Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 36 Review


This Zhuang jie expression will always be accurate for this drama!

Yes, you saw that clearly! The most awesome sister in dramaland is back to make things even more interesting. Week 6 is really on a roll because this is already the 4th episode for that week and I have yet to see a badly done episode (never please!). This adds to my favorite episodes list and you will definitely find out why in this recap!


Both of them couldn’t sleep just thinking about each other.

I loved this shot because it looked like it came from another drama with these two actors still leading it (I know DyShen shippers would like that to happen!).


Aaahh this was just so cute in so many levels. That grin just showed how he wasn’t listening to her and he was willing to hug her for a hundred times.


And so they did! The drama just had to cut it but we could just all imagine how they hugged for 100 times 😉


Shancai woke up and unconsciously cooked 2 eggs. She said that she just knew that she should be taking care of Dao Ming Si especially now that he has entered her world. Sadly, we didn’t see any scene of them eating breakfast together since he left the house really early.

Ximen and Meizuo were shocked to see Dao Ming Si’s new place. He said sarcastically that he loved living there with a lot of bugs and cockroaches.


Who are you kidding… It’s totally in his character to do everything for you 😥


Dao Ming Si told his friends that they don’t get his concept of a relationship or love. He said that Shancai is a weed, not a cockroach, but she’s his little white pig. Uhm what? Haha! Nobody really got his point but we still accepted his logic because there’s no real logic in love anyway.


Just in case you’re still not aware… Well, yes, Ximen.

Meizuo told Ximen that he would be dead to Shancai if he’s only going to play with Xiaoyou.


We’re happy that he is because you have only been the person that’s been on his mind as early as episode 2 of this drama?!

Shancai was pretty bummed that Dao Ming Si wasn’t home yet.


Shancai saw Dao Ming Si battling with insects using a fly swatter. I loved his acting there! I need a GIF of him trying to kill the flies. LOL.

Dao Ming Si was complaining about how uncomfortable the house was. She told him that he should just go home and not do these things anymore. He told her that he’s the one who gets to decide.


This may have hurt Dao Ming Si but I think it also hurt Shancai that’s why she had to say it. She also feels burdened that Dao Ming Si is doing all these things for her.


When she said this, I wanted to strangle her. You just cannot easily say that your relationship will not have a happy ending!!!


So Shancai kept going on and on with her issue of Dao Ming Si entering her world. I loved how he wasn’t really talking and arguing with her. If it were the old him, they would have bickered endlessly and he might have stormed off already. But no, this is Dao Ming Si 2.0, he has become more matured ever since he went into this relationship with her.


See, that’s what he just said. He was still smiling even though Shancai was trying to reject him again from her life. Aaahh my heart!


*tears up*. So Shancai was just so embarrassed to have learned this. After getting mad at him and all, he was actually risking everything (his family, safety, etc.) just to keep her safe.


*Squeals*. Oh Shancai, you keep making your mommas proud! Keep it up!


Who would’ve thought that our Dao Ming Si would be so nervous that the girl of his dreams is sleeping beside him? As Shancai said, it’s not like it’s their first time to do this.


Dao Ming Si lovingly stares at her face and Shancai asked him why. He doesn’t even need to give any reasons!


Aww they totally looked like a young married couple here! *heart eyes*.


I hate how Shancai tends to ruin the mood. She was talking about their future and as much as we appreciate that, can’t you just cuddle up with your man first?! HAHA. He does not even want to think about it yet.


*squeals*. Just do it!


This was scene was precious. He was laughing at her for being able to sleep right away and that she didn’t care if he would lose his control. Aaaahh thank you China for not censoring these thoughts 😉 HAHA.


Everyone’s favorite sister is back!!! She got mad after finding out that her mom is trying to do the same thing that she did to her with Ah Si.


So she and Yu Sao pretended that they were talking to Ah Si in his room. Oh how I love these two amazing women in Ah Si’s life!


Evil mom’s bodyguards were just too quick to catch their whereabouts! Dao Ming Si definitely had a better idea.


Survival tips from Dao Ming Si. Take note of this because who knows when this knowledge might come in handy!


Yesss!!! I remember this in the 2001 drama. I’m not sure if this version will be having the same scene of the F3 trying to rescue Ah Si. I really hope that they do because it was an epic moment and they need to recreate that.


A fist bump to signify their team work!




They were talking about such a serious matter in this position… WHY HAHAHA

He asked Shancai if she was willing to stick with him despite all the hardships of sneaking around, being bullied, and all.


Aww it really sucks for Shancai too. She told him that it’s not like she did anything wrong but all she has to do is to keep sneaking around.


AAAHHHH a kiss on the bed!!! We only got this in the season 2 of the original Meteor Garden. This version was restricted by China’s regulations but at least we still got it even if it only lasted a few seconds because…


Zhuang jie accidentally interrupted their moment… HAHAHA! What was even worse was that he thought Dao Ming Si was just forcing Shancai to do it with him LOL. I can’t even. Such an epic sister!


Zhuang jie was so happy to hear it first from Shancai. She’s so happy that she has made up her mind in wanting to be with her brother.


DAO MING SI, EVERYONE. *slow claps with standing ovation*. Tell me, where can we get someone like him at this modern age?


And so after giving her sisterly advice, she left so they could continue what they were supposed to do *wink wink*.


Dao Ming Si shamelessly asked Shancai when they can do it…


He was disappointed to hear “five years” coming out of Shancai’s mouth. Oh boy, sorry that you have to wait that long haha!


He agreed to her because he could never really say no to Shancai. *Sighs*. Let us protect Dao Ming Si at all costs! A true gentleman despite his childishness. Shancai realized that he has a lot of sides to him. I believe that she does not only have to accept his different sides, but also love them the way that Dao Ming Si loves all of her too.

In a nutshell,

  • This episode had me giggling in front of my laptop screen like crazy! It was also somehow depressing because it got me thinking how someone like Dao Ming Si is just too good to be true… *Sighs*.
  • So the drama could actually achieve having perfect episodes without having to throw in an unnecessary character randomly… Ugh fine, I already kind of forgave them for wasting 7 episodes dedicated to that character (OMG 7?!!) HAHA. What I was just trying to say was that, they could have given all the attention to our main leads like what they were doing in these recent episodes but they just chose not to at that time *facepalm*. OKAY, MOVING ON.
  • As I was saying, this episode was flawless! It was full of Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s fluffiness that it reminded me of my favorite fluffy C-dramas,”Boss and Me” and “A Love So Beautiful”. Who would have thought that I could ever compare this couple with the couples in the drama that I just mentioned, right?!
  • If there’s any advantage of this version that I could easily point out, it would be the youthfulness of our main OTP. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I actually can’t imagine all the other couples from the different versions of HYD to act how Shen Yue and Dylan Wang did in these scenes. They were just so innocent (but not totally as you have seen from them 😉 and just wanted to fight against all odds for their love.
  • Like Shancai said, we know that they might not have a happy ending (as much as we all wish to) but we just can’t stop wishing for both of them to keep being happy. I don’t think this version would be too evil to deprive us of it to be honest. So let’s also keep being happy while our precious couple is happily loving each other.

21 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 36 Review

  1. Ellie

    Dui! This version just nailed fluffy subtle romances for me!

    1. I realized that of all Lei/Rui characters, Darren Chen has the most endearing acting. Although I grew up being Vic’s fan, I somehow find his acting stiff now. Lol peace y’all. Maybe we can blame it on his character and the scriptwriter. Just look at Darren’s eyes and pouty lips, I hope I’m not the jiejie waaahhh!

    2. I appreciate Shen Yue’s “one-tearfall-acting” (ok I just made up that term lol). I think she is more effective with sad-bittersweet-no heavy crying in the rain scenes. Also she can do cute scenes with those expressive dewy-eyes.

    3. Ok I admit I’m a fan of Dylan Wang only after ep 4 and after stalking his journals on weibo. I think his BG fit him as a troubled child who needs love– just like Ah Si. But who am I to psychoanalyze his posts and his expression of Dao Ming Si? Haha! I just hope he’ll be acting a multiple-personality role.

    4. Dropping the name of Caina here coz I just can lol. Kidding aside, I think paralleling Mei Zuo’s love life during the breakup was refreshing because some love was sprouting among F4. Although I’m still team Wanness, I think Connor developed the character from playful to mature. Just remember that he learned a lot ’bout love and share tips to Ximen 😉

    5. I was bummed at first with Caesar’s Ximen because he was less cheerful and more like a father to F3. But somehow I appreciated his portrayal especially him being conflicted with his past love life and him foreseeing his potential lover, Xiaoyou. His character made him look mature and serious but IRL, he is funny and young-looking. Look out for his interviews and BTS!

    P.S. Love your recaps btw. I hope you continue doing them! I just dropped by because last week’s eps were heaven. This week’s aren’t coz of the heartbreaking arcs. Haha spoiler mode (but wait, we already know what will happen *wink wink*).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Gotta love the fluffy subtle romances!

      1. I’ve always loved Vic and his role as Lei but I also think that Darren’s Lei could even surpass him. Who would’ve thought, right? To be fair, it was Vic’s first ever role while Darren already had experience. Haha! It’s still okay even if you’re the jiejie 😉

      2. Yes! Her eyes are so expressive and are really made for acting. Girl is so talented!

      3. Same here. I actually don’t know when I became a fan of his but it wasn’t only his role that has captivated me, but also his personality in variety shows and interviews. Boy’s got an amazing personality! Even though he’s also childish and playful like Dao Ming Si, he can be very deep and mature when he needs to be. Yes, I could imagine him being in a psycho role or somewhat similar to Wallace Huo in “Love Me If You Dare” (if you checked that out haha)

      4. Omg noooo haha! Kidding. Meizuo is one character that I just don’t really have any feelings for. Although I appreciate his character development because we never really saw that in any of the other adaptations. As much as I love Van Ness, I only took notice of him in “Autumn’s Concerto”. I never cared about him as Meizuo as well too lol

      5. We have the same sentiments. I never really cared about him too and quite bummed that he was always serious and being the “mature” one. I just recently started appreciating not only his role, but also Caesar in real life too. He seems to be the closest with Dylan because of their similar personalities and interests.

      Aww thank you very much! I will write recaps for this drama until the very end and it’s because of you guys too 🙂 Even though we all know what’s going to happen, I still tried to avoid the spoilers on Twitter just because I hate spoilers haha!


  2. le_magster

    That first picture of 小s saying 姐高兴得都要哭了 needs to be a WeChat sticker!
    Loved the fluff in this episode. I’m so over melodramatic plotlines… Gimme more stories like “Boss and Me” and “A Love So Beautiful” please hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Yes, it does! It’s so applicable in many situations lol the amount of fluffiness in this episode was just lovely. We need more fluffy dramas like those two!


  3. itstwons

    This episode is honestly one of the best and one of my ultimate favorites! I was giggling and squealing so much, ugh, I love this show. I can’t believe I re-watched this ep like 5 times today. Heh.

    Everything you said in your recap was spot on. It was just fluffiness and cuteness overload! I wanna hug them both for lifting my spirits up. AND DAO MING ZHUANG. HILARIOUS. MY GOD. I LOVE HER. THE PRESIDENT OF AH SI X SHAN CAI FANCLUB. YOUR SCREENCAP WAS MAJOR FEELS.

    Giddiness aside, having watched the other versions, I guess what I really appreciate most about this one is how much effort it has put into developing the relationships and backstories of the characters. I re-watched the first few episodes right after watching this ep, and wow, how the times have changed.

    I really love how we get a glimpse of what Shan Cai and Ah Si are thinking! Gah, so adorbs. Another thing I loved about this is how Shan Cai is slowly opening up to Ah Si. A few episodes ago, she had been trying to keep everything to herself; I’m glad that by now she realized that it’s okay to let people in, and it’s okay to accept help as long as you don’t rely too heavily on anyone. It’s such a positive message huhu, proud of this girl.

    I also love how mature Ah Si got. I mean, he’s been looking out for Shan Cai for a long time now, but I think he’s starting to consider her feelings, too. He’s slowly learning to follow boundaries, esp. when Shan Cai just isn’t ready yet. I really love how he’s so patient with her! Gosh, can we all get a Dao Ming Si, please?

    (I’m so sorry, I’m just rambling right now, I love them so much)

    The worst thing about about watching a week’s worth of fluffiness is knowing about the looming drama and heartbreak that is just around the corner. With a little more than 10 episodes left, I am so not ready to say good-bye to MG 2018 yet. 😦

    Brb, gonna re-watch. Again. Ha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Right? I’d definitely rewatch this episode when I have more time too. I think 31-36 is really the best batch of episodes. So much goodness!

      “I’m so happy I’m gonna cry”. I could tell them the same too haha! Even Dao Ming Zhuang in real life ships the two of them in real life. What an amazing fan club president HAHAHA.

      I think it’s this drama’s advantage of having more episodes and “correcting” what the previous adaptations have done wrong or finding something they could turn into perfection. Glad they didn’t put these advantages to waste for the most part.

      We got so used to knowing what’s inside Shancai’s head that finding out what goes on inside Dao Ming Si’s head was truly refreshing. Aww that’s a nice detail that you’re pointing out! I agree with everything that you said. She has really slowly warmed up to having someone to share her burdens and happiness with in Dao Ming Si. Way to go for our girl!

      I love how he’s becoming more and more mature. He didn’t just care about his own feelings and started realizing that a love relationship must be always going in a 2-way direction. We all need a Dao Ming Si *sighs*.


    2. dramarian Post author

      I accidentally pressed enter in my previous reply to you when I wasn’t even done yet haha! And now I couldn’t edit it lol oh well, might as well continue here. Please don’t say sorry! This is a free space for everyone to release their feels about the drama 😉

      Yup, it’s really the calm before the storm *hides under the blanket*. I don’t think anyone’s ready yet although what we’re all ready for… a rewatch! HAHA


  4. Fatdrama LP

    Can’t express how much I love this episode!! It’s everything I wanted the remake to be & this episode delivered in spades. We have cuteness overload & the way our OTP looks at each other… be still my heart be still 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Zaza

    Xie xie ni so much, Dramarian, for all the wonderful Meteor Garden recaps that I’ve been following on your site! 😀 Absolutely adore this timeless romance between DMS & Shancai. Dylan Wang is a complete stunner in looks and presence – talk about wow factor & charisma! – and a very talented actor who will go far. So nice to see the screen shots & share the feels within this fun MG community of fans! 🙂 Delighted with how much cuteness, plus sweetness, with just enough spicy edge to this episode and recent ones, that I’m amazed my online streaming service doesn’t blow up from all the re-watches I’ve done, lol. Cheers and thanks once more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Bie keqi! 🙂 thank you so much too for following us even up to this episode! He is just amazing. He was born for this role! I admire you for your intense rewatching capabilities haha! Thank you again too and will see you around!


  6. Cris

    You’re the best reviewer. I’m so happy to find you in Google. I have read ep 1-39 reviews but I cant find the next after that. You’re good with words and you describe each feelings as if they are your own. I’m a 37 years old falling in love again with these bunch of kids. Your webpage is a pot of gold for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww this has really touched my heart 😦 I just published episode 40 now. So happy that you found my reviews and that I found you too! Age doesn’t matter for dramas and falling in love 😉 hope to see you more often in our other posts!



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