Hello world!

This is a place where I throw out all my thoughts about dramas, movies and variety shows. This is a really busy school year for me so I’ll only throw in random posts here and there, mostly updating about the shows I’m watching or want to watch. I’m trying to spruce up this place, bit by bit so please be patient! I’ll be posting reviews and recaps in full swing by December 2015!

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About Kate - skimmedmilkdrama

The name is Kate and the love is Show Luo. Permanently located behind the laptop blogging for skimmedmilkdrama.com and tweeting at @SMilkdrama. Obsessed over Taiwan variety shows & Mainland China reality shows. Likes to read Chinese novels in an attempt to look wise. Always ready to launch into discussion about Taiwanese and Chinese entertainment and dramas. RIP Kimi.

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