Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 26 Review


This is my kind of bed scene…

This episode came out unusually late with English subtitles. Despite the presence of she-who-must-not-be-named (Caina for beginners), this was still an enjoyable episode and it was worth the wait. Find out why in this recap!

Author’s note: I will not recap any Caina scenes in any of my upcoming posts unless it has something to do with our precious leads. Do I need to explain why? I guess not.


Dao Ming Si was worried sick about Shancai being in their house when his mom just came back. Be prepared for the most sizzling bed scene that you will ever see in this drama.


HAHA! I cannot wait to watch the behind-the-scenes clips of these scenes. I wonder how many takes it took for Dylan and Darren to stare into each other’s eyes without cracking.


We have to give all the awards to Lei for being such a patient friend. He was already ruining his favorite hobby by making him adjust so many times and to think that it was his bedroom. Haha! Poor Lei.


Problem solved!


Remember the plan that Yu Sao was proposing to Shancai in the previous episode? Well, this was it! Ugh why didn’t we think of that, Yu Sao? So wise and practical of you.


I loved how I was about to frown when Dao Ming Si was dragging Shancai out…


but I ended up smiling when he took her out to her favorite cafe!


This should be the equivalent of 2001 Shancai and Dao Ming Si date in P.S. Bubu (cute themed cafe with cars in it). I shall look for this place when I go to Shanghai in a few months!


Dao Ming Si was serious all throughout their date because he badly wanted to know what his mother did to Shancai. She kept avoiding the topic until…


I honestly thought that he wanted to move out so he could just elope with Shancai… HAHA!


*keeps eating her cupcakes*


They played in an arcade, guys! Such an ordinary thing to do for a couple but I loved it so much. It was funny how Shancai was able to punch really hard because she was just thinking of Dao Ming Si’s mom to gain motivation. Haha!


I loved how Dao Ming Si still got to see through Shancai and insisted about what happened between her and his mom. It suddenly reminded me of Xu Taiyu (played by Darren Wang) in the famous TW movie, “Our Times”. If a girl says, “I’m fine”, it means she’s not fine.


I loved this scene of them just walking in the park too! HUHU. Shancai was basically telling her superwoman story. She has been working in the Dao Ming mansion for quite some time now while her parents are in a fishing village.


Dao Ming Si told her that it was ridiculous. He said that he is not the type to fall for a delicate kind of girl.


She was petting him like a dog. I can’t.




Superwoman Shancai does not like making others worry about her.


2001 Dao Ming Si said this too! I love it.



I feel like this was even sweeter compared to how 2001 Shancai did it to Dao Ming Si. This kiss lasted longer than the former.


Another cute moment of F4 just being in class. Dao Ming Si is just in his own world.


Loved this scene so much. This was coming from someone who is only growing up now… HAHA!


Meizuo and Ximen were surprised to hear the word “relationship” coming out from Ah Si’s mouth. He’s all grown up, you guys!


I agree, Ah Si. It’s better to keep it and enjoy it in your world first!


Dao Ming Si is us whenever she-who-must-not-be-named is being mentioned or has appeared into the show. WE DON’T CARE.


Meizuo is sharing his love problems with his brothers. This is how our Ah Si will deal with it…


It was so cute how they all disagreed with Ah Si. HAHA! Don’t worry, Ah Si! I will support you in beating that guy up so him and the girl could leave this drama forever…


This is an adult love philosophy strategy according to Ximen? But then again, it was Lei who seemed to have made sense again out of all of them.


This is me when no one agrees with me… HAHA!


Shancai reflecting about her kiss on the rooftop. I was already slowly smiling when I saw Lei coming out of nowhere to eavesdrop on her monologue.


He asked her if she and Ah Si kissed.


Oh come on, Lei. Why must you be like this?!! Just when I was falling for Dao Ming Si, you’re trying to pull me back again!


She said that it was nothing special, that it was as common as how someone would greet “Merry Christmas” to another person. I volunteer as tribute in giving you that “Christmas wish”, Lei!


Cruella De Ville is back in town! Hua Ze Lei warned Shancai that whatever an ordinary person has accomplished in years, Dao Ming Feng can easily do it in just 15 minutes. It only means that her friends (Qinghe and Xiaoyou) whose parents have business deals with their company will have a life of hell. She cannot attack Shancai further more so she would rather target her weaknesses first — her friends. This also happened in the original drama. It’s sad that we’re ending this episode on such a grim note but trust me, it will get better.

In a nutshell,

  • I expected a lot worse than what this episode had delivered. I guess people were just too fed up with the Meizuo-Caina-Terrence nonsense that it has clouded their judgment already. I don’t blame them because it was just too unfair for all of us as fans.
  • For most dramas, the love stories are only exciting when the male lead is pursuing the female lead or vice-versa. Once they become a couple, it would get boring sometimes with the usual hangouts and bickering. For Meteor Garden or any Hana Yori Dango drama adaptation, I still get to enjoy the little things like Dao Ming Si andd Shancai just eating at her favorite cafe, playing arcade games, etc. It makes them so relatable and not just some typical fairy tale kind of drama couple. Another factor could be that we could already see that their happy moments in love will just eventually go downhill. It’s sad but true and that is why we make sure to enjoy such precious moments that happened in this episode.
  • I also want to thank Shancai for being so unselfish and considerate. She was actually very lovable in this episode. Aside from her kissing Dao Ming Si first (which was a huge highlight of this episode), she did not want him to rebel. Despite knowing his reason, she still acknowledged his pure intentions and did not let them go to waste by thanking him with a kiss. *Sighs*. Now that’s our girl!
  • I heard that the fifth week’s episodes are not as exciting and nice as everyone expected it to be. Oh well, we will see!

So what did you think about this episode?


6 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 26 Review

  1. Mei

    Okay my comment will be about Caina haha. Do you notice anything funny about her eyes whenever she looks down? She either got terrible eyelid surgery or the makeup is off. I’ve been watching the last few episodes trying to figure out what it is bc it bugs me!
    Other than that I loved this epi 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Haha! I noticed it too! It could be that her eyes are asymmetrical too (I have the same eyes lol). So the makeup tried to cover it but it looked like it failed. Glad that you liked this episode!


  2. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    So happy to read your recaps — they’re finally here — yipee!
    I also find this episode sweet & cute, although it signaled the entry of “she who must not be named”. I admit I cracked up when you called her that =)
    I rewatched Dms and Lei’s ‘bed scene” and I can’t help but laugh when I see how considerate Lei is behaving despite Dms’ demands. I also believe that one of the highlights of this show is how it explores Dms and Lei’s friendship. I think this version showed more of their relationship than the original and even the Korean version’s, which is why I’m enjoying it the most. It also helps that the BTS I’ve seen really looks like their friendship is carried on even behind the cameras. Dylan is really the naughty, playful person that he is and the rest usually fall victim to his pranks on the set.
    And who could forget our otp’s date and first Shan cai initiated kiss?? Although I kinda hoped Dms would show a hint of a smile after that (and Dylan’s really good in doing that!), apart from looking confused and surprised.
    By the way, has anyone noticed how Dms’ earrings appeared on and off during their entire date? Notice how his earrings come and go starting from their date in the cute cafe all the way until their kiss =)
    Again, thanks so much for your recaps. I truly enjoy the series more when I read your take on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello Dramamama! 🙂

      Aww thank you! I just recently realized that it’s too much of an effort to type that so I’ve been calling her with her real name haha! Best bed scene in this drama to be honest lol I agree with you, I love how they’re capitalizing on Lei and Ah Si’s bromance in this version. I also watched Dylan behind the scenes and I fell in love with his personality in real life too. I also hoped that he had a hint of smile too just like in the 2001 version. Jerry’s DMS’s reaction was the cutest then! Omg I never even noticed his earrings? Good observation haha!

      No problem and thank you so much too! That really touches my heart 🙂


  3. Cutes

    Hi Dramarian, I recently finished MG after randomly picking it off Netflix. I was really captured by this series and then found your blog. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts, especially because I never saw any other MG versions.

    As a detail-oriented person, I really appreciate how much though went into the subtleties of this show. As an example, the word choice to use “trump” in your screenshot above alludes to their playing bridge.

    Dramama mentioned Ah Si’s earrings. Yes, I noticed this too, and it’s not exclusive to this scene. Once I caught onto the trick, I looked for it more. It happens nearly episode, so I think it was a directing choice, not a mistake. My guess for the reason is that our eyes are naturally drawn toward movement and change. With all the quick cuts, I think we’re meant to notice Ah Si is wearing earrings and what they look like even more than if they didn’t change, disappear, and reappear.

    How did you find BTS information? Since I’m watching this so much later, do you know if there were any commentaries released for this with English subtitles? It’s probably wishful thinking. Actor and director commentaries are often released with DVDs for American movies, but even those probably aren’t translated.

    I plan to keep reading your blog. Thank you for putting it together. Are you still interested in comments on this show, or will they mostly get in the way of your current projects?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hi Cutes, thank you so much for dropping by! It always amazes me that people still find the time and effort to write lovely comments such as these 🙂

      It’s great that a drama like MG2018 suits a detail-oriented person like you! Tbh, I never really cared so much about those things. When people were pointing it out, I’ve always seen them as directing/editing bloopers.

      As for the BTS info, I’m lucky that many MG2018 fans are my friends on Twitter so they were all doing the work haha! You shouldn’t have a hard time finding some on YouTube 🙂 just let me know if you do and I’ll do my best to help you out!

      Aww thank you so much. Yes, comments are always welcome. Even when my oldest posts get comments here, I still make it a point to reply. Comments are very important for bloggers like us 🙂 so once again, thank you!



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