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[Thoughts] The Voice of China Season 4: Top 5 – Winner Prediction 中国好声音 第四季

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Hello everyone. Can’t believe we are nearing the end of The Voice of China Season 4. I never planned and never thought I would recap this series all the way to the end! I’ve never been a musically inclined person so recapping a singing competition as my first ever full series recap had never occurred to me. I’m really heartened to see so many people reading my recaps and recently, commenting and discussing! Today, I’m gonna share my predictions about who will win this competition!

[Disclaimer: This, along with all my other Voice of China posts, are all my thoughts and opinons which might not be what the general population thinks. These posts might be influenced by my preferences and I’m not a pro at this so take everything with a pinch of salt!]

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