Currently Watching: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


It is surprising that I would be watching this, because I wasn’t a crazy fan of the original Chinese drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin / Scarlet Heart, it was based on. In fact, despite my love for palace dramas, I was never really interested in that drama. I knew people were crazy over it, I kept up with the storyline but it was just too angsty for my liking. I know I’ll enjoy it if I do watch, but the amount of tears I’ll most likely drop while watching the drama has successfully deterred me from watching the actual drama. I contented myself with just reading recaps (and even that made me drop a tear or two… good job recappers!)

So, why would I watch this drama? Good question, I don’t know either. It just happened. And thus far, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Here are a couple of thoughts I have from watching this drama (synopsis).

1. Korea really know how to bring in the viewers… by bringing the boys out.

The very first interaction I had with this drama was a clip showing topless hot guys soaking in an open pool posted on a social media platform by one of my friends. At that time, I went “Hmmm” and went on with life. When I eventually started watching the drama (episode 9 has already aired by this point), I truly appreciated what the production team has done. Hot guys after hot guys, what a feast. This is something the chinese version will never achieve (and also the reason why I was never too compelled to go watch  that drama — Kevin Cheng & Nicky Wu are not my cups of tea). Some can argue that the chinese version did not need eye candy because they have an actual plot going on but my take is, one can never have too many eye candies. Hehe.

2. The drama is so cute.

Despite coming into this drama knowing it will be a heartwrenching, angsty drama, there are so many lighthearted moments that brings laughter and smiles.

3. The plot is connected surprisingly well!

I knew the direction the storyline would go but I was always slightly sceptical of how the story can progress without being too far-fetched and unrealistic. Thus far, I have been surprised pleasantly. From how there was a change of heart to why the 4th prince would want to have the throne, it is all explained clearly. There were no blatant flaws for me to pick on.

4. Seems like the journey is less twisted than I thought it would be!

Sure, there were some inevitable deaths but it seems like it won’t be as unacceptable as I initially thought. Our 4th prince didn’t turn into a psychopath like I thought he would – so thank you, drama god, for that!

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is currently at episode 16, just 4 more before it ends. Great time to start marathoning 🙂

5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

  1. humbledaisy1

    I think I’ve marathoned this drama at least four times already. It’s finding similar but not too crazy historical dramas to pass the time between episodes that’s giving me a hard time right now.

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  2. humbledaisy1

    Yes, that was why I jumped in with two feet. For me, the Chinese original had the best balance of politics and harem/romance that I’ve been spoiled for other historical dramas.

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      1. humbledaisy1

        Well, it’s had some great nods to the original in it and the writers worked the SH plot around Goreyo history pretty well – but I’m a grown up and I really, really like the plot and characters of the original. So that would be a hesitant “yes.” But who knows – three more episodes and Lee Jung Ki is just ripping up the scenery – I may change to “YES!”



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