Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 25 Review


Dao Ming Si’s iconic line has been repeated in this episode for Shancai

This episode was a bit slow in terms of happenings but at least everything was still smooth-sailing even with the evil witch’s return. Seeing Dao Ming Si and Shancai act just like a regular couple was so refreshing to watch. Shall we start?


In true Gen Z style, it’s only official once you post it online or in any social media platform.


Dao Ming Si spoke intelligently in class with a lot of confidence that even the professor was all praises for him.


Someone is just beyond inspired!


Shancai confronted Dao Ming Si and asked why he changed his relationship status. Oh come on, Shancai! I would probably be smiling like an idiot if he changed his status right away for me. It was so touching how he defended himself, he said that the girl he has liked for a long time finally said yes so that should justify it already.


*Subtly looks at his rival*. Loved how Lei said “hey!’ in this scene haha!


Aww. I love how he acknowledges that his happiness is because of Shancai

Shancai apologizes to him but he said that she should just go on a date with him. *Sighs*. I really need a Dao Ming Si!


Our precious babies talking about the future!


He told her that he will be going to London for his family’s business. I loved how Shancai was so open about her feelings in this scene. She told him that she will definitely be sad since it will be hard for her to see him.


She was surprised to learn that begging him would easily make him change his mind. However, she told him that if he has to go, then he still should. Dao Ming Si was disappointed to hear that since he wants to beg her like this…


This was just so cute that I had to replay it right away!


Shancai was so happy to find out that Dao Ming Si will go to graduate school so they can graduate together. Ugh I am just so in love because they are so in love too!


Ximen was surprised to see that Shancai is still living in the Dao Ming mansion. Together with Lei, they warned Ah Si and Shancai again that once Dao Ming Feng finds out, she will make Shancai’s life a living hell. Shancai even forgot that she said so many harsh words to Dao Ming Si’s mom that she’s now scared for her life. Dao Ming Si told them that he can’t do anything because she’s his mom but he will still do anything to protect Shancai.


Look at them being an ordinary couple and even had a plan of running an errand together!


Dao Ming Feng is back! She still discovered Shancai hiding under the table and got surprised to see her in a maid uniform. Yu Sao was the real star of this episode when she gave all the reasons why Shancai shouldn’t leave the house.


It was not explicitly told in this version yet but just to pre-empt if ever they actually reveal how she destroyed her own daughter’s happiness, Zhuang jie married someone for business.


Not sure what the tears of Shancai were for but they must have been from her overwhelming emotions. Who wouldn’t be touched by what Yu Sao did to defend her from the evil mom, right?


Now this is some interesting information that we never got from any version (did they say this in BOF?) that I have watched. Shancai said that Dao Ming Si has mentioned a lot of times that his dad already passed away. In the 2001 drama, Dao Ming Si has only mentioned about his dad once. He said that his dad was busy working abroad when Shancai’s parents asked him mockingly where his dad was.


Then this drama gave us a flashback to Dao Ming Si’s past. Yu Sao said that the Dao Ming family has never been the same happy and warm people ever since Mr. Dao Ming left them. Dao Ming Si was such a problem child that no one could handle his temper at all.


Yu Sao kept persuading Shancai to stay because she has a great plan for her and Dao Ming Si. Oh yes, I really love you, Yu Sao!

In a nutshell,

  • *Skips and pretends that the Caina story line wasn’t happening*
  • We got a glimpse of the old Ah Si and knowing how he is now made everything so fulfilling for both the audience and Shancai.
  • Like I said before, Yu Sao is one underrated character. I just love this wise lady! I’m so glad that her authority has clearly been established even with the presence of Dao Ming Feng.
  • I cannot wait how her plan will unfold in the next episodes!
  • I know I have said this again and again but I just love how this version gives us flashbacks of our leads’ past lives. Most of their childhood flashbacks make sense and give us more understanding of the characters in the present.
  • Shancai and Dao Ming Si talking about the future truly melted my heart. I’m so happy that they’re happy!

What did you think about this episode?


24 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 25 Review

  1. Lan's Wanderings

    I agree with you about the deeper understanding of the leads through the flashbacks. I would psychologically analyzed why DMS is how he is and I loved this inclusion. Because besides environmental factors, a part of our behaviors and personalities are also genetics. So I’m happy to know that he definitively got his loving and warm side from his papa while the more domineering and rough around the edges side from his mother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you for sharing your insights! I’m a Psych graduate so I love your analysis 🙂 So glad we got to know Dao Ming Si more and we actually heard something about his dad.


  2. Will

    Hello, thank you so much Dramarian for your recaps on this series. I am Chinese but have not watch a drama in over 10 years. My wife is forcing me to watch this for netflix and I am gaining a lot of insight into the show from your recaps. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hi there! You’re welcome 🙂 thank you so much for dropping by too! Funny how out of all the dramas, your wife forced you to watch this one haha! Glad to be of help. Thank you to you too!


  3. le_magster

    LOL Dao Ming Si doing sajiao… amazing. Also – agreed with you on the childhood flashbacks. It adds a fresh element to the story and makes the characters’ personality quirks a little more realistic.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mei

    I love Yu Sao! Such a great character!! I also questioned what the heck was going on with the Caina storyline… it seems so out of the blue. I’m glad to see more Meizuo but the character development seems oddly placed.
    The scene where Shancai’s phone rings as she’s hiding under the table? Eeeks! Evil mom I wonder how she’ll play out. I hope they don’t humanize her at the end or have her repent… so common in TW dramas to have the villain do that, but it seems like the easy way out. Don’t tell me though!! 😉 Cant wait to keep watching!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Right? She’s so amazing! That Caina storyline is an example of a really bad drama filler ugh. Oh that was so scary! I was so scared for her haha! Okay, I won’t say anything 😉 same here!


  5. dramamama

    hi dramarian!

    thanks so much for all your recaps. reading them has made me want to rewatch certain scenes over and over again. i’m chinese so i can understand their conversations even without the subs but after reading your recaps, i sometimes discover that i miss certain details.

    i watched bof and in that drama, the father of gu jun pyo (the korean dms) was always referred to as having passed away in the first part of the drama. i won’t give out any more details because am not sure how this adaptation will handle (if they ever will) that issue.

    i also don’t like the caina storyline — like what’s going on?? i am happy that meizuo has a love interest but i don’t see the point in stretching out those scenes. i do hope they don’t dwell on this anymore.

    again, thanks for your wonderful recaps and screen caps. they are now an integral part of my meteor garden watching =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello dramamama! You’re welcome and thank you for dropping by! I envy you for understanding even without subs.

      Oh okay. Now I know! Thank you for the info.

      I don’t think anyone likes that storyline to be honest ugh. Sadly, it will still stretch out in the next episodes huhu

      Aww thank you very much! It really makes my day whenever I read comments like these. It makes me more motivated to write these recaps!


  6. anamarie

    Hi dramarian,

    Thank you for the great recap and for skipping the unnecessary character. I watched the raw episodes after your last recap and skipped all the scenes with Caina. Hope not to see her again. Can’t wait for your next recaps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you to you too for coming here! Sadly, her appearance isn’t ending yet. It’s just plain annoying. I plan to ditch her scenes again in my next recaps! See you there 🙂


  7. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    I have been feeling so frustrated with the episodes this week. Aside from the fact that they dragged on and on and on about Caina and Mei Zuo’s story, the episodes seem like half of it is from the previous one’s. Now am not sure if I’m watching the full episode, or I have missed some more important scenes,

    Episodes also feel so blah without our 2 leads’ interactions. I want to see the angst, the confusion, the anger and eventually the realizations of these 2. Here’s hoping they give us better episodes next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello there! I have yet to start the episodes for this week. One thing’s for sure though, I won’t be recapping anything about it unless it has something to do with our beloved leads.

      Oh really? And I thought we would already see those emotions this week given that they have broken up already. I hope next week’s episodes will be better then too!


  8. the mad chatter

    Hello! I have finally watched this episode and wondered what was Meizou’s storyline if any in the original text at this point in the story. I agree with everyone. The Caina/Terrence tangent is so bizarre.
    Thank you for your reviews and comments. I enjoy them so much.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. dramamama

        Don’t worry, Dramarian, story will be back in full swing in episode 30 — meaning bye-bye to the Caina/Terence storyline already. Our couple plus Lei will get full screen time and hopefully some more squee time for all of us DMS-SC shippers.

        Looking forward to your recaps =)

        Liked by 1 person

  9. mooniechild

    I actually liked the Caina story line..the little triangle love there but poor meizuo was doomed from the beginning I really wished that he and caina would become a couple while that Terrence would just leave alone. Also the Zieman and xauoroe (spelling ..shancai best friend) was weird too but kinda liked that zieman got a girl. I kept hoping and hoping huaze lei would have found a girl too but ah well lei needs a girl! was neat how it was looking like quinghe and li zhen would end up together and even monkey ran into that Thomas and there were sparks. YAY monkey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      It’s cool that you actually liked the story line because I don’t know anyone else who does haha! Like what you said, I believe that her story line would have been more bearable if she ended up with Meizuo. Just to at least make her excessive appearances in the drama at least more relevant? Ximen and Xiaoyou’s story line was great for me only because he had such a heartwarming past with Xiaogeng. And yes, I wish Lei had found a girl, but at the same time, I would have a hard time approving the girl who he would end up with haha! Those were such interesting plot twists lol



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