[Eng Translation] Chapter 12: Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

High School! Away from the Wei Village, into the city.

Translation based on raw version. I am also reading as I translate. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

Chapter 12: Jiang Sheng, Brother Will Have a Way

Two years later, Liang Sheng and I were both accepted into a prestigious high school with our outstanding results.

Towards the high school fees, Mother did not say anything. She only gazed into the sky and mumbled, “The swallows are all back.”

The fifteen year old me looked at Liang Sheng, my eyes were filled with pain. I said, “Brother, you go to school. I won’t. I’ll support you.”

Liang Sheng patted my head, “Silly lass, Brother will have a way.”

That summer after our mid-year exams, every night was exceptionally stuffy. I couldn’t sleep and went to Liang Sheng’s door in the middle of the night. I shouted, “Brother.” Nobody answered. I carefully opened the door but did not see Liang Sheng. My heart ached, he must have went to the mine again.

Two months of labour had allowed Liang Sheng to save enough for our school fees. When we were packing our luggage, Liang Sheng insisted on bringing that pot of ginger plant that never flowered. Bei Xiaowu flew into our house like a missile, he said, “ Jiang Sheng, Liang Sheng, I, Bei Xiaowu, will be going to the same school as you two.”

I looked at him and smiled coldy, “Bei Xiaowu, that parvenu father of yours is indeed incredible. How much money did he smash to change you, this pumpkin, into a peony?”

Bei Xiaowu said, “Damn, Jiang Sheng. You are becoming prettier and prettier but your mouth is also becoming fouler and fouler! Seems like He Manhou’s butt had a great effect on you!”

And then Bei Xiaowu turned to Liang Sheng and said, “My dad will be driving me to school tomorrow, you two can come along.”

Liang Sheng nodded.

After Bei Xiaowu left, I told Liang Sheng, “That Bei Xiaowu is always like this. He wants to be the same as you for everything. But, look at him, can he?”

Liang Sheng said, “Why not? Didn’t his father strike it rich a couple of years ago?”

I stuck out my tongue and thought to myself, seems like even such a cool kid like Liang Sheng also thought that money can summon devils!

The next day, Bei Xiaowu and his father drove us to school. On that day, Bei Xiaowu was dressed as if he was an overseas Chinese. Standing together, his father looked more like his brother whereas Liang Sheng and I looked like the children that were abducted by this pair of brothers to sell.

After getting out of the car, I stood at the school entrance and felt as helpless as a strand of new born grass. Liang Sheng stood behind me and said, “The world is this big! Jiang Sheng, we must do well!”

Bei Xiaowu also came into our sight, “Yes, Jiang Sheng, you must do well! Seduce a good son-in-law back to our Wei Village.”

Liang Sheng looked at him coldly while I started chasing after Bei Xiaowu angrily. Bei Xiaowu covered his head and snuck away.

Our high school life began like this. But, I was very happy. Nobody would roll their eyes at Liang Sheng anymore. Nobody would say that he was an illegitimate son. From now on, he is just a innocent and worry-free pretty youth from this school.

Bei Xiaowu’s father accompanied us to pay the school fees, cleaned up our dorm and then brought us to a high class hotel for a scrumptious meal. He took up his wine glass and told Liang Sheng, “Liang Sheng, from now on, Uncle Bei will be your godfather. As long as you do well in school, and get into Tsinghua or Beida, your school fees in the future can be counted on me!”

I secretly told Bei Xiaowu, “See that? The real son is useless, so your dad is trying to fake one. He indeed is fickle. Hehe.” The fickleness I was referring to was the rumours that spread like crazy after Uncle Bei became rich. It was said that Uncle Bei had other women outside. Of course, this was spread by Bei Xiaowu’s mother while sobbing. Bei Xiaowu’s eyes revealed fierceness and his hands pinched my legs under the table. It was so painful that tears flooded my eyes but my upper body still had to be pretend to be graceful and continue smiling at the three of them.

Liang Sheng asked me, “Jiang Sheng, why did you cry?”

I quickly ate a piece of spicy chicken and said, “Nothing, too spicy.”

Uncle Bei continued talking, he pointed at me and told Liang Sheng, “Oh, and Jiang Sheng. From now on, Uncle Bei will settle both of your school fees and living expenses! In the future, if our Xiaowu has meat to eat, the two of you will not need to chew on bones!” After that, he turned to Bei Xiaowu and said, “Don’t tell your mother about this.”

Bei Xiaowu nodded and gave a sly smile, “Dad, don’t worry. There’s no mouth that cannot be silenced with money.”

Liang Sheng, did not call him godfather.

When Uncle Bei left, he left a bag to Liang Sheng. After opening, we realised it was the money Liang Sheng used to pay our school fees. After Bei Xiaowu’s father saw Liang Sheng take out the loose change that made up our fees, his heart tightened and used his own money to pay for us.

Liang Sheng stared at Bei Xiaowu’s father driving his car away, opened his mouth, but eventually never shouted out those two words.

Next chapter preview: Liang Sheng, Jiang Sheng and Bei Xiaowu went to a prestigious high school in the city. What would the first thing Liang Sheng do? Would Liang Sheng accept Uncle Bei’s help or would he choose to be independent? What kind of start to a story would that mysterious lady named Ning Jing bring about? When that girl called Xiao Jiu pierce into their life just like a dagger, what kind of challenge would the relationship between the three face? Please stay tuned for the exciting updates. The mystery will be revealed soon!

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Jiang Sheng’s lack of awareness is quite disturbing to me. Her teasing Bei Xiaowu is extremely thoughtless. As the sibling of Liang Sheng, she should know how annoying it is to face teasing as a result of family members. Her character is not gaining marks from me. On the same time, Liang Sheng’s pride is puzzling. I know he is a city boy at heart and have high standards for himself. But why would he be willing to acknowledge Jiang Sheng’s mother but not a godfather? Of course, we all know that his father has a very special place in Liang Sheng’s heart.

Also, do take note of the happenings in the background regarding the Wei Village / Xiaowu’s family. The author will continue touching on them briefly while telling the story happening in the city. I actually look forward to Xiao Jiu’s appearance. Now that I think about it, I like her character pretty much. I can only say the same thing as the author — stay tuned. We are finally starting our ride for real!


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