[Recap of Episodes 11 & 12] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

I understand that it might be better for me to write recaps on the new episodes but I don’t think I can do it because I watch and write simultaneously. So writing about the new ones would just give me a difficult time. I’m really sorry about that but I hope you still continue reading my recaps 😀 Things are just getting more exciting that I just couldn’t help but be noisy while watching haha!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.45.53

Stalker goals: Jerry Yan as Li Tang haha!


Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.44.04

Xiangnan finally receives her old/new bracelet from Haoran. These two are just living the good life loving each other!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.46.53

Tang stalking Fangsi just made me so happy! Of course he denied it by saying that it was just a boss protecting his employee (really…)

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.47.34

Tang teases Fangsi about having a failed crush and I love that he uses the past to attack her which just proves how much he knows about her.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.48.32

Somehow, Tang managed to push Fangsi onto the fountain (I don’t even know with these two…). They were basically playing around so casually as if nothing bad happened in the past.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.49.49

Xiangnan sets out her plan to break up with Tang to Haoran. Her game plan is to break up with him then give some time for the issue to die down then go back to Haoran’s arms. Good game plan, girl. I wonder how you’re going to play it out?

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.50.52After playing in the water, these two have unlimited noodle bowl soup and they’re just the cutest!Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.51.45

(the reason why he has a band-aid on his forehead) HAHA!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.52.36Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.52.39This is just me screencapping Tang’s funny/jealous moments because I couldn’t help it 😉

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.53.34

After being irritable towards the lady boss of the restaurant, Tang tells her that she’s so pretty today. Thus the comment of Fangsi haha! I’m obviously just so entertained because of their interactions. I have so much love for them!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.54.13

Our vain male lead doesn’t understand why Fangsi has a crush on Haoran. Our girl really seems to be crushed by him!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.56.25

Xiangnan sees Tang’s car being parked in the office but she was surprised to see that it wasn’t him who was driving it but it was none other than Fangsi.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.57.29Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.57.41

Tang’s assistant warns him about having Fangsi in the company. Their silly games and banters were interrupted when…Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.58.20

Xiangnan came to Tang’s office and asked him what happened to his forehead. She tells him that they just haven’t seen each other for days and he’s been acting like he doesn’t know her anymore.  This is obviously just Xiangnan doing some small talk in order to play out her game. It eventually failed because Tang was busy and she couldn’t say it as well.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.03.34Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.03.46

She goes out of the office with Ou Weya and meets Fangsi. Weya was criticizing Fangsi for being out in the middle of the afternoon to get some egg tarts which is apparently a violation. Our awesome heroine tells her to give the warning letter to Tang instead since he was the one who asked her to buy some anyway. You go, girl!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.11.47

Weya kept reporting about Fangsi and Tang’s moments together inside and outside the office which made Xiangnan burst into anger and tears.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.12.14Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.15.51

It may be torture for Fangsi but it’s just comedy for me haha!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.16.39Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.17.06

Tang’s good mood due to Fangsi’s torture has been easily destroyed when Haoran came to his office. Gossip ladies in the office kept buzzing about Haoran helping Fangsi and they were just silenced by Director Ou as always.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.21.00

Xiangnan rants to Haoran about Tang’s treatment to her. Her new game plan: find all the dirt and scandals of Tang so that it would be easier for them to break up and since it’s Tang’s reputation at risk instead of hers.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.23.39Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.23.42

Stalker Tang continues all the way to Fangsi’s lunch break and steals her instant cup noodles haha! He told her about what he and Haoran talked about which were all good things about Fangsi.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.23.46Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.24.51

Fangsi told Tang that Haoran wouldn’t talk about her like that.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.27.43

Xiangnan’s assistant tried digging up Tang’s secrets but he wasn’t able to find anything which made Xiangnan very frustrated.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.29.51Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.30.08

Xiangnan goes to Kai Yue hotel for her regular rendezvous with Haoran. Just one question, why wasn’t she wearing a mask to disguise herself?! I could easily recognize her even if she was wearing a hat lol.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.30.18Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.30.45

Tang’s ever-loyal friend saw everything and he just had to call Tang to let him know about what he just saw.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.31.05Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.31.32

Tang definitely didn’t believe his friend at first but he eventually did and threw his phone (iPhone 6!!!) on the wall. Here comes our fired up male lead uh-oh…

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.32.22

Since Xiangnan’s assistant couldn’t help her regarding the investigation on Tang, she’s been forcing Haoran to help her in which he didn’t agree to so she left his room out of anger. Little did she know that she would meet someone downstairs…

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.33.05Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.33.43

The puzzle pieces seem to fit together now. Tang realized that the bracelet that Haoran accidentally left when he was helping Fangsi fix a flat tire was for Xiangnan all this time.


Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.03.13Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.03.34

We start off from where we left, here comes the drama! Lots and lots of drama. Kudos to Viola for playing her intense emotional scenes as Xiangnan really well.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.07.25Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.07.57

And so Xiangnan blurted out a fact that Tang never knew before! She told him that it was her mom who forced them to break up.Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.09.11Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.10.30

It reminded Tang of his fate with Fangsi years ago. Flashback to Tang’s dad forcing Tang to leave the country since Fangsi didn’t want to see him again anyway after selling her shop.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.13.36Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.13.57

She told him that she was already planning to end things with him earlier but she just wasn’t able to do it. Tang’s already fine with her decision with just one condition, she should do it sooner, the better.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.15.36

Haoran is relieved to know that Tang didn’t do anything harmful or threatening to Xiangnan so yay for them being happily reunited!

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.19.00

Tang suddenly disappeared at the most important time of the company because they need to have lots of documents to be signed for his approval.  Fangsi then decided to look for him because no one else could be responsible for the documents but Tang. She first went to his house but he wasn’t there. So she Googled (it’s Baidu in China actually haha!) the list of racquetball centers in the city and immediately found him…

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.20.11Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.20.27

She poked one of his tires in order to take revenge on him for being such an irresponsible director of the company.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.22.29

Xiangnan’s worried that she might lose her job as the face of Don Juan since she already broke up with Tang. Haoran said that he’ll be a poor gang leader if he also ends up not working. They’re just really enjoying their sweet moments with each other 😉

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.24.12

Fangsi ripped her blouse after all the hassle of finding Tang. He accompanies her to their shop and replaces her blouse with this dress. He even had her blouse fixed and had someone get medicine for her…

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.25.50

He then apologizes to her for being immature and irresponsible with his actions just because he was in a bad mood.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.25.59

He thanked her and even held her which ended up to be an awkward moment for them.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.26.17

This is what he said in his mind after Fangsi left (*my heart is melting*).Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.30.44Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.32.16

Xiangnan calls Tang to meet up with her and they vowed to have a peaceful break-up.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.32.31

I never expected for these scenes to be so emotional maybe because I thought Tang and Xiangnan’s relationship wasn’t centered on their love for each other since they’re both still in love with their exes. I guess I was wrong and Jerry as Tang and Viola as Xiangnan just nailed these bittersweet scenes!

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.35.51

News is out that Xiangnan and Tang’s wedding has been delayed so people have been gossiping about Fangsi being the reason for it. And of course our girl wouldn’t mind about such a trivial thing!

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.37.31

Xiangnan continues to work for Don Juan and Haoran visited her for business purposes (*wink*).

Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.41.00Screenshot 2015-08-25 00.41.57

Tang obviously still cares for her beloved ex-girlfriend… Oh Tang, you’re definitely one of the candidates to becoming the Best Ex-Boyfriend! HAHA.

My thoughts in a nutshell:

  • Feelings can be so confusing. We thought that Xiangnan was already prepared to quickly end things with Tang so that she could be with Haoran but lack of courage and the power of jealousy were able to stop her.
  • In the end, she suffered more when it was Tang himself who caught her having an affair.
  • I’ve always thought that Tang never cared about Xiangnan but it broke my heart too when he was crying when they decided to meet for a peaceful and formal break-up.
  • I just love that Fangsi doesn’t care much about her annoying colleagues who do nothing but gossip about her and also her ability to deal with bitches like Xiangnan and Weya. Haha!

2 thoughts on “[Recap of Episodes 11 & 12] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

  1. Jane

    Hi tnx for the recap. Enjoyed reading your recaps. I’m addicted to this new series and to the instrumental sound track. Do you the titles? Btw Jerry and Maggi bickering are not enough for me. I want more cute and loving scenes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Not sure about the English titles but if you search their Chinese titles on Youtube or on the web, they’ll definitely appear! Here’s one of the insert songs: 如果時光倒流 then here’s the opening song: 期待你的爱. Hopefully we can find the instrumental tracks soon. Hope it helps! Thank you so much for reading! Hope you can continue reading my following ones 😀



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