sheng never belonged to the Wei Village, hence he wanted to leave badly. And me, because Liang Sheng wanted to leave, so did I.

I want to eat the chocolate Liang Sheng mentioned, I want to go to the playground and park Liang Sheng told me about. I want to become the city girl he told me about.

Even though I felt that Wei Village was already very beautiful.

The ginger Liang Sheng buried in the jar of sand has germinated. It is green and tender. Liang Sheng held it in his hands and refused to give it to me. He said, “Jiang Sheng, don’t fool around. You will spoil it. If you spoil it, we won’t be able to see the ginger flower any more.”

I asked Liang Sheng, “Is the ginger flower beautiful?”

Liang Sheng scratches his head, thought for a long while before answering, “I have never seen it. But, Jiang Sheng, it would definitely be prettier than you.”

Liang Sheng is the most good looking boy in Wei Village. He is also the most hated boy by the womenfolk in Wei Village. They thought that the mine accident happened because Jiang Liang Zhi and his lover stepped into the mine. Their immoral relationship was frowned upon by the heavens and that is why the mine collapsed. As a result, their husbands who were buried alongside the immoral couple became sacrificial objects. Hence, they thought Liamg Sheng was unlucky, he will bring about more misfortunes and difficulties to their lives.

Hence they always instigate some of the older children to find trouble for Liang Sheng after school.

Once, Liang Sheng was pressed onto the ground by those youths. His body was covered in mud and his forehead bled continuously. Bei Xiaowu and I were mot strong enough to get rid of those tall and strong youths so we pleaded for help from the women washing their laundry by the river. We were too young. We didn’t know they were the real culprits behind this violence.

They will only shout like crazy women, “That damned illegitimate child, he is better off dead!”

At that time, my heart hurts so, so much because I saw how Liang Sheng’s eyes filled with sorrow and pain after hearing the words ‘illegitimate child’.

I became like a crazed puppy and started biting those youths. Their shoulders, their legs, their buttocks. As long as I can put my mouth to it, I bit. Fiercely. Liang Sheng and I only wanted a peaceful life like other children. We were only children and we do not understand the hatred amongst adults.

After being bitten by us siblings twice, Bei Xiaowu might have come to understand that biting is an extremely high level skill and decided to master this art properly. Hence, he disregarded the surroundings and started biting without restraints like me.

From this, it can be seen that Bei Xiaowu is a very righteous boy!

But righteousness to us three pesky kids, is not enough. Eventually, all three of us were laid on the floor, full of injuries. That bunch of youths escaped smugly.

I wiped the mud off my mouth and tried to grab Liang Sheng’s hands but he held his hands in tight fists and tears couldn’t stop flowing from the corner of his eyes. I crawled to his earside and said loudly, “Brother, don’t cry. If you don’t like them calling you that, let’s change identity. I am Liang Sheng and you will be Jiang Sheng. I am not afraid of being called an illegitimate child!”

Liang Sheng’s fists slowly started to open up.

Bei Xiaowu and I helped Liang Sheng in walking home. On the way, Bei Xiaowu laughed to me, “Jiang Sheng, I never knew biting people was such a joyful activity.” I lifted my head, saw the injuries on his fave and my heart ached. I wanted to say, Bei Xiaowu, I’m sorry!

That year, Bei Xiaowu and I were ten. Liang Sheng was twelve.

Our teenage years started like this. It can’t be helped. Bei Xiaowu and I cannot tolerate people bullying Liang Sheng.

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Notice how Jiang Sheng spoke in a loud volume even though she had already crawled to Liang Sheng’s earside? Perhaps, you might have forgotten… Liang Sheng became deaf in hearing after blocking that slap for Jiang Sheng. But Jiang Sheng, she never forgot.

This chapter is also when Bei Xiaowu starts becoming a significant role. This incident told Jiang Sheng that Bei Xiaowu was a friend to keep.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Might be busier in the upcoming week but I’ll try my best to update.

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