[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 9 中国好声音 第四季 150911

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This week, the Top 4 of Harlem’s team are revealed! Harlem starts off with a speech about crying too. He has always emphasized on happiness but even if his students want to cry on stage, then let it go and cry it all out! Be honest to your own feelings.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 JJ Lin

Harlem also invited JJ Lin to be his guest judge! 

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Battle 1 Zhang Shu vs Li Wen Hui

Battle 1: Zhang Shu (Lotus Zhang) v.s. Li Wen Hui
Song: 燕尾蝶
Comments: Both of them sound great. Wen Hui has a deep voice which started off the song extremely well and just as I decided I like her voice a lot, Zhang Shu’s voice appears and it’s also beautiful but in a different way. Zhang Shu has a higher voice but it’s also thick at the same time, so it’s not screechy. I like both of their voices, I don’t know how to choose! The performance is fab! The judges feel that Zhang Shu would be a better choice for this competition. I think so too, not that Li Wen Hui isn’t good, but Zhang Shu can do normal songs as well as rock songs, and sound good.
Winner: Zhang Shu.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Battle 2 Zhao Da Ge vs Duan Xin Rui

Battle 2: Zhao Da Ge (Ika Zhao) v.s. Duan Xin Rui (Ray Duan)
Song: 亲密爱人
Comments: First time hearing Xin Rui singing. He sounds pretty musical but I am not especially fond of his voice. Zhao Da Ge got this special quality to her voice which I really like. I think her voice is more mature than her first performance in the blind audition. I think Harlem’s team members all has this special quality in their voice that I love! Duan Xin Rui is a very good performer though, I feel like I’m watching a musical when I’m watching him and he’s exuding positive vibes and happiness in every moment of his performance.
Winner: Zhao Da Ge. Duan Xin Rui got consolation price though, for being ‘the best dancer in Voice of China’s history’.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Battle 3 Gu Zhen Bang vs Li Wen Hao

Battle 3: Li Wen Hao (Rex Li) v.s. Gu Zhen Bang (Jóhannes Koo)
Song: 叶子
Comments: Zhen Bang has a very soft, gentle yet rough voice. Wen Hao doesn’t sound as good as he did in his blind audition, but his voice brings out this feeling of curiosity. Like, he has so much to wonder about the world. Wang Feng said that not being able to turn for Zhen Bang because his team is full is one of his biggest regrets. I still have a soft spot for Wen Hao and his cute story about his hip grandmother. Li Wen Hao’s dad also got a chance to speak and Wen Hao cutely stopped him because he was afraid that his dad’s words, while sincere, might offend the other mentors. Extremely funny and cute.
Winner: Li Wen Hao. JJ Lin also made a promise that he will back Zhen Bang up if he needs. Such a disappointment though, Wen Hao is crying. I liked him for his carefree attitude but I guess this moment is an overwhelming one for him. Go, boy!

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Battle 4 Usay Kawlu vs Ma Yin Yin

Battle 4: Wu Si Ai (Usay Kawlu) v.s. Ma Yin Yin
Song: 情人的眼泪
Comments: One high voice, and the other low. I remember I only managed to say that Si Ai is pretty and had no comments on her singing during her blind audition. On hindsight, it might be a bit mean because she does sound pretty decent. She might have improved. Jay might also have improved in his use of idioms, as pointed out by Na Ying. Haha! Si Ai also shared that today is Yin Yin’s birthday! The friendship between these two is lovely, Si Ai seems to really treat Yin Yin as her sister.
Winner: Ma Yin Yin. Happy Birthday.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Battle 5 Wang Di vs Tong Yu Shuo

Battle 5: Tong Yu Shuo v.s. Wang Di
Song: 表白
Comments: I have been waiting for Wang Di’s performance, he’s a quirky one! He’s cute but I think Yu Shuo did better, his voice is more outstanding and attracts more attention. Wang Di would make a great performer, but his voice is sadly not up to par. Na Ying claims that JJ Lin and Harlem makes a very good team while Jay adds that Harlem did a good job with coming up with this new rendition of this song, which made Harlem really surprised and pleased because it’s hard to get a compliment from Jay. Haha!

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 JJ Lin and Harlem YuCute Harlem and JJ

Winner: Tong Yu Shuo. Wang Di will still be my favourite happy boy though, he’s so cute and brings so much sunshine about! Yu Shuo also added that Wang Di’s dream is to see his students on the Voice of China stage and over the past few weeks, Wang Di had taught him a lot and can be considered his teacher. Hence, he will fulfil Wang Di’s dream.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Battle 6 Tan Xuanyuan vs Cao Jinghao

Battle 6: Tan Xuan Yuan v.s. Cao Jinghao
Song: It’s My Life
Comments: Is it me or does Cao Jinghao looks like Taiwan actor, Xiu Jie Kai? Haha. I really liked Xuan Yuan in his blind audition but I think Jinghao performed slightly better here. His voice is stronger and firmer. I think Xuan Yuan’s pronunciation also disadvantaged him. Gonna credit him for his crazy high voice though. Na Ying pointed out that Xuan Yuan is a very strong competitor but Jinghao did not waver, and showed greater improvements as compared.
Winner: Tan Xuan Yuan.

Next up, time for the duels to decide on the Top 4!

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Top 6

Duel 1: Zhang Shu (Lotus Zhang) v.s. Zhao Da Ge (Ika Zhao)Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Duel 1 Zhang Shu

Contestant: Zhang Shu (Lotus Zhang)
Song: 安眠药
Comments: The best thing about her is that she can sing a variety of songs well. Not much rock, but still good performance.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Duel 1 Zhao Da Ge

Contestant: Zhao Da Ge (Ika Zhao)
Song: New Soul
Comments: Her voice is very clear. But really, time to go back to singing chinese songs.
WinnerBoth! None of the other judges advised him to pick both. I think he might have used this opportunity a bit too soon.

Duel 2: Li Wen Hao (Rex Li) v.s. Tan Xuan YuanVoice of China S4 Ep 9 Duel 2 Li Wen Hao

Contestant: Li Wen Hao
Song: 你的背包
Comments: Sounding good. His voice is just calming and lovely. Anyway, he looks like JJ Lin. A bit. Hahaha.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Duel 2 Tan Xuan Yuan

Contestant: Tan Xuan Yuan
Song: 告别的时代
Comments: Another super high song and he is acing it. He’s practically sing-screaming it at the chorus. Best, he’s not screechy at all.
Winner: Tan Xuan Yuan. Welp, I like them both so I don’t know how happy I can be. But yay for Xuan Yuan.

Duel 3: Ma Yin Yin v.s. Tong Yu ShuoVoice of China S4 Ep 9 Duel 3 Ma Yin Yin

Contestant: Ma Yin Yin
Song: 离歌
Comments: Such a pleasant non-mainstream voice. Wang Feng agrees and claims that Yin Yin’s voice makes one feel comfortable.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Duel 3 Tong Yu Shuo

Contestant: Tong Yu Shuo
Song: 迷宫
Comments: His unique voice is good but this performance is a bit too scratchy for my liking.
Winner: Ma Yin Yin. Harlem’s choice also factored in considerations of who he would want to release an album for. I guess Ma Yin Yin is the better choice then since she is more wholesome in this sense. Yu Shuo has an interesting backstory but will probably not be able appeal to the general public as much. It’s just sad that he won’t be able to fulfil Wang Di’s dream of seeing his ‘student’ on stage though.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Battle overview Voice of China S4 Ep 9 Duel overview

With this, the Top 4 for each team has been decided!

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 JJ Lin 2
Another photo of JJ Lin because look at that cute dimple!!

Next week onwards, the format will change again! Each mentor has been assigned their competitors for next 2 weeks by a random draw of coloured balls. Mentors who draw the same coloured balls will have their teams compete against each other. Jay’s team will go against Na Ying’s team next week while Wang Feng’s team will go against Harlem’s team the following week. Jay also cutely performed a ‘magic trick’ with the coloured ball he chose. Haha!

Main 2

This is probably the shortest full recap as I’m in a rush. I didn’t translate as much funny interactions as I would like. I have exams in the next two weeks so my recap for next week will only be up in the middle of the following week. Consider yourself warned.

Voice of China S4 Ep 9 JJ Lin 3

Meanwhile, watch Ep 9 of the Voice of China Season 4 here and drool over JJ’s dimples.



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