[Recap of Episodes 7 & 8] C-drama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

More interactions with our main OTP, Li Tang and Fu Fangsi so read some more to relive such cute moments from episodes 7 and 8!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.34.24

Fangsi and Tang just being sweet and adorable in the past!


Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.17.02

Battle of Fangsi against Director Ou, the senior designing director of Don Juan. The director just tells Fangsi that she shouldn’t act like a big shot designer anymore because she’s only a regular employee in Tang Huang.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.19.18

Director Ou asked her to fix the sketch and match the right colors to it which Fangsi wasn’t willing to do. She said that it’s been a while since she saw a sketch this messy. She drew over the sketch making it look like a clown and made the director a laughing stock. Fangsi’s move definitely created chaos in the office so now Director Ou hates her more than anything in this world. Tang saw their catfight and told them to go back to work. He threatened Fangsi again with a contract termination if she doesn’t respect her co-workers in Tang Huang.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.30.35Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.31.11

Tang treats Fangsi just like his secretary that he would ask her to make coffee for him. Fangsi then ignores him and goes to the workstation to start working as a designer.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.35.05

Our hardworking heroine falls asleep and Tang sees her sleeping inside. This scene was just so cute because before entering the workstation, Tang made sure that no one else was watching him and entered the room. Then we have a dejavu flashback scene…

Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.33.51

Fangsi has always been hardworking ever since their college days. Even if Tang tells her to stop working, she doesn’t let anything stop her from working.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 15.37.00

Xiangnan tells Tang to come over to her restaurant for a meal. She wanted to ask him to invest on her restaurant now that business is doing great. Tang tells her that he’s so busy which is why they should just talk about it next time. I honestly feel bad for Xiangnan here!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.33.33

Xiangnan doesn’t get why Tang and Haoran are willing to spend so much effort and cash just to help Fangsi which made her so angry.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.34.10

As long as Fangsi’s in Tang Huang, Xiangnan promises to herself that she won’t let her live a good life.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.35.22

Haoran invites Fangsi to his bar and asks her what her mood is so she can concoct a drink for her.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.38.57

Tesiro’s owner/Tang’s good friend is concerned about Fangsi working under Tang Huang. He tells Tang to stop ignoring his fiancee and that he should always treasure her.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.44.46

Just like he promised, he showed up at Xiangnan’s photoshoot with a bouquet of flowers.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.45.18

Probably 1 out of 12345 Xiangnan’s ways to torture Fangsi: last-minute photoshoot location change. Fangsi was asked by Director Ou to head over to the old place and ended up being trapped inside.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.46.06

Also probably 1 out of 12345 Tang and Xiangnan’s PDA moments haha!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.47.07

Xiangnan told Tang that their photoshoot for Tang Huang was cancelled because Fangsi didn’t show up. Tang kept calling Fangsi but he couldn’t reach her because she was also calling Xiao Nai at the same time. She was already tempted to call Tang for help but her pride won’t let her do it.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.50.01

Haoran calls Fangsi and her voice was already breaking. He knew that she was sabotaged by Xiangnan again but he just ignored it. His friend believes that he still hasn’t moved on from Xiangnan which is why he just keeps covering up for her.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 16.50.14

I love it when C-entertainment does this in their dramas haha! I definitely won’t follow what Haoran said because I just have to keep watching dramas specifically this drama in order to write my recaps/reviews 😉


Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.17.38

Fangsi casually walks towards Tang and Xiangnan’s PDA but Tang asks her to stop. He asked why she suddenly disappeared when she was asked to bring the clothes to the photoshoot location. According to Tang, could it be because she wasn’t willing to deliver them as an assistant when she has always been a designer?

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.17.54

She tells him that he should stop acting because he surely knows what happened.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.21.05

Xiangnan tells Tang that it was probably hers and Director Ou’s fault for the last-minute location change. They came up with some lame excuses and Tang definitely knows that Fangsi wouldn’t do those things.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.54.38

Haoran and Fangsi meet and he tries to cheer her up. Tang was there to see their sweetness towards each other which brings us to some sweet flashback scenes…

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.56.01Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.56.41

Favorite moment: Fangsi asks Tang to sing a song for her. Then he asks her what song should he sing, she answered “I really really love you” aka “Wo shi zhen de zhen de hen ai ni”. One of Jerry Yan’s singles back in his F4 days. The F4/Jerry fan in me definitely grinned like an idiot haha! He didn’t sing it but sang another song about a breakup that isn’t too sad although I’m not sure if there’s an inside joke or if it was still one of his songs.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.57.38

Now we have the 2nd kissing scene shown in the drama! 1st from a flashback scene and 1st with Tang and Fangsi.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.57.06Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.57.09

More cute flashback scenes aka this is just me screencapping their cuteness as a couple!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.59.23

Back to the present time, Tang asks Fangsi why she isn’t with Haoran. I love his subtle jealousy!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.01.03

Start of my favorite scenes: Tang secretly watches Fangsi working in a hidden studio but he was easily caught because all the boxes fell haha!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.01.13

It turns out Fangsi wasn’t writing a resignation letter but a report addressed to Director Ou that she wants to join the project that the company is currently working on.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.02.16

But Tang said, if she doesn’t cooperate well then he wouldn’t let her work as a designer.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.03.42

Fangsi didn’t want him to read her report but he said that he would be the one who’ll sign it in the end. I just had to screencap this because it was just so funny!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.04.22

Fangsi didn’t want to play around with Tang anymore so she went out and closed all the lights and doors while Tang was still inside blabbering all by himself.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.05.36

*SQUEALS* Tang apparently has night blindness so he was basically destroying everything in that studio but Fangsi rushed back to help him.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.06.43Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.07.21

He said that he would’ve killed her because of what she did by shutting down all the lights and doors. Tang’s lines are just so screencap-worthy and I could just imagine randomly sending it to people through chat/messenger haha!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.08.15Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.09.30

Time for some annoying drama mom moments: Xiangnan thought there was a thief inside her house because of the chaos but the thief turned out to be her mom who lost in the stock market. She took away Xiangnan’s jewelry in order to pay for her losses and Haoran was just listening to their conversation this whole time. I pity Xiangnan so much!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.11.01Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.11.11

Flashback to Xiangnan and Haoran’s breakup scene: Her mom has always wanted her to break up with him just because he’s poor.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.12.47Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.13.59

Fiancee Tang to the rescue!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.16.14

Xiangnan asks about Tang’s villa’s renovation, he said that it’s almost done so Xiangnan told him that she wants to move in with him. In that way, her mom won’t be able to disturb her and since they’ll be getting married anyway. However, Tang didn’t agree because he still wants personal space. Of course Xiangnan didn’t believe this and knew that he wouldn’t say the same thing if she were Fangsi…

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.17.09

Tang didn’t want to talk about it so he left Xiangnan…

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.18.23Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.18.43

She found comfort from someone else which was easily snapped by the paparazzi. I’m actually waiting for the outcome of this juicy happening!

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.19.51

Xiangnan told Haoran that Tang doesn’t care about her at all. He said that her underhand tactics definitely won’t work.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.21.38

Because of Li Tang, Xiangnan had to give up Haoran which is even more painful for her now because Tang doesn’t love her as much as Haoran loves her (enter 3rd kissing scene of the drama) and also 1st with Haoran and Xiangnan.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.22.16
Our male lead vent out his frustrations in a game of squash instead and reflected on what Xiangnan just told him.

Screenshot 2015-08-23 18.23.27

When former flames still have deep feelings for each other, we all know that this was just bound to happen. What’s next now for Haoran and Xiangnan now that something happened between the two of them again?

My thoughts in a nutshell:

  • Fangsi aka Maggie and Tang aka Jerry have so much chemistry! I feel like I could just watch them together forever.
  • Xiangnan’s mother is just one of the worst drama moms that I have encountered. I was actually cursing while watching her and what’s even worse is that her mom’s characterization is probably common in real life.
  • I love that Haoran still cares so much about Xiangnan despite the fact that she was the one who abandoned him in the past.
  • I find it weird that Xiangnan repeated her white outfit (with holes) and her pink hat. It’s one of my favorite outfits of hers though but isn’t it a sin for someone like her to repeat outfits? Haha!
  • This drama’s OSTs are just so on point. Definitely downloading them now! Not to mention that the naughty/quirky background music is really appropriate whenever it involves Tang and his shenanigans.
  • It’s been so many years already but Xiangnan and Haoran obviously still have feelings for each other and the same thing goes with Tang and Fangsi as well. It reminds me of one of my favorite poem lines from Neruda, “Love is so short, forgetting is so long”.

Let me end this post with this screencap and replace “run faster” with “write faster” because I still have lots of episodes to watch and write about haha! Hope you can still continue leaving some comments though because they really make me happy 🙂

Screenshot 2015-08-23 17.56.19

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  1. silhoutte

    Now Im reading every word to see if Ive missed out on some important dialogues and laughing again at the funny lines!

    Keep it up. Will get those viewers who need recap to read it here. Can I give this link to link them to your blog?

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  2. woogy

    I’m at this episode now! Also a big Jerry Yan fan which brought me to this drama in the first place. His cameo appearance in the Taiwan movie Our Times was so adorable! Haha

    Thanks for the recaps, I love reading them! Keep it up. 🙂

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    1. dramarian Post author

      It’s nice to know that there are still people who read my recaps even though it’s been awhile that the drama has finished airing already 😊 hope you can read them up until the end! where were you able to watch it? I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since I’ve heard about his cameo haha! 💖



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