Update: Weibo Round-up [8 May 2015]

One of my favourite things to read on drama blogs are weibo updates! I love how I can get the essence of weibo all sorted out for me with just a click. Today, I would like to share some happiness and so I came up with my own Weibo round-up.

@杜德偉: 我的食物在哪?!

@杜德偉: 我的食物在哪?!

Alex To: Where is my food?!

It should be illegal to be this cute at 53 years old! Yes, 53, not a typo. Unimaginable, isn’t it.

@Butterfly愷樂: 小霜做的紅豆奶酪也太好吃

@Butterfly愷樂: 小霜做的紅豆奶酪也太好吃

Butterfly: The red bean yogurt made by Xiaoshuang is too delicious.

Xiaoshuang is Show Luo‘s manager. Show Luo and Butterfly are co-hosts on one of my favourite variety show, Entertainment 100% 娱乐百分百. Butterfly probably got the yogurt from Xiaoshuang on the set of Entertainment 100%. It’s always sweet to know that they are as chummy and friendly off-screen too.

@夢想家林志穎: 十年前,在我父亲引荐下,我成为台湾更生大使;十年后,我带着kimi,让他也来做更生大使,希望爱心和关怀继续传递,希望大家多多帮助和关心更生人士(刑满释放人员),让他们不受歧视能重新开始新生活。感恩。[good]

@夢想家林志穎: 十年前,在我父亲引荐下,我成为台湾更生大使;十年后,我带着kimi,让他也来做更生大使,希望爱心和关怀继续传递,希望大家多多帮助和关心更生人士(刑满释放人员),让他们不受歧视能重新开始新生活。感恩。[good]

DreamerJimmyLin: Ten years ago, under the guidance of my father, I became Taiwan’s ambassador for released convicts. Ten years later, I brought Kimi along, allowing him to be an ambassador for released convicts, hoping that this would spread care and love, hoping that everyone can help and care more for released convicts, so that they will not be not be discriminated and can start life anew. Grateful. [good]

I’m watching Where Are We Going, Dad Season I and Jimmy and Kimi are both absolute sweethearts. And that matching outfit, aww. Kudos to Jimmy for being such a good example for little Kimi. (PS: I like how their names rhyme… Jimmy Kimi Kimi Jimmy, how cute!)

@王子_邱勝翊: #王子邱胜翊#來我身上下西洋棋吧[嘻嘻]

@王子_邱勝翊: #王子邱胜翊#來我身上下西洋棋吧[嘻嘻]

Prince: #PrinceQiuShengYi# Play a game of chess on me [hehe]

I’m sure thousands of fangirls out there would love to do that.

@陈汉典: 本來以為店員很貼心的寫上我的名字,後來才發現是我經紀人點了漢堡排咖哩⋯

@陈汉典: 本來以為店員很貼心的寫上我的名字,後來才發現是我經紀人點了漢堡排咖哩⋯

Chen HanDian: Initially thought that the attentive stallholder wrote my name on the cover… only to realise my assistant ordered ‘han bao pai curry’…

‘han bao pai’ stands for Hamburger patty and is a pun on Chen ‘Han’Dian’s name. I thought it was a pretty good pun and I laughed after reading this.

@汪东城: 我女兒也太可愛了吧~~~長好高了喔

@汪东城: 我女兒也太可愛了吧~~~長好高了喔

Jiro Wang Dongcheng: My daughter is too cute~~ Grew to be so tall eh

Don’t you think that his daughter’s legs are not proportionate to her body size? Well that aside, Jiro is being cute and supportive, he even wore a shirt of Chibi Maruko 樱桃小丸子. I approve.

@周冬雨: 我长得好修长[雷锋]

@周冬雨: 我长得好修长[雷锋]

Zhou Dongyu: I’m so slender [lightning]

How can you not like a pretty actress going all out to actually pose ugly (and not pretending to be ugly while still being pretty)? Thumbs up for Zhou Dongyu!

//@宋佳: 本来说是跑步,结果跑了两步就改躺着晒太阳了。生命在于躺着,你说是不?[doge][doge][doge]// @杨天真小姐: 大长腿在洛杉矶@宋佳

@杨天真小姐: 大长腿在洛杉矶@宋佳 //@宋佳: 本来说是跑步,结果跑了两步就改躺着晒太阳了。生命在于躺着,你说是不?[doge][doge][doge]

Miss Naive Yang: Long legs at Los Angeles @SongJia
// Songjia: It was supposed to be a jog but after two steps, it became a suntanning session instead. Life is about lying down, isn’t it?

Song Jia definitely has life all figured out. Now, excuse me while I go lie down for a bit.

@任重: 睡不着是因...

@任重: 睡不着是因…

RenZhong: Couldn’t sleep because… (he was thinking of her)

Cutiepie RenZhong and Ruby Lin are currently filming We Are In Love, the chinese version of We Got Married. Well, Ren Zhong is either a really a good actor and going all out to garner ratings for the show or he is really gaga over his goddess whom he liked since he saw her as Zi Wei in Princess Pearl 还珠格格 almost 20 years ago. I’m going to believe it’s the latter because he looks so genuine. Rooting for him, go go go!

@乔任梁: 开工、来打个卡、[萌][害羞][太开心][顶][太阳]

@乔任梁: 开工、来打个卡、[萌][害羞][太开心][顶][太阳]

Kimi Qiao Ren Liang: Quick check-in before I start work. [Cute][Shy][Too happy][LOL][Sun]

Ending off this post with a cute photo of Kimi Qiao. I swear, he’s not my favourite-st artiste (that would go to Show Luo) but he just happens to be everywhere and looking cute!

That concludes the weibo round up! Hope you enjoyed it, I had thought for a long while before deciding to do this because I am not confident that I will be able to do a good job selecting photos that are either pretty or funny enough. I don’t want to ruin people’s impressions of the stars’ weibo. Hence, all feedback will be greatly appreciated! Do leave a comment.



4 thoughts on “Update: Weibo Round-up [8 May 2015]

  1. intellectualkitten

    Woah, you are watching Dad where are you going? I loved season 1 too, my favorite was Tian Tian ❤


    1. skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Yeah, my local channel is having a sudden influx of all these shows and I’m enjoying it so much! My favourite so far got to be Kimi but I’m only on episode 3 so maybe that might change soon. Tian Tian is adorably supportive of his dad though, too cute!


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