[Eng Translation] Chapter 4: Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

Novel by Le Xiao Mi, adapted into a drama starring Ma Tianyu, Sun Yi and Wallace Chung to be aired in Dec 2017.

Meet the new masterlord of the Wei Village!

Translation based on raw version. I am also reading as I translate. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

Chapter 4: Liang Sheng, I bit Bei Xiaowu

Half a year later, Father came back home from the hospital. His lower body was unable to move anymore, he was completely paralysed. His left arm was hung on his neck and his right arm had been amputated.


I found this new image very interesting and unknowingly smiled foolishly at this stranger, pulling a face. Liang Sheng gave me a death stare before plunging into Father’s lap and bursting into tears.


It was hard for me to understand such complicated relationships. I only knew subconsciously that our household is different from others.

Father could not speak clearly but he still acted like a boss, ordering Mother around. Even though Mother has hit me, I still love and rely on her. Hence, I hate this man who only know how to bathe in the sunlight in his wheelchair! Many times, when I play in the yard, I will try to throw pebbles at him when he doesn’t notice. Because I was afraid Liang Sheng would be unhappy, I had no choice but to stop.


The kind Mother always left the best food to Father and Liang Sheng. Liang Sheng is in charge of feeding Father. That was initially my job but once, Mother saw me stuffing rice into Father’s nostrils. After that, the task was passed onto Liang Sheng.


Mother had realised there is a hatred growing secretly inside my tiny chest. Actually, I also want to be a kind angel but Mother’s sufferings were like a poison. It made my angel wings disappear bit by bit.


Father always couldn’t bear to eat. He would tilt his head and leave all the good food to Liang Sheng. Then, Liang Sheng would secretly leave the good food for me. I asked him, “Brother, aren’t you hungry?”


Liang Sheng would answer, “Brother has eaten, just eat.”


After the battle with Bei Xiaowu, Liang Sheng became the new masterlord of the Wei Village. And me, I became the younger sister of the masterlord! My status was beneath one person but above thousands.


 The teeth marks on Bei Xiaowu’s face gradually subsided and we continued to catch insects in the underbrush together. To please Liang Sheng, Bei Xiaowu stole the jar used to store salt at home from his mother. He said it was for the masterlord to store crickets.


 I could see Liang Sheng liked the jar a lot. He went to the construction site to fill the jar with sand. Then, he placed a piece of raw ginger into it and quietly slipped the jar underneath the bed. I asked him, “Can crickets grow from this?”


 Liang Sheng said, “Foolish Jiang Sheng! Crickets are born by its cricket mother,  mother ginger can only reproduce ginger.”


 I said, “Oh, dogs are reproduced from its dog mother, cats are reproduced by its cat mother, then Liang Sheng must be born by Liang Sheng’s mother! But Liang Sheng, where is your mother?”


 Liang Sheng eyes were filled with sadness. His guileless black eyes became teary. Mother happened to pass by, she patted Liang Sheng’s head and said, “Jiang Sheng, listen up, both of you are my children.”


 I pouted and said, “Oh.”


 The jar Bei Xiaowu used to please Liang Sheng stirred up big troubles again.


 Bei Xiaowu’s mother realised that the jar used to store salt was missing when she was cooking. She caught Bei Xiaowu and gave him a good beating. Bei Xiaowu once again exemplified the villainous nature of children from the Wei Village. To cover his crime, he insisted that it was Liang Sheng who stole the jar when he came over to play.


 Hence, Bei Xiaowu’s mother dragged Bei Xiaowu to our house and exaggerated Liang Sheng’s crime by a hundred fold. That array was as though the 8-year old Liang Sheng attacked her entire family. I suddenly shivered and whispered, “Brother, Bei Xiaowu’s mother is here. I’m going to be your scapegoat again.”


 Liang Sheng probably forgot the vow he made about being crushed by the moon. He said, “Jiang Sheng, you have been eating so much of my braised meat and grew so much fats, getting a beating won’t hurt much.”


 I felt that Liang Sheng has been brought bad by the children in the Wei Village, he has became as villainous as them.


 Mother asked Liang Sheng, “Did you really stole their jar?” Liang Sheng shook his head innocently.


 Bei Xiaowu’s mother sped into our house and started searching. Eventually, she found the jar that was filled with sand under Liang Sheng’s bed. Hugging the jar as if it was her own son, she rushed out and started scolding Liang Sheng, “Indeed a bastard child! Such unclean hands since young.”


 I saw Liang Sheng’s face become red and his eyes were as though the depressed sea. I hated Bei Xiaowu from the core of my heart. I thought, since I would be the scapegoat eventually, I would be the one suffering the punishment, I might as well jump over to the evil side. I held onto Bei Xiaowu, wrestled him to the floor, hugged his face, and bit ruthlessly.


 Regardless of how the adults tried to pull us away, I refused to let go. Bei Xiaowu hurt so much that he didn’t even know how to cry anymore. Bei Xiaowu’s mother sat on the floor helplessly and cried out loud, “How did I meet a family of bandits like you!”


 Liang Sheng said, “Return the jar to me and I will get Jiang Sheng to release her bite.”


 Bei Xiaowu’s mother had no choice, she could only fiercely give the jar to Liang Sheng. Liang Sheng saw the the sand in the jar was not affected much and instructed me, “Alright Jiang Sheng, release!”


 In this moment, I became our neighbour’s huge yellow dog again.

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