Why I don’t like to watch dramas


….when I know I don’t have the time to spare.


1. I. can’t. stop.

I have no self control. When I start marathoning a drama, my mind goes into a frenzy. All I can think about is the drama. Even when I fall asleep, I will dream about it. It’s that’s crazy. The only way I can stop this madness is to finish the drama as soon as possible. And that’s the story of how I managed the 58-episode Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom in 4 weekdays…. Even though I had loads of deadlines for my school work, I still managed to make drama-watching a priority. I know it’s bad, but I can’t stop myself.


2. I can’t savor every bit of the drama

One of the best part of my drama-watching experience is to read comments. I love knowing what other viewers think about the drama. However, in my mad rush to complete the drama because of reason 1, I have no time to do it which is terribly upsetting. Since, I don’t have the time to read comments, it is almost impossible for me to allocate time to watch the ever-amusing behind-the-scene videos as well. I think it’s quite a pity. Personally, I feel that in order to fall in love with a drama, watching the behind the scenes is every important. It gives you more reasons to love the drama more.

In my rush, I also skipped the opening and ending song for every episode. Until now, after I completed the entire drama, I haven’t gave listened to the songs in full yet. I’m simply watching to satisfy my curiosity and addiction. By extension, I also didn’t manage to analysis the plot and story line of the drama (and whether it made sense) or critique the acting of the cast. I think this is also part of the reason why hardly any of the recent dramas I watch were listed into my All-Time-Favourite list. I don’t spend enough time and effort on enjoying the drama. It is like a blind chase. (Love O2O is an exception though! Love it.)


3. I actually only have 2 points

But 3 seems to be a nicer number so I’ll just talk a bit about off-topic stuff. I won’t bother explaining my absence from this blog, I think at this point it’s more surprising when I start posting something. I’m sorry, readers. I have became the kind of irresponsible drama blogger I used to despise as a reader. But, like I always say, real life takes priority so I’ll still be missing. However, even when I don’t blog, I’m usually watching something.

I haven’t been committing myself to airing dramas ever since Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea (of which both I didn’t actually finish) because of real life but I have been watching quite a lot of movies and marathoned the occasional old drama. Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom is the most recent drama I have watched recently and even though I did say that I watched it in a mad rush, I did enjoy it quite a bit and read some funny youtube comments along the way. So I’m planning to do a post (soon! perhaps within the week) to translate some of the comments I like most. It might be an extremely funny and comical or it might represent exactly how I feel about the show. If time allows and I am in extremely good condition, I might even throw in another review / end-of-series thoughts on the drama. No promises about that though, because those are usually pretty taxing and I normally give up halfway.

My latest, latest crack watch (it’s not even a drama or a reality show any more so I don’t know how to classify it….) is SuperLiar, renamed PandaKill from Season 2 onwards! It basically features a bunch of live-streaming hosts playing the game, Werewolf. Every episode is 2 and a half hours but I manage to sit through it, fixated and addicted, wanting for more at the end. Live-streaming have been a thing in China for a while but I never really explored it until chancing upon this show. Maybe I’ll write a post about it as well because I have an immense love for it. That post might never get published though because I believe it will be a very long one since I have loads to say about it. Plus, I doubt that much people would be interested in it despite my love for it so not much motivation for me to push on as well. (Come on readers, entice me to do it by leaving a comment or two urging me to do it :p)

Alright, this post is already much longer than I thought it would be because of my ramblings even though I have more to share about what I’ve been watching and liked recently. I’ll just leave that for another time (or never). For now, bye!


11 thoughts on “Why I don’t like to watch dramas

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I know right! There are so many dramas I find interesting and would like to watch but 40 episodes (or more) seems a bit too much of a commitment for me to even start. Shorter (and more interesting) ones like Love O2O was fine though, because I loved it so much, two episodes a day is not enough :p


  1. yamapishy

    A friend of mine also bingewatched 49 eps of 3L3W in 3 days time. It took me at least 7 days because of my busy schedule. Finally both of us finished it last weekend. My average is 3 eps a day, but with 3L3W I was watching like 4-8 eps a day. I can’t believe how I managed to do that. It was like I was possessed!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Indeed, this drama has that kind of powers to hold you in. I wouldn’t say this is my favourite-st drama or that it was a particularly good drama in my books in terms of plot or execution or story, but I can’t deny that it is freaking addictive! Must be the spells all these deities are casting 😛


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