[Eng Translation] Chapter 9: Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

Liang Sheng’s love for Jiang Sheng.

Translation based on raw version. I am also reading as I translate. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

Chapter 9: The Jujube Trees at the Wei Village

The next day at school, Bei Xiaowu came to look for us.

The moment he stepped past the door, he smiled at me, “Damn! Jiang Sheng, your front teeth are not buried in He Manhou’s butt?”

I gave him a charming smile and revealed my clean and healthy little teeth. Bei Xiaowu couldn’t help but sigh in compliment, “Liang Sheng, look at your house Jiang Sheng, she has such a wonderful set of teeth. Damn! You can have such neat and good teeth even after sinking it into He Manhou’s buttocks? Unimaginable!”

Bei Xiaowu’s words made me nearly puke today’s breakfast out.

Liang Sheng said, “Bei Xiaowu, stop picking on Jiang Sheng all the time ah.”

Bei Xiaowu sneered coldly, “Your house Jiang Sheng is an impressive master, I heard He Manhou couldn’t sit on his buttocka the whole night. I don’t dare to mess with her, my buttocks didn’t offend me ah, I don’t want to find trouble for my buttocks!”

Those few days, Bei Xiaowu kept on me reminding me about the intimate relationship between my teeth and He Manhou’s buttocks. I was extremely annoyed. He said, “Jiang Sheng, don’t be angry. I’ll ask you a civilised question instead. The last one.” He said it with confidence and belief.

I bit a pencil while listening to him nag. I said, “Since it is a civilised question, go ahead and ask.”

Bei Xiaowu scratched his head, “Jiang Sheng, I have been wondering for a long time, your head was stuck to He Manhou’s buttocks for so long, did he not fart?”

I said, “Since you are so concernes about this, why don’t you connect your head to his buttocks to try it out?”

Who knew by afternoon, Bei Xiaowu’s head was stuck on the buttocks of one of our class boys. They were fighting over the few jujube trees on a small uneven land in the Wei Village.

The jujubes from those trees are rare delicious snacks for many of the children in the Wei Village. This might seem ludicrous to many, but we were indeed that poor at that time in that place. There were little jujubes and many children in the Wei Village. Such a situation where there are many monks and little porridge, or to be precise, many monks and nun (they are the monks and I am the nun) and little porridge tend to start wars. Girls might have a more special feeling towards little snacks. Hence, I told Bei Xiaowu, “I want those jujube trees, go and conquer it for me!”

Bei Xiaowu has always been a loyal friend. Hence, when there were rebellious protesters towards his act of hoarding the jujube trees for me, he launched a war without second thoughts. When his mouth bit on that boy’s buttock, he regretted. Because he forgot to understand the dietary habits of that boy.

After that incident, he did not eat for three days. Liang Sheng kept on consoling his hurt soul. I also comforted him, “Bei Xiaowu, choosing buttocks also requires knowledge. This time round, take it as you are donating your mouth for the country!” Actually, I also didn’t know why Bei Xiaowu was so unlucky. The boy who he bit happened to have an upset stomach on that day. After getting bitten by Bei Xiaowu, the pain agitated him and he could not control his body….

After keeping silence for three days, Bei Xiaowu suddenly ran to my yard, shouting, “Damn! Jiang Sheng, I finally figured it out, that rascal had actually ate osmanthus bun!”

Regarding the jujubes, the children of the Wei Village did not reach a concensus. Even the opinions of the Master Lord Liang Sheng was not graciously accepted. Even though they accepted it on the surface and promised to leave the jujubes for me, when Liang Sheng went to pick the jujubes, they are always green and unripe.

Finally, they reached a gentlemen agreement. The agreement was if Liang Sheng could carve my name on every branch of the jujube tree, they will mot touch any jujube. Obviously, this was inpossible. What they want is actually whoever picked the jujubes will get to eat it.

I looked at Liang Sheng. He frowned, I said, “Brother, don’t think about it. I don’t want to eat those jujubes anymore. So sour, not tasty at all!”

Liang Sheng patted my head, smiled, turned his head to them, and spoke with great conviction, “Alright, this shall be decided!”

In the afternoon, I went home with Bei Xiaowu. Liang Sheng’s whereabouts were unknown.

During dinnertime, Liang Sheng was still not seen. Father kept on pushing his wheelchair to the door to keep a look out. Mother asked softly, “Where is your brother?”

I shook my head, “I haven’t seen him for the whole afternoon.”

When the night turned dark, Liang Sheng came back. His arms was full of scratches. He hurriedly ate a few mouthful of rice, grabbed a torchlight and left again. I chased him to the door, “Brother, where are you going?”

Liang Sheng pulled a face, “Tomorrow, Brother have something good to show you!” After saying that, he left in a rush.

After awaking the next morning, Liang Sheng was still not around. Bei Xiaowu called me to go to school. I grabbed Liang Sheng’s bag and left. I told Bei Xiaowu, “We are finished, my brother is missing.”

Bei Xiaowu’s eyeballs moved for a long time, and dragged me to the land where the jujube trees were at.

The sun shone on the ground, on the green patch of land where the jujube trees were at, a handsome young man was curled up and sleeping. Dew had infiltrated his thin cotton top, wetting it. His soft hair was wet too. He had fell asleep from tiredness but there was a contented smile.

The torchlight and penknife were by his side. That soundly asleep youth, Liang Sheng, I stared at him blankly. My hands touched the many branches. On the brown branches were engraved, ‘Jiang Sheng’s jujube tree’

Every branch was like this!

Bei Xiaowu kicked Liang Sheng, “Damn, Jiang Sheng, my mother wasn’t wrong, your brother has indeed been cursed!”

Liang Sheng woke up, startled. When he saw me, he rubbed his eyes, “Jiang Sheng, from today onwards, these jujube trees will be yours.”

After that day, all the jujube trees in the Wei Village belonged to me. That bunch of greedy kids all became silly after seeing the clear carvings on each branch.

I kept on holding onto the injured arms of Liang Sheng, crying, “Liang Sheng, you are really silly.”

Liang Sheng said, “Brother cannot allow Jiang Sheng to eat sunny side ups and braised meat now, I can’t let you not be able to eat even jujubes as well ah!”

Bei Xiaowu said, “Exactly, Jiang Sheng, stop crying. You are originally ugly. Crying makes it worse.”

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