[Translation] Quotes from drama, Back In Time


Happy Valentines, my lovely readers! Would like to share some quotes from one of the most beautiful drama I have watched. (And no, it’s not a BL even though the cover photo seems misleading.) It wasn’t the best drama but it was one that touched me deeply. Maybe not every love has a happy ending, but it is in the bittersweet that we grow.

A quick runthrough of the drama: (spoilers, highlight to read)

Back In Time covers a story of 5 friends from high school to university. Qiao Ran is the (perfect) second male lead who falls in love with Fang Hui but was late in confessing so she ended up together with his best friend, Chen Xun. The point of contention in this drama is that I felt that Chen Xun and Fang Hui didn’t actually like each other when they first got together. The most poignant part of this drama was that Chen Xun eventually betrayed Fang Hui and the drama had a terribly sad ending, which made me root for Qiao Ran even more.

Following are the quotes, they are really beautiful in mandarin and I’m sorry if my translation butchered it.

Qiao Ran: ‘See you again’ is not a way of saying goodbye, it is a promise.

Qiao Ran: On the day of graduation, you bid farewell to me as usual. I only understood many years later: that day, it was not you who bid farewell to me, it was youth.
Qiao Ran: There are many types of love. Being nice to a person doesn’t mean you have to be together with that person. Because you know what (s)he cherish most, you wish for her happiness… Even if there is no place for yourself in that happiness.
Fang Hui: There is no way to measure things like a promise. There are no wrongs or rights. The only thing it can prove is that, at that moment, we were once sincere.
Qiao Ran: It’s not that it is unimportant, it’s just that (I) care too much.
Qiao Ran: Me and her, we are both extremes. When we like a person, it’s either all or nothing.
Qiao Ran: When we were young, we were both curious and afraid of the future, we wanted to go near yet didn’t dare to touch it. Often, it is in this confusion and hesitation that we miss out on the most sincere moment and the most beautiful people.
Fang Hui: A person leave another because there is not enough love.
Fang Hui: Do not apologise because saying sorry means that there is guilt.
方茴:因为我不想那些温馨的画面 在日后变成伤感的回忆
Fang Hui: I don’t want to see those heartwarming moments change into sad memories in the future.
Fang Hui: I’m not afraid of being lied to, but you must never let me know the truth.
Those who dare to quarrel are good friends, those who stick together after quarreling are true friends.
Qiao Ran: How did it feel when my heart first skipped a beat, what was it like when love happened? The 16-year-old us didn’t know the meaning of love but we were braver than any point of time.
Qiao Ran: If I had written my name on the blackboard like Chen Xun did at that time, would you like me?
Qiao Ran: Now, please let me continue to love you in the name of a friend.
Qiao Ran (to Chen Xun): I never treated this as a competition, if one day I wanted to compete with you, you might not beat me.
The firmest triangle structure in Math happens to be the weakest structure in relationships.
Qiao Ran likes Fang Hui.
Hope you enjoyed the quotes. If anyone’s up for discussion of this drama, I would be more than glad to join 🙂
Edit: Once again, happy Valentines, my lovely readers. This post has been sitting in my drafts for over a year and I thought it would go pretty well with the Valentine theme, even though it is more towards the bittersweet side.



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