Blog Knick Knacks: New Headers


Header_Yang Yang_950x200pixel

Drop by for a preview and tell me how do they look!

The previous headers have been in use since I first created the blog. I’ve been wanting to change them for a long while but it was not on the top of my priority list (as compared to actually blogging…) and I never found the time  to do it.

These are the old headers. Quite cringeworthy indeed…. I guess I used to like contrasting, bright, loud colours. If anyone is curious, the main reason that motivated this change is because whenever I browse my own site at my workplace, I feel extremely awkward. It’s as if the bright colours will catch the attention of everyone around me and expose the fact that I’m skiving (….I’m just taking a break!)

The new headers all have a lighter colour scheme which goes better with my white background.

Header_Kimi Qiao Ren Liang_3_950x200pixels

Firstly, Kimi Qiao. Pink because it was his favourite colour. Rest in peace, baby boy.

Header_Show Luo Zhi Xiang_1_950x200pixels

Next, Show Luo. My love. He’s obviously going to be here.

Header_JERRY YAN_3_950x200pixels.jpg

And since I have Show, I can’t leave Marian’s Jerry Yan out. I like him as well and it was upsetting to hear that there were people flaming him on Weibo recently. Just look at that charming man! Support.

Header_Bai Jing Ting_950x200pixel

The next three are the up and coming ‘xiao xian rou’ (小鲜肉, translated: young, fresh meat). Firstly, Bai Jingting. From Back In Time to Whirlwind Girl to Rush to the Dead Summer. Absolutely gorgeous, lovable and increasingly talented.

Header_Chen Xue Dong_950x200pixels

Next, Chen Xuedong. Unlike Xiao Gui, Alien Huang Hong Sheng (sorry but I haven’t been watching much of Entertainment 101% nowadays…) and Zhang Han (ever since his break up with Zheng Shuang, I can’t see him in the same light anymore. But he just registered his marriage with Guli Nazha recently. So, congratulations and may the two be loving & blissful!) who lost their spot in my header, Xuedong remains. This is definitely related to the fact that I’m watching Rush to the Dead Summer recently which stars him as the male lead.

Header_Yang Yang_950x200pixel

Last but not least, Yang Yang. I’m not a crazy Yang Yang fan, really. But I can’t help but swoon when I see him. Especially when I was googling for photos to use as the header. Practically drooling and giggling at this perfection. The fact that I just reread Just One Smile is Alluring might have played a huge part in his appearance here. The role, Xiao Nai (from Love O2O), is just too godly. And since Yang Yang played Xiao Nai, my brain is convinced he’s godly too.

And that’s it. I’m pretty satisfied with my new headers. Maybe I’ll change the Bai Jingting one with a better photo. I took some delicious screenshots of him from Rush to the Dead Summer but it’s in another computer that doesn’t have photoshop. Even though I love melancholic Jingting, I would prefer a happy, sunshine photo for my header.

Alright. This is really the end. Leave a comment to tell me how you find the new headers 🙂

3 thoughts on “Blog Knick Knacks: New Headers

  1. dramarian

    can’t believe I just checked our blog now! thank you for the headers (especially Jerry’s hihi). They look amazing and even better! Sorry that I haven’t been blogging lately 😦 my drafts are collecting dust already lol

    Thank you again! ❤

    P.S. Zhang Han registered marriage already?!! ohmygosh T_T

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dramarian

    haha! real life just gets in the way a lot 😩 how did they announce it though? ’cause I’ve been stalking him on Twitter and I didn’t see any post about it lol



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