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[Recap of Episodes 19 & 20] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

No time is wasted in every episode because each episode is just so eventful in this drama. I can hardly keep up! *inserts funny Tang-Fangsi scene just because*

Screenshot 2015-08-28 22.52.35Screenshot 2015-08-28 22.52.39

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[Weibo Update: My Best Ex-Boyfriend]: Jerry Yan and Maggie Jiang: REEL or REAL?

Let’s take a break from my “My Best Ex-Boyfriend” episode recaps first and discuss some real-life news about our beloved cast members! This is like a special edition of my favorite Weibo round-up because all of the bits here about the actors and actresses are just from Weibo 😉


I’m totally on board this ship if ever there’s a chance that it’ll actually come true!

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[Recap of Episodes 17 & 18] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

Love triangles and some bromance are my favorite drama things and it seems to be the order for today’s menu! 😉

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[Recap of Episodes 15 & 16] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

Just like any other hero or a fairytale princess, our heroine/Cinderella meets trouble from a pair of evil step-sisters. Luckily, she has Prince Charming(s) to save her! Read more on today’s recap of episodes 15 & 16.

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[Recap of Episodes 13 & 14] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

I don’t know about you, but I’m just really loving this drama more and more! I’m aware that there are some corny and annoying parts because there’s definitely no perfect drama but all is forgiven because they gave me some cute moments to giggle about again 😉

Screenshot 2015-08-25 22.23.39

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[Recap of Episodes 1 & 2 + First Impression] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

And so my long-awaited Chinese drama of 2015 has finally finished airing its first 2 episodes! Consider this as my bravest moment as a writer here because it’s my first time to write a first impression post and episode recaps as well. Of fashion, friends or foes, flings, there are surely a lot of things to be excited for in this new C-drama. Read more to know what happens!

Jerry Yan and Maggie Jiang, from lovers to enemies in the drama

Jerry Yan and Maggie Jiang, from lovers to enemies in the drama

Title: My Best Ex-Boyfriend
Native Title: 最佳前男友
Country of Origin: China
Airing date: August 15, 2015- ?
Episodes: 40-42
Channels: Shenzhen TV, Heilongjiang TV, Youku Tudou

Main Cast:
Jerry Yan as Li Tang
Maggie Jiang as Fu Fangsi
Ron Ng as Yin Hao Ran
Viola Mi as Cheng Xiang Nan

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