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Show Luo and Social Media Star Zhou Yangqing Dating

So sad for me (delulu fangirl) but so happy for him!!! He deserves happiness and here’s to wishing he will be happy! 🙂



Ok, another of my bias is taken. Let me go cry a river. 😦 Joke, I am actually quiet happy for him since he is already 35 years old and should definitely date and find the woman of his life. In this case, the lucky girl is 26 years old Zhou Yangqing or the sensational online fashionista. The couple was caught in Shanghai by the online gossip web site www.quanminxingtan.com 

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[Feature] Urban Chinese Slangs

Fun fact: the chinese word for ‘duang’ is actually made up of Jackie Chan’s chinese name, 成龙, stacked together!

Thought that this post was pretty useful and entertaining and yes, Zhang Han from the legit 不一样的美男子 (A Different Kind of Pretty Man) is indeed my 男神! (Nanshen/Male God)


Ok, for all the C-enternainment maniac, you have to know these words because they are used so often in the Chinese Entertainment! Here we go:

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